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JB Glossinger MBA, PhD

Location: Florida/Indiana/Colombia
Specialties: Sacred 6, Get It Done - NOW!, Lifestyle Design, Content Production, Professional Expert 

Website: Glossinger.com - MorningCoach.com
Linked In: JB Glossinger
Books: Sacred 6, Get Out of Neutral, Intelligent Life Design Silver Course, The Spectrum of Thought, Mission Driven

JB Glossinger, MBA, Ph.D., is widely beloved as the Morning Coach, with a daily podcast that has been downloaded over 50 million times. A sought-after motivational keynote speaker and author of 3 books, JB is also a Mastermind group leader.

He holds advanced degrees in business and metaphysics but credits his street education—from black eyes to near bankruptcy—with providing the life-changing lessons that inspired the keys to personal transformation he shares with audiences, coaching clients, and readers worldwide.

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Dr. Paul Kilgore MD, MPH, FACP

Location: Michigan
Specialties: Medical Consultation, Health Coaching

Website: DrPaulKilgore.com
Linked In: Dr. Paul Kilgore
Books: From Reflection to Revolution: Your Health Evolution Guide, The Health Blueprint: Designing Your Path to Vitality and Wellness


Dr. Paul Kilgore is an esteemed figure in the realm of healthcare, renowned for his innovative approach to medicine and dedication to improving patient longevity. With years of experience under his belt, Dr. Kilgore has made substantial contributions through his engaging podcast, "Ask Doctor Paul," where he delves into intricate aspects of health such as mitochondria function, biochemistry, and molecular biology.

Known for his deep dives into advanced tools for extending human life, Dr. Kilgore is celebrated for his ability to distill complex medical information into actionable advice for his listeners. His latest focus, unearthed from a wealth of professional encounters, emphasizes the significant impact of communication on health and lifespan.

Dr. Kilgore encourages individuals to reflect on their lives, identifying factors contributing to their well-being. His philosophy centers on simple, yet powerful, adjustments one can make to potentially increase longevity. Through his podcasts, Dr. Kilgore enables his audience to embark on a journey toward a healthier, longer life punctuated by informed, mindful choices.

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Roxanne Turner PMP, BCC (CCE Board Certified Coach)

Location - Colorado
Specialties: Executive Function, ADHD, Cognitive Performance

Website: RBTCoaching.com
Linked In: Roxanne Turner

Hi, I’m Roxanne Turner

I’m a passionate connector, a ‘people whisper’, a neurodivergent champion, and an insatiably curious researcher. 

I support and advise Academics, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders who feel they’re falling short of their potential to embrace their Executive Function, ignite their Cognitive Performance and redefine the ‘unwritten rules’ of success. Together we rewrite your new ‘Professional Playbook’, focused on your personal excellence, to realize your unique value, reach your potential, and raise your impact. 

By shifting your focus from external accountability to ‘personal responsibility, I work ‘with your grain’ not against it to ignite your natural capability in driving your ultimate academic, business, and leadership performance. 

I’m a Global Executive Function Coach, a Cognitive Performance expert, Founder, and Director of The Sidewalk University Coaching Method, Program, and Mastermind. 

Speaking to Universities and conference audiences, engaging industry experts, and supporting startup ecosystems, I create awareness and understanding in neurotypical professionals to break down the barriers and build up the empathy to drive the vital inclusivity and diversity we need to all elevate to the next level.

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Karen Locker

Location: Massachusetts 
Specialties: Business, Teams, Virtual Assistants 

Website: www.solutions4ecommerce.com
Linked In: Karen Locker

Karen Locker Is a highly regarded Ecommerce industry expert who built her first EBay and Amazon Stores in 2008. Over time, Karen built Solutions4Ecommerce into a professional services firm on a foundation of integrity, honesty, and professionalism.

While many others in the Ecommerce space specialize in one platform or another, Karen is a Multi-Platform Ecommerce Expert. She always remains on top of changes and best practices across Amazon, EBay, and Shopify. There are not a lot of Ecommerce Professionals that understand all three platforms. Karen does.

The Ecommerce business is fluid and constantly changing. Karen prides herself on staying on top of trends and updates in the industry not only through constant research, but through on-going engagement at annual industry events like:
eBay Open Conference
Resonate Conference
Retail Global Conference
Karen and her team now serve hundreds of Ecommerce businesses across the US and Internationally with dedicated teams serving clients using platforms such as EBay, Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, and Walmart.

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John Cunnigham

Location: Japan
Specialties: Training, Corporate Growth

Website: SynergyPersonalDevelopment.com
Linked In: John Cunnigham
Book:  Win the Day: How to win your daily battles with stress, anxiety & depression

John has trained tens of thousands of people and written articles on productivity and personal development that have been read hundreds of thousands of times. He frequently facilitates workshops with individuals and groups around the globe.

John is an American expat living in Tokyo, Japan. He understands the challenges of interacting with people from other cultures and customs; and is an expert trainer with a unique blend of experience in facilitating sessions focused on both technical and soft skills.

As a coach, he has worked with folks from the C-suites to new hires, and a wide variety of non-corporate types as well who desire to get more out of life. Whether you want to improve your ability to communicate with EQ (emotional intelligence) or realize your goals in any walk of life, John is someone you can rely on to help you achieve what you’re envisioning.

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