March Compass

March Main Topics

Self Understanding
Self Control
Self Esteem

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Book Study

2024 - Emotional Intelligence Habits - Dr. Travis Bradberry - Link: Reading Schedule

2023 - The Mountain Is You - Transforming Self-Sabotage Into Self-Mastery -
2022 - The Mind Illuminated 


Daily CoachCast
GIDN - Journal 
Morning 7 Ps





Standard Week Set-Up

Monday: Organization & Structure
Tuesday: Book Study or Personal Development
Wednesday: Metaphysics & Business
Thursday: Ask JB
Friday: Overcoming Fear & Resistance or Prosperity
Saturday: Systems & Teams (Moving Day)
Sunday: Empowerment or Spirituality (Winning Day)

Weekly Topics

Week 1: Is Knowledge Power?
Week 2: Should You Work On Your Weakness or Strength?
Week 3: Building Massive Self-Esteem
Week 4: Addiction And Recovery

Emotional Intelligence

Get It Done - NOW! PDCA DO Month

Stay focused on your plan this month; we keep working on your Sacred 6 and the daily tasks at hand. Keep checking boxes.

PE and ILD Topics This Month

2024 - List Relationships

How do you communicate? Do your people know what you are selling? Do you provide value?

Relevant Links & Other Content

Knowing When To Walk Away
You Have to Challenge the Tough Stuff

Keeping It Real and Staying True to Yourself
How to Hold Yourself to the Highest Version of You
I've Told Them 100 Times, But They Still Don't Get It
Assumed Constraints
Why Are People Angry?
Don't Get Triggered - Get Busy!
How To Live As The Best Version Of Yourself
How 30 Minutes of Personal Development a Day Can Change Your Life
How to Get Over One of Those Days
You Are Never Too Old to Start Doing Something
The Benefits of Deliberate Practice to Help Improve Your Life
What Are Good Things to Commit to
When You Look Back at Your Life
How to Say No
Why Do People Spend So Much During Christmas
Why Taking a Break Is Important
Regretting the Past and Moving on 
Fear of Change: What You Can Do About It
What's Stopping You from Trying?
Dealing with Risk 
Finding Your Purpose in Life 
Let Go of Control in Your Life 
How to Gain Greater Determination in Life 
What Is Success for You? 
Dealing with Failure
How to Gain More Self-Discipline
How to Gain Willpower
How to Stop Procrastinating
Why Some People Lack Discipline
When to Resign from a Job
Things That Prevent You from Taking Action
Is Knowledge Power? 
The Value of Education
Should You Work on Your Weakness or Strength?
How to Build Self-esteem
How Can I Improve Myself Everyday?
Knowing Your Strengths and Weaknesses
What Are the 5 SMART Goals?
The Need for Validation
Taking Care of Yourself
What Is Personal Development?
How to Learn Something Quickly
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
How to Build Your Confidence
Live at Your Own Pace
How to Practice Self-Control
Why Is Self-development Important?
Comparing Yourself to Others 
Thrive, Not Just Survive 
When Things Are Not Fair
How to Write a Personal Development Plan
What Makes a Person Special
Work Smarter, Not Harder
The Art of Making Small Talk
How Emotionally Mature Are You?
How to Become an Expert on Something
The Bandwagon Effect
Keeping Your Inner Child Alive 
Relying on Luck
Being Honest with Yourself
Why Is It Difficult to Say Sorry
The Importance of Reading
Are You a Follower or a Leader?
How to Express Yourself
Overcoming Shyness
Slow Down with Life
Are You Looking for Too Much Attention?
Accepting Change More Easily
Keep Calm Under Pressure
Knowing Who You Are
Learning Even After Graduating from School
Why Is Asking for Help Difficult for Some People
Is There a Correct Way of Living?
The Weight of Others' Opinions 
Making Yourself Look and Feel Good
Practicing Humility 
Taking Shortcuts in Life
The Effects of Ghosting on Someone
Increasing Your Chances for Success
Things Not to Do Before Going to Sleep
Are Results More Important than the Process?
Mind Your Own Business
How to Establish Boundaries
The Five Stages of Grief
Being Honest All the Time
Entitlement: Why People Feel They Deserve More
Handling Uncertainty Better
Why People Like to Talk About Others
What Makes Somebody an Adult
Why We Fear Death 
The Four-Way Test
How to Start Over Again
Why Lowering Expectations Can Be Good 
Eliminating Negative Self-talk
Treating Failures as Learning Opportunities 
What Are Good Things to Learn 
Taking Advantage of Your Strengths
Loving Yourself
Building Your Identity
Applying What You Have Learned
Embracing Your Weaknesses
Failing Is Better than Not Trying at All
Going with the Flow
Don't Take All the Blame on Yourself
Taking Revenge Is Not Good
The Benefits of Traveling
How to Know if Something Is Not Meant for You