Are Results More Important than the Process?

learning process success Oct 06, 2022

When it comes to any endeavor, be it business, sports, or achieving any goal, many can believe that the results are more important than the process. This idea might be accurate in some cases, but if you've only focused on the results and not the process, you will have difficulty achieving success. To achieve success, you must put in the work and focus on the process. Then, the results will follow naturally.

Achieving results is not the only thing that matters.

We all like to achieve something in life. It can be recognition and fame, putting up a successful business, getting promoted in your job, or buying that expensive car, gadget, or house. The outcomes we want to happen in life can be endless. However, before we even start thinking about our ideal results, there is a process involved for whatever we like to achieve or attain in life. Of course, the process can differ depending on our desired results, but one thing is for sure: it can take a considerable amount of time and effort before something gets achieved or obtained. The process can get tedious, and as a result, some people will like to take shortcuts and just be handed what they want on a silver platter.

Results are essential; there's no denying that. After all the effort we put through and the time we spent working on something, we want some good results to happen in the end. Working hard can feel like a waste when no desirable outcome occurs after everything. However, it's not all about the results. There is something to be learned while trying to achieve or attain something. While making progress toward something, we can learn and gain something from the processes we have to do, and that's why we should not underestimate the importance of focusing on the process.

1. There are many learning opportunities to be found in the process

Any process required to achieve or obtain something is a treasure trove of learning opportunities. You may need to learn new skills and take in new knowledge to help you get what you want. You may also need to work with others with different specialties and skill sets, and you can learn from them to improve yourself. One may get immersed in various working environments and learn how to use other gadgets and equipment to achieve your goal.

One will miss all these learning opportunities if one jumps straight to the results, especially if it just gets handed right away to you. You won't get to know how to achieve a particular outcome. Sure, you might reap the benefits for one specific moment, but what if next time somebody told you to repeat doing something that you got the result before instantly? You will have problems figuring out the "how" if you only got the "what" immediately.

2. You will learn to deal with challenges, failures, and problems better

Understandably, challenges, losses, and difficulties can bring unpleasantness. However, they are part of life, especially when pursuing goals in life. The more complicated a goal is, the more you will encounter them. One may choose to forgo all these complications and use whatever means necessary to get right away to the result. However, one misses something when choosing the quick path toward success.

You may get the results you want right now, but you can be ill-equipped to handle life's challenges the next time they occur. In addition, not going through the process usually can make you vulnerable to the mental effects problems and failures can deal on you. However, putting in the hard work and dealing with issues can be handled better when you encounter them head-on and figure out solutions to overcome them. So the next time you face hardships, you will know how to deal with them, which is something you will not see if you jump ahead to the outcomes.

3. You become more flexible and appreciative

When you fixate on one specific result, it can narrow your perspective and make you inflexible when things change. Instead, achieving the desired result should start with the process, not the desired outcome. The thing is that things can change while you are on your journey to accomplish your goal. What you initially thought you wanted may change or scrap altogether for a different purpose, and you will know this as you work toward your goal. As a result, you will learn to be flexible and adapt to the demands needed for your desired outcome. You get it or not if you only care about the result.

As a result of going through thick and thin to achieve or attain something, you also become more appreciative of whatever you obtain. You know how hard it is to acquire or achieve something, so the value of what you win in the end increases and makes you more appreciative of it. Therefore, you won't easily take the things you achieve through time and effort for granted.

4. You focus more on the present moment and achieve happiness and fulfillment more easily

When the outcome is the only thing that matters to you, your mind will tend to focus more on the future. Are you going to get what you want, and when can you get it? It can lead to constant worries, worsening when you tie your happiness to an external factor, such as your desired outcome. What if you don't attain it? Then that means you can't be happy and end up feeling more disappointed and stressed.

However, if you emphasize the process, you tend to focus more on the present. As a result, you can pay more attention to your actions, the people around you, and your immediate surroundings. Therefore, getting in touch with the present can make you feel happy and fulfilled even before attaining the desired result. And even if you don't get what you want, you still learn something from the process, which you can use to pursue something else, and who knows if you become more successful on a different path.

Achieving desired results is good, but the process is just as essential.

Results matter. People like to see better results. We all want something good to happen from our efforts and what we expect from others. However, results will not always be how we want them to be. It's vital to know that there is a process behind the results we want, and they can dictate whether something will turn up good or not. While good results are always desirable, the process is more critical in creating the desired result. Therefore, we must pay more attention to the things happening behind the scenes. One can get much understanding and learn by working through the process. The lessons you know can help you succeed in other endeavors, and results can naturally come afterward.

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