Dealing with Failure

dealing with failure failure personal growth Jan 25, 2022

Failure is something that we all experience in life. It can be devastating, discouraging, and make us feel like we are not good enough. But failure is also a part of learning and growing. If we do not learn how to deal with failure, we will never achieve our goals or become the person we want to be. This blog post will discuss some tips on dealing with failure and moving forward in life.

Failure is a part of life.

There is no such thing as a perfect individual who hasn't experienced any failure in life. As we go through life, we are bound to experience failure, as everything will be a learning experience when we start doing something new. Even if we already know how to do something to the point of mastery, we can still fail. Therefore, it's essential to acknowledge the reality that failure can happen at some point in our lives.

We have to learn how to deal with failures properly. But unfortunately, some people don't know how to deal with failure effectively, and as a result, it creates a debilitating effect on their lives which cripples them. Some people even avoid doing something altogether for fear of experiencing failure. Moving forward in life can be challenging if you keep getting stuck in the pit of despair for overthinking about your failures. However, several things can help us feel and do better once we fail.

1. Acknowledge your feelings

It's normal to feel bad once we fail at something. However, instead of trying to bottle up your emotions, it's better to release them. Indulge yourself in feeling bad or sad or experiencing anger or anxiety over the experience of failure. Don't deny the bitterness you feel after a loss. After a while, it's time to move on. Accept what has happened and start thinking about your next course of action. Things become problematic when you wallow in self-pity for too long.

2. Do something to make you feel better

Are you the type of person who drowns his problems in alcohol or resorts to binge eating or taking drugs? If so, it's time to get rid of bad habits as a way to cope whenever you feel down, such as from experiencing failures. A better way to overcome failures is to utilize healthy ways to help you feel better. Examples include practicing meditation and deep-breathing exercises, talking to a friend or a life coach, doing some exercise, or writing a journal. Anything that can make you happy and in a positive way will help, such as doing your passions.

3. Learn to play the blame game

Learning to take responsibility is a sign of maturity, so you shouldn't blame others when something terrible happens. At the same time, you shouldn't also keep on blaming yourself since that can affect your self-esteem. What's more important is to identify what caused the failure to happen. After that, determine what things are in your control and focus on them to help yourself improve the next time you do something. Nothing will happen if you keep on pointing fingers, including yourself. It's better to take action and take a step forward.

4. Reframe failures as learning experiences

If you have a growth mindset, it's easier to rethink failures as learning experiences to help you get better and achieve success. It would be best if you strived to think of failure as a stepping stone in your path towards becoming successful. Some people overthink failure as something that deals a blow on their ego and identity to the point that it is a shame to experience failing on something. When you have failed, it's better to think of it as just a phase in your life that will eventually pass. Learn what you can from your failures and use them to improve your ability and skills to be successful next time.

5. Overcome the fear of failure

We can have several things that we are afraid of in life. One of them is fear of failure. Some people are so scared of failing and the negative thoughts associated with failing that they go to great lengths to avoid anything they might fail. It's counterproductive to avoid failing because you limit yourself to succeed by doing what's only in your comfort zone and not trying other opportunities that can help you develop. Several ways can help you overcome fear, including the fear of failure. Learning to face your fear can help you feel more comfortable once you have failed and move forward later towards a better future.

6. Change your beliefs about failure

Some people associate success and failure as things that define who they are. If you're successful, you're good; if you fail, you're bad. Experiencing failures will make you think you're trash and a worthless individual when you have this mindset. One should stop from having a fixed mindset like this. Success and failure are only phases in our lives, and we have to move on from them eventually. Also, do not overthink what others say to you when you succeed or fail at something. Focus more on what success and failure mean to you, and don't take it too personally once you fail at something.

7. Focus on what you can do to get better

When you fail, it's easier to focus on the things that went wrong. Thinking about your past failures can be necessary to learn what you can do to get better, but don't stay stuck in the past. It's a more critical matter to create plans for taking a step closer to fulfilling your goals. You can get some inspiration from successful people or get professional help from coaches or experts to improve yourself. Accept your defeat for some time, then start moving forward afterward.

Overcome failures by learning to deal with them

It's essential to learn how to deal with failures once they happen, and they will happen sometime in our lives. You can only reach your full potential if you know to get back on track after experiencing some pain and sadness from your failures. There are several ways you can try to overcome failure, and it's essential to use a healthy way when trying to cope. Distracting yourself with bad habits, running away from opportunities, and wallowing in despair due to failure will only give you more harm than good in your life. Instead, learn to face failure and focus on improvement to reach the heights you want to achieve in life.

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