How to Know if Something Is Not Meant for You

change letting go peace of mind Jun 02, 2023

Have you ever felt like something was not meant for you? We all have those moments when we question whether or not to pursue something, and deciding if we should move forward can get complex. However, knowing if something is not meant for us doesn't have to be daunting; some key signs can help us decide. This blog post will show you how to recognize if something is not meant for you.

Know when to let go when something is not working anymore.

Sometimes, there will come a point when we may start questioning ourselves if we are still okay with having a relationship with someone or doing a particular activity. There is this gut feeling that something or someone may be wrong, and yet, we can't part with these because they may have been part of our lives for so long. You keep doing your best, but fulfillment and happiness don't seem to come to you. When you start having such thoughts, it can signify that something or someone may not be meant for you. When you identify something as such, it's time to let go and move forward with something else that can be better. Know the signs that something may not be meant for you and take action to make yourself more emotionally fulfilled and care for your well-being.

1. You keep trying, but things don't seem to work or become a success

One clear sign that something or someone may not be meant for you is that no matter how much effort or tries you make to make something work or become a success, it doesn't. Despite your knowledge and skills about the things needed to make something a success, you still somehow fail, even with repeated attempts. It can be the same when you are in a relationship with someone, especially in a romantic relationship. You may keep compromising and understanding the other person, but you may always end in conflict or frequent misunderstandings. Suppose you have already exhausted all your options, and nothing is going right. In that case, it's a good sign that you must let go and look for something better, such as pursuing a different activity or goal or looking for the right person to be in a relationship with you.

2. Something started as fun and exciting, but you later become forced to do it

When it comes to letting go of things, not everything starts as something or someone incompatible with us. For example, you may have loved your job early on and do your work passionately. As a result, you are motivated to go to work, and things look interesting. However, as time passes, things may change that can affect how you perceive your job. For example, maybe there are management changes that cause rules in the workplace to be altered, leading to work processes becoming more cumbersome. In addition, new employees may come, and their personalities and interests may not match yours. Things can also happen in your life that can cause you to feel more tired and stressed. When changes occur, it can affect your perspective negatively, distorting what was once enjoyable into something you dread and dragging yourself to do. The same thing can also happen with romantic relationships. What was once a loving relationship may become bitter since you or your partner, or both of you, undergo changes in your beliefs and interests, which may cause you to look at each other differently. When something is not making you happy or fulfilled anymore, it's time to move on.

3. You hardly or don't get any benefit from what you are doing or spending time with someone

Usually, we have a reason why we would be willing to keep doing something or sticking with someone in a relationship. For example, in work, if we are getting fulfillment and money from what we do, we can be willing to put up with our job, no matter how demanding or challenging it can be. Likewise, in a relationship, as long as we are still capable of feeling happy when we are with someone, even if there are some conflicts, sometimes we can still make the relationship work. But, on the other hand, the moment we don't get any benefit at all from something or a relationship, such as being only stressed or angry from doing an activity or interacting with someone, that's a sign that it's time to move on to something instead of frustrating yourself every time you do something or being with someone.

4. You are starting to question yourself and long for change

If you are beginning to ask yourself why you are doing something or spending time with someone, there must be something wrong. You won't question whether everything is okay if you obtain fulfillment from doing something or being with someone. So the moment you notice yourself feeling lost and can't seem to find a reason why you do something, it can be calling for a change. Maybe you are spending time with the wrong person or are pursuing a goal that doesn't take advantage of your strengths. Having questioning thoughts can mean you need to look somewhere and take the opportunity to do something to improve your life.

5. You feel like your values and interests need to change to make something work

Change is essential to grow and develop our skills to achieve what we want. However, if the change requires compromising our values and interests to achieve or obtain something, we must question whether what we can get after changing is worth it. If you need to act like somebody else or do some immoral acts to acquire something or satisfy someone, it can mean that your actions may not be suitable for you. A person that truly values you must be able to accept you for who you are, and a goal or reward that is meant for you will not require you to put in too many sacrifices and change yourself entirely for the rewards you are seeking. So if you have conflicting feelings while working on something and think that something may not be correct, you can sometimes trust your judgment and work on something else where you feel comfortable with what you are doing, and you get to put your values and interests to use.

Work and spend time with the right things.

It can be challenging to determine if what we are working on or who we are spending time with is the right choice. It is often only when the results happen that we can say we took the right path. However, while working on something, our feelings may sometimes tell us that something may be off, and we don't feel right about what we are doing. If we hardly benefit from what we are doing and don't feel positive emotions, it can be a sign that we may be incompatible with something or someone, and change has to happen. No matter how difficult it can be, we must let go and look for something better instead of holding on to something or someone who only weighs us down. Something can come unexpectedly at the right time if it is meant for you. You don't need to force yourself on something not meant for you.

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