Accepting Change More Easily

change comfort zone personal growth Jul 11, 2022

Change is a part of life. We all have to deal with it; the sooner we learn to accept it, the better off we'll be. Change can be challenging to deal with, especially if it's something we're not used to in our lives. However, if you learn to embrace change, you'll find that it can lead to success. This blog post will discuss how to accept change better and see it as a positive thing.

Change is inevitable

Change is a constant thing in life. It may be a positive or negative experience for us. Depending on how you look at it, change can be a learning opportunity to help you grow and succeed, no matter how bitter the experience can be. On the other hand, many people may be more apprehensive about change, and this is because it can bring discomfort and pain due to losing things that may alter how our life works. Nevertheless, we can't escape change. It's bound to happen one way or the other, and a good number of changes are beyond our control, such as the decisions and actions of authorities and governments that affect us or how society moves toward a specific trend. However, we can alter how our mind perceives change, and various ways can help us accept it more easily.

1. Learn continuously

A good reason why we may fear change is because of the negative impacts it may bring to our lives. We may be unprepared for its consequences, and the effects are beyond our current skills and knowledge to handle. If this is the case, an excellent way to be more accepting of change is to be more prepared. One can be more prepared by learning new skills and various subjects. This way, if an unpleasant change happens, and you know how to deal with it because you have the ability and knowledge, you will be able to accept the change that occurs to you better.

2. Reframe how you think about change

Adjusting how you view change in your life is another way of dealing with change on a more positive note. If you view change as something scary that can threaten your life, you will dread it every time. However, if you change your thinking into a positive mindset, such as by seeing change as something that brings learning opportunities, you will be more welcoming of it. Sure, you might experience something unpleasant initially, but from that unfortunate experience, you can grow into someone better from your past. You may learn about what doesn't work in your life or realize things you may not have noticed before. It may not be easy to shift your mind into thinking change as something that brings positivity, but doing it will help you cope once something gets altered in your life.

3. Step out of your comfort zone

Many people prefer a life of comfort. Who doesn't want one? However, our lives are not always in a state of pleasure and convenience. Still, some people will prefer to stay in ordinary life and hence don't bother learning new things that may bring discomfort and pain. If you value personal growth and want to achieve more in life, then you must be prepared for change. The inevitable part of growth is that you will be bound to encounter many of life's challenges and experience failures. However, all these uncomfortable things are only temporary, as great success will be waiting for you should you decide to continue. Stepping out of one's comfort zone is the initial step toward achieving growth. It also makes you more accepting of embracing change and more resilient when unpleasant circumstances occur.

4. Think about the positive things

Change doesn't always bring negative emotions and effects to our lives. It can also bring positive change to one's life. While the immediate impact might be to make you unpleasant, you may realize that a change that occurs may serve as the pivotal point towards something more favorable later in your life. For example, losing your job can negatively affect your mind due to the uncertainties you may feel and the loss of financial security. However, it can be a way for you to find a better job in terms of income and provide a work-life balance. So instead of thinking only about feeling depressed due to a lack of a job, you can focus on new opportunities that may be waiting for you in the future. Think about the great things that can happen.

5. Change is a chance for you to become better

Change can come in the form of problems and failures. When they do happen, it is a chance for you to improve. You may think about why they occurred. They can be beyond your control, but it is also possible that you may lack knowledge and skill in a specific area, which brought about the problem or failure. Suppose you notice that you quickly get muscle pains, which can be troublesome. It can be because you are not exercising that frequently. The unpleasant change, the muscle pain, triggers you to become better by implementing actions so that a specific problem doesn't occur again or reduce the likelihood of it happening. In a way, it's as if you can control change to a certain level. So the next time something unfortunate happens, examine what caused it. The reason might be something on your part, and if it is, you can then do something to rectify the change and prepare better for the future.

6. Overcome the fear in your mind

To some people, change can be a frightful experience. It can bring uncertainty and cause you to lose things in life. Change comes from the future, and uncertainty dwells in it. It's understandable then that people may fear change because of the uncertainty, and most of us prefer familiarity, from the things we do to what we experience in day-to-day life. Therefore, to help us accept change easier, we must overcome the fear within our minds. It can be challenging, but various ways can help us overcome the fear of change, such as learning to relinquish control of staying more at the present moment.

7. Think about the value that change can bring

People can be more welcoming of change if they know it will bring something positive or good value to their lives. For example, a change in work procedures will be more welcome if it makes our work easier while producing the same output quality. On the other hand, a change in work procedures that makes it more cumbersome and difficult will most likely be met with rejection and annoyance from the employees. Therefore, seeing the excellent value of a specific change can make people more tolerant of it. And even with an unpleasant change, such as the cumbersome change in work procedure in our example, it can still have value, such as helping the employees learn a new skill through a new process, which they may be able to apply in other areas of life. It's like seeing and appreciating the good of something. We can use the same way of thinking toward change.

Embrace change

Life is constantly changing. It's impossible to escape its grasp. Our bodies alone undergo significant physical changes as we grow up, and the world won't stay fixated on its beliefs and ideas. It is better to adapt and quickly adjust to new ideas and changes as they come, be it positive or negative, as it can help us live better and benefit our mental health. Our minds may be wired to resist change, but we can always do something to manage our feelings and how we respond to changes in our lives.

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