Embracing Your Weaknesses

focus personal development self-esteem weakness Mar 07, 2023

It's easy to feel down about our weaknesses. We may feel like we're the only person in the world with them and that we're doomed because of them. This isn't true, though. Everyone has weaknesses, and it's essential to embrace them so that we can work on changing them. This blog post will discuss accepting and turning your weaknesses into strengths.

We should fully embrace who we are

Nobody is perfect, which means we all have strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, some may feel ashamed of their shortcomings, hide them, make lies to cover them up or berate themselves for their weakness. The truth is that we should not be ashamed of our shortcomings. On the contrary, by being aware of their existence, we can do something to improve or change them into strengths. It's good if we can turn our weaknesses into strengths. However, this may not always be the case, as some defects may be challenging to overcome. So what do we do if it is difficult to change or eliminate a weakness?

One thing we can do to turn around a weakness is to compensate for it with our other strengths. So, for example, if somebody is not well-gifted in physical strength, they may do well with their intelligence and mental gifts instead. One can also focus on getting help and support from others who excel at what one is weak at. Some gains can be made when one can start embracing their weaknesses.

Awareness of what you can work on developing - When you become aware of your weaknesses, you are opening yourself to having a growth mindset. You can set goals that aim to overcome your weaknesses or compensate for them by working with people and building good relationships. You grow by working on changing, which is a positive way of handling your shortcomings instead of lamenting them.

You become humble - Not that it will always happen, but if you feel too good about yourself, thinking you don't have any weakness and can do anything, you may be overwhelmed by pride and make you do actions that don't care if others get affected by what you do. On the other hand, by accepting your weaknesses as part of yourself, you can be more humble and open to receiving help from others because you can't do everything by yourself. It's human to have imperfections and accept them as part of your identity.

You can become closer to people - We mentioned before that by accepting your weakness, you are opening yourself to receiving help from people. When such a thing happens, you can gain more friends and peers that can benefit you through the relationships you may form with them. By helping each other, we understand that we can't always solve a situation by ourselves and we will need the support of others to overcome challenges. For this to happen, everyone must realize that others can help fill our shortcomings; by asking for help, we can get closer to people, which can help build our support system.

You can be more motivated - It may be challenging to see weakness as a source of motivation. Still, by knowing your weaknesses, you can become more motivated by working to improve yourself and perhaps overcome your shortcomings. For others, weakness is a reason for them to feel down and have their self-esteem affected, but it can also work the other way around. You can turn it into a strength or be more open to working with people to reach your full potential.

Start embracing your weaknesses better.

Sometimes, it may be challenging to overcome or change a weakness completely. For example, somebody may have a congenital disability that makes it challenging to perform specific actions, and the defect may not be fully treatable. On the other hand, we may also sometimes have low proficiency or affinity with particular skills to the point that no matter how much effort and time we put toward improving, it seems little or no change happens despite also trying various methods to improve or change. When such is the case for our weaknesses, it may be better to focus on our strengths and find a work-around for our shortcomings. For example, we can ask for help from somebody who is more proficient with what we are not good at, which is okay. Also, we should change our mindset if we can't improve or change our weaknesses and be more accepting of them. Here are some ways we can be kinder to ourselves, so we won't hate or be ashamed because of our weaknesses.

Accept that you can't be good at everything - No matter how intelligent, physically strong, and talented someone is, there will most likely be an area where one can be deficient. The key is accepting this fact as early as possible, so you won't get frustrated when you can't excel at something despite doing well at another.

Eliminate negative self-talk - It can't be helped that sometimes, you will feel frustrated for being not so good at something. But, whatever happens, you shouldn't dwell on negative self-talk, where you start saying bad things about yourself and hate yourself for having specific weaknesses. Having the proper perspective when dealing with defects is essential, and changing how you treat and look at yourself is a good start.

Don't compare with others too much - It is easy to feel down when you compare what you are weak at against somebody who excels at what you are not good at. Try to eliminate this mindset, as everyone has their circumstances, and you never know how somebody thinks about themselves, even with their strengths. Instead, focus on what you can do and be better at them.

Work on your strengths if weaknesses can't be improved - If you have tried everything and your weakness remains as one, there's no hurt in giving up and working on your strengths instead. You will make better progress this way, and you can use your strengths to open more opportunities. Have somebody else assist you instead on things you may not be good at.

Treat yourself kindly - You can hate yourself and get frustrated for possessing weaknesses, but nothing will happen from such activities. On the contrary, if you let such thoughts overtake your mind, you will only dig deeper and become a pessimist. Think of how you would kindly treat others and apply the same to yourself. By being kind to yourself, you can be more accepting and open to help, and you will need it when challenging situations arise that you can't overcome by yourself. Weaknesses are a part of ourselves; if you don't accept them, it's like rejecting yourself for who you are, and you should not do such a thing.

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