What Makes a Person Special

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No two people are ever the same, and this is what makes us special and unique in our way. We all have different skills, talents, and abilities that make us stand out. For example, some people might be great at art, while others might be great at science or math. So there is no one correct answer to this question – everyone is unique in their way.

Everyone is a unique person.

When a person feels down, one of the standard encouragements you will hear from people is that they will tell the person that they are unique or special. People may feel down when they can't fit in with others or think they don't have any unique talents and skills. When we talk about being special, the first thing that may come into mind is the talents and abilities we possess. However, you don't have to be an extraordinary performer to say that you are unique. You might not realize it, but there are things that you possess that make you different from the rest. Several things make a person unique, and you should start noticing them too.

1. Physical body

Your physical characteristics alone make you unique. No two individuals will have identical proportions, down to the very exact measurements of your physical characteristics. Your stature, the way you look, the build of your body, eye color, skin color, the number of hairs on your body (if you are planning to count them one by one), and how your physical parts curve makes you unique. So the next time you somehow feel inferior because you don't have any talents, be proud of your body as it is something only you possess.

2. The way you view things

How you perceive life and the things around you sets you apart from other people. For example, if you and your best friend both like to watch movies down to the same genre, there will still be differences between your preferences. Maybe you prefer different actors from your friend, and what scenes tug your emotions will be different. Another example is how you view reality. Each of us has our stance on how we view the world. We might dismiss unpleasant parts of life as not part of our reality and only appreciate those that make us feel happy and good. This thinking makes us sometimes clash with another person's ideas and beliefs because we each have a different take on what the world is to ourselves. A person's perspective is unique.

3. Your experiences in life

No two people will have the same experiences in life. Even if you have a friend who follows the same path, they will do it differently. The amount of time they spend doing the same activity, when they do it, how they do it, and the feelings your friend has while doing things will not necessarily be identical to yours. You might have the same "what" and "why," but your "how" will be different. The same thing happens with other like-minded people in your social circle. Each of us will have our share of good and bad experiences, and the collective number of experiences we have in life is our own, and no other person will go through the same events that happen in our lives.

4. Habits and mannerisms

How you do things and your daily habits make you different from other people. For example, if you and your friend like to play basketball, you will have a unique way of playing the game. The way you hold the ball, your preferred location for shooting, how you release the ball from your hands, the number of dribbles you make, and how you evade other players will differ. Even little things that don't have anything to do with the game, like scratching your nose for every shot made or making a fist-pump gesture for every successful shot, can make you stand out.

Our daily habits also help establish our uniqueness. For example, how we solve problems, the order we do things in life, the method we use to do our daily activities, and how we react when things happen are unique experiences that only an individual may possess.

5. Your personality

Every person has a unique personality. How our personality forms depend on what we go through in life, and our experiences will not be the same way as another person. Even if you and another person are cheerful and optimistic, how you express your emotions and what triggers it will differ. The degree of optimism regarding life will not be the same as somebody else's. An individual's personality will influence how their emotions show, how they deal with other people, and what happens in their lives.

6. Hobbies and passions

Your hobbies and passions make you a unique individual. You are bound to find other people who may have the same hobby or passion as you, but they might have a different preference. Each hobby or passion is broad enough to create diversification. If you and your friends all like to play video games, you may enjoy playing different games. Even if you all happen to enjoy the same video game, you may have different styles of playing and like different aspects of it. How passionate you are about something can also make you different from others in how you express yourself and follow your passion.

7. Your social circle

No two individuals will have the same group of people for friends. We all have preferences on who we like to spend our time with and which individuals resonate with our interests and beliefs. How much of a friend somebody is to you can also differ for each person. The way we communicate and spend time with each friend is also unique. Let's not even get to family members and relatives, as each person will have their own set of family members and relatives, different for each person.

8. Your objectives in life

People may have the same goals, but each person will have a different vision and method of achieving their goals. You and your friend may want to be successful in life and become wealthy, but each may have a different interpretation of success and why you desire to achieve such a goal. Each person will have their share of negative and positive experiences, and the kind of challenges one will face will differ for each person. Also, each individual will have their future experiences, and some may meet their goals while others won't.

It's not that complicated to make a person unique.

Every person in this world has unique characteristics that make them special. It's not only talents and skills that can set apart an individual. You only have to look deeper and realize it doesn't take much to be different from someone. Even if you happen to have the same parameters as someone regarding something, your collective traits and life experiences create a one-and-only you. So the next time you feel you're not special, look deeper and take note of the things we mentioned here. It's not that hard to be remarkable in this world.

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