Failing Is Better than Not Trying at All

failure learning personal growth success Mar 08, 2023

Do you remember the last time you tried something new and failed? If so, don't worry. Failure is an essential part of learning and growing. Some people would argue that it's better to try and fail than not to try at all. After all, if you never try anything new, you'll never achieve anything significant. So don't be afraid to take risks and put yourself out there. Failure is just a part of the process.

Why some of us don't even bother to try

Failure is a tough pill to swallow. Most people don't like to experience it due to the unpleasant feelings one may feel once one fails at something. Somebody may feel down, sad, and lose self-esteem and confidence once failures occur. However, we cannot run away from failure. It is part of any journey toward success. If you want to accomplish something significant, you are bound to encounter failures along the way. You will face challenges, commit mistakes, and experience problems before you succeed. Even though success awaits at the end of a journey, some may choose not to try and don't put any effort into taking action. There are several reasons why this can be.

  • The fear of failure puts a significant blockade on many. They don't want to experience the troublesome feelings and negative consequences that may happen once they try doing something. Others may also judge them once they fail, which can be a blow to their reputation.
  • Many prefer to be in a place of safety and comfort, so they stick with what works and is familiar instead of attempting to try something new that can help them develop and grow.
  • Uncertainty and fear of the unknown can both hinder somebody from trying. They may think about the negative consequences that can happen and only focus on them. Add those unknown variables that can play in your decision once you take a risk, adding another layer of preventing someone from making a move.
  • Seeing or hearing others' experiences of failing at something can dissuade someone from trying, especially if a significant number of people failed and only a few succeeded.
  • A lack of resources, time, and support from others can prevent someone from trying something. If they fail, it can be not easy to regain what they used to exert an effort, such as money and time cannot be recovered.

We should try as much as we can

The reasons we listed above can be enough to scare others from trying, but we should still make an effort as much as we can. However, if you want to succeed or achieve a goal that means a lot to you, you must be prepared to fail, perhaps a lot. Most of the reasons that can prevent you from trying occur in your mind, so if you can do something to change your mindset, especially conquering fears, it can help a lot. Having a solid support system and gaining enough resources and skills can also help you build confidence in taking risks and venturing into new fields. Don't immediately give up or shy away from something; try as much as you can, and several realizations can help push you more to try.

  • Perhaps the most significant thing you don't want to experience from not trying is regret later in your life. You can be filled with thoughts of what could have happened if you had only decided to try before. Something good could have occurred, and you will never know unless you try. It can be excruciating to see somebody achieve success and reap the benefits because they made the move you could have, but you didn't.
  • Sure, there are a lot of uncertainties that come when trying something new. You never know if you can be successful or not. However, you can only see if you attempt to try in the first place. Not every outcome is unpleasant from doing something, and you have to work hard and be patient if you want positive results.
  • Repeated failures can be very discouraging, so an excellent way to help somebody keep moving forward is to treat each failure as a life lesson. Every instance of failure can show what doesn't work so that you can try something different next time. Failing is only one aspect of life; you don't become a complete loser just because you failed. There's always a chance to try again.
  • Trying something new and different can be risky. Your time and efforts can be wasted when nothing happens. However, we won't know if something fruitful can occur unless we try. Risks are scary, but we don't have to shy away whenever something presents a low chance of success. Some of the most significant gains you can have can only be made by taking risky maneuvers. So if you want to reach your full potential and achieve growth, you will have to take risks at some point.

We never know what can happen.

Some people may say that it is pointless to keep trying if hardly anything or nothing is happening from your efforts. Sure, it takes time to achieve success and accomplish your goal, but if you tried every option and resource available and nothing happens, this is the only time you should give up and stop trying. It is essential to keep trying and not be afraid of failure, but we should also know when to stop and try something else if nothing is working. This mindset will work if you keep pushing on a specific field of interest or activity, and nothing is working. You may give up on this particular field or activity, but if you try working on something different, it means you haven't thrown the towel and are willing to pursue something else. Do not quit or run away unless you have done everything.

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