When to Resign from a Job

personal growth resignation work Feb 07, 2022

There are times when it might be the best decision to resign from your job. For example, maybe you're not getting paid enough or disagree with the company's direction. There are many reasons why you might want to quit, but there are also some things to consider before you make your decision. This blog post will discuss when it might be time to resign and what you need to do before you hand in your notice.

Quitting from your current job is the better option sometimes.

They say that quitters never win, but sometimes, quitting your job is the better option you can do. However, sticking with a job that only gives you stress, headaches, and pain is not a very fun thing. Some of us fear leaving our current jobs because we don't have a better alternative yet, but once we do, we should consider resigning as an option. Several signs indicate it's time to move on to a greener pasture, and once you see these signs happening in your current job, you better start thinking if you still want to hold on to your job or move to something else more fulfilling.

1. You found a better alternative

Once you find new work that is better than your current one in many aspects, then it's apparent that you can make your move anytime. Before handing out your resignation letter, you must confirm that you are already accepted into your next job before quitting. Once you have a new job lined up, it's a matter of deciding and then sorting out things and affairs in your current position to ensure a smooth resignation and not leaving any burning bridges with your previous employer.

2. The work environment is toxic

No matter how well-paying your job is, along with the benefits and perks of working under a reputable organization, if the work culture is unhealthy, it can break your mind of having to go to work every day. Examples of such toxicity include:

  • Having a toxic manager or boss who treats you like an underling and is closed-minded or abusive towards others
  • Office or work politics getting in too much in the way of work
  • Hostile or toxic coworkers who get on your nerve and are out to destroy any form of cooperation through bickering, rumormongering, or crab mentality
  • Company policies that make you feel you are only an expendable resource and can be replaced anytime
  • Too much negativity and distrust in the air

If you feel suffocated from your work, it's a sign to look for fresh air somewhere else.

3. The company is in a sinking ship situation

If you notice the company you are working for is like the Titanic that is already submerged in ocean water and is in a half-sunken condition, that's not a good sign. It's only a matter of time before it entirely sinks, and it might be time to quit your job and find a new one. Bad financial results, frequent employee resignations, layoffs, downsizing, being absorbed by a more prominent organization, and failure to give salaries and benefits are all signs of ill health. It will be better to leave your current company and look for a new employer.

4. Compromised work-life balance

While working our current jobs, sometimes, we can't help that our work schedules will shift according to management decisions, and there might be no room for negotiation. As a result, we get placed on a shift that might conflict with our daily responsibilities and time for rest and recreation. It's also possible that our work hours might extend daily. If such situations will last for a long time, and your time for yourself and your family is getting compromised, it can be time to leave your current role, especially if you can make no arrangements to adjust your schedule.

5. No room for growth

There is a term called a dead-end job. It refers to a job or position with little to no chance of progressing your development and advancing to the higher echelons of the career ladder. If you find yourself working for several years and no one is offering you any promotion, new opportunities, or salary increase, you may be in a dead-end job. Unless you are already satisfied with your current employer and your work and don't wish to improve your skills further, you can stay with your current job. Otherwise, if you have ambition and want to look for better future opportunities, you might have to decide and look for a different job that offers a more progressive career path.

6. What you are doing is not satisfying anymore

Having to do the same things repeatedly over a long time can feel tedious, even if it's something that falls within your passions or interests. When you're starting to feel boredom and money seems to be the only thing motivating you, it can be time for a career change. Shifting your career is no easy move, and you have to be prepared and willing to make the change. One can be fearful of making this kind of move as it involves losing your job and moving on to something different where there's no guarantee if you can feel fulfilled with your next career. However, it can be the best decision you will make because you can learn new skills and gain better opportunities to fulfill and be satisfied.

7. You dread going to work

If waking up in the morning and going to work is making you dread the experience every time, it can be time to do a job search and start looking for a different job. It's possible that you hate your job along with any of the other signs we mention in this article. Doing something that makes you feel anxious and stressed will only affect your physical and mental health later.

8. Circumstances have changed in your life

Life-changing circumstances can be why you might like to find a job that will work better with your situation. Some of these circumstances include:

  • Acquiring a severe long-term illness or getting yourself crippled due to an accident
  • Having to spend more of your time taking care of your newborn child
  • Relocating to a different community that can be far from your current workplace
  • Having to go back to school to study again and thus your work schedule might conflict with your study time

When such situations happen in your life, don't resign immediately. Try to arrange a meeting with your boss and see if you can be accommodated to have your work adjusted according to your situation. It might be possible to work remotely or get you transferred to a different branch that's more accessible to you. If your boss can't make arrangements, it might be time to say thank you and move to a new position.

9. Your values don't match with your company

Another sign that it's time for a new job is when you can't maintain a positive relationship with your company's values. Let's say you are a person of integrity, and you value honesty more than anything else. However, you are working with a company that prioritizes sales more than anything and is willing to use deceptive tactics to fool customers into buying their products and services. If you are working as a sales agent for such a company and value honesty, there will only be friction between what you believe and what they want you to do. It can result in conflicts later. So if you find that the company values are not a right fit with your beliefs, it can be time to look for a different organization whose values resonate with yours.

Look for a new job that better suits you.

There are many reasons and signs why people would like to leave their current job and look for something better. However, it would be best to secure a different position before deciding to quit; otherwise, you will end up empty-handed, and looking for new work can be challenging. Also, make sure to resign properly from your current job and follow company policies, so you don't end up leaving on bad terms with your company. Finally, follow whatever guidelines regarding giving notice when you should inform your boss that you are going, which can be a few weeks or a month. Your manager might arrange a face-to-face meeting with you before you quit and try to persuade you to continue working for the company. Tell them honestly what's causing you to leave, and your manager might be able to do something to make you stick and get things patched up or make adjustments for you.

One can choose to stay longer in a job because of good pay. However, other factors can play a significant part in making you want to leave. Therefore, it's crucial to weigh the pros and cons of quitting your job, and if there are more cons than pros, it's time to hand in the resignation letter. Also, you must leave on good terms because who knows, you might end going back to your previous employer if all things fail. So quit with grace while moving on to your new career.

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