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Live at Your Own Pace

life personal development success Mar 14, 2022

There's a lot of pressure to live life at a fast pace. Society tells us that we need to be doing more and that we need to be moving faster. However, this way of thinking isn't always the best way to live. Living life at your own pace can make you feel less stressed and happier overall. Learn some ways to simplify your life and reduce stress.

Living life according to your terms

Ever felt that everybody else is moving way ahead of you? Life seems to move too fast, and everyone is competing against each other to see who's the highest in terms of wealth, status, and fame. If so, you must be caught in the rat race, and other people drag your life's pace. This fast-paced and competitive life can stress you out if you let it affect you too much. But, on the other hand, you can also feel frustrated if you don't manage to be at the same level or more significant than other people, leading to unhappiness. In the first place, who told you that you should race against other people in terms of achievements and getting ahead in life? Where are we all headed to?

Life doesn't have any set rules. It's just that those who lived before us were able to set the foundations, institutions, and systems that we have to abide by nowadays. Life looks like it has a script, such as:

  • You are born in this world.
  • Your parents raise you until you hit the age to start school.
  • You spend around two decades going to school and learning many things. It's also like conditioning for you to adapt to how society works.
  • During your school time, you can engage in various activities, such as playing sports, making friends, getting a feel for how it's like to work through on-the-job training or doing part-time jobs, etc.
  • Once you graduate from college or university, it's time to find a good-paying job! Not only that, make sure you find a job that you find comfortable and motivating enough because you will have to work for around four decades of your life. There's always the option to switch careers, though.
  • While working, you get to experience a lot of the drama and action of life, from being stressed out, juggling responsibilities with work and play, dealing with people, overcoming problems and challenges, experiencing failures, etc.
  • When you're old enough or reach retirement age, you stop working and enjoy your life in whatever way you want, as long as you have enough savings and the strength and energy to do still the things you love.
  • After a while, you die. Seriously, we will all die at some point, and it can happen while you're still young and in your prime. But, if we think about it, death is the final destination we will eventually reach. It doesn't mean that life is a race towards death, though.

Life's script can look dull, but this is the path most of us will follow in our lives. Also, society expects you to reach certain milestones when you reach a particular age in your life. For example, in your 20s, you should have graduated from school already. By your 30s, you should have your family by now and have children. By your 40s, you should be stable in your job already and earning lots of money, so people will expect you to have bought certain things already, such as a house, car, gadgets, etc. Finally, by your 60s, you should be retired already and settled in life—these expectations prompt people to pursue things in life faster so they can keep up with others. If you don't keep up, you can feel left behind and like a loser.

Live life at your own pace

The "what" of life has been laid before us. However, we can still choose "how" to do things according to who we are as a person. We are all unique. Even if two people have the same skill and degree of mastery, they will have a different approach to executing the skill. If you want to live life at your own pace, you have to realize several things to do it.

1. Take a moment for self-reflection

If you're too busy rushing things in life, you can lose your sense of individuality and go along with the flow. Instead, slow down and take a moment to analyze your own life. Do you know who you are and what you are capable of doing? What are your personality, strengths, and weaknesses? The first step to living life in your own time and pace is discovering your true self.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others

Nowadays, social media and the Internet make it much easier to peek at other people's lives, triggering envy and crab mentality. When you compare your life to others too much, you will tend to pursue things according to what you think other people want to see from you. You will live life according to others' terms. The lives of other people might not necessarily be the ones that will make you happy and fulfilled, so it's better to focus on living life at your own pace.

3. Identify what success for you is

If asked to define success, the most common answers would be having lots of money, achieving fame, gaining power or authority, and showing off status indicators, such as a house, car, or an expensive gadget. However, success can be different for some people. If you want to set your own pace in life, it's essential to define success for you. Once you have your definition, you can start to work hard according to what can give you happiness and fulfillment in your life.

4. Make the necessary changes and take action

Once you know who you are and what success is for you, it's time to make plans and decide what changes need to be made in your life. You can improve your weak points or focus on developing your strengths further. Living at your own pace can also involve getting rid of bad habits like losing sleep due to overworking, buying the latest things to keep up with trends, constantly comparing yourself to what other people have and achieve, or blindly following the masses. Once you have an idea of what other aspects of your life need changes, it's vital to take action and do the necessary steps to live the best life you want. All the things that can bring change to your life take time, so you must learn to wait for results and not rush success.

Your own life should be fun and fulfilling.

Nothing's terrible when it comes to racing against other people and competing with them. Competition can inspire new ideas and make you move forward and stay productive. However, it becomes wrong when you let it take over your mind and actions all the time to the point that you are just copying what other people do. You have to think for yourself that what brings joy to other people might not be the same for you. Sure enough, we all want to be successful and happy, but not everyone is on the same boat and course when achieving things in life. Therefore, you have to set goals that matter to you and not because they are goals other people have. To live your life at your own pace takes willpower and courage. Once you do, life can feel more satisfying and less of a slog to go through, and your general well-being will be better.

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