How to Reframe Failure

by: John Cunningham


Who among us has never felt the temporary sting of failure?


I didn’t see any hands go up. Failure happens to all of us. Rather than accepting defeat, embrace it as a challenge. When you accept failure as part of the process to reach success, you are moving further away from what doesn’t work and closer to what does. This is an opportunity to...

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Air Traffic Controllers & Your Brain

by: Roxanne Turner


I had the opportunity this past weekend to tour the air traffic control tower at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport located just outside Denver, Colorado, RMMA. RMMA is a general aviation airport, servicing everything from student pilots in small propeller planes to sophisticated business jets. Even huge tanker planes that fight wildfires throughout the Rocky...

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by: Roxanne Turner


Do you ever say any of the following things to yourself? 

    • I am too busy to do that.
    • I’m always behind.
    • I never have time for myself.
    • I never get anything done.
    • I am a great multitasker!


Believe it or not, all of these thoughts are related.  Many people complain about not having enough time or are constantly left feeling no closer to achieving...

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Try VS Do

by: Roxanne Turner


In the immortal words of Yoda, “Do or do not. There is no try.”  Statements like “I’ll try harder,” or “I’ll study harder” make me cringe. We often say “I’ll try harder” after falling short of some goal. For example, when your kids do poorly on a test or you don’t achieve your ideal time in a...

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