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Loving Yourself

happiness personal growth self-care Feb 22, 2023

Self-love is important. When you love yourself, it allows you to take better care of yourself and sets the tone for treating others. Unfortunately, people who struggle with loving themselves often have difficulty accepting compliments and tend to be hard on themselves. This can lead to a lot of negative self-talk, which is not healthy. This blog post will discuss why self-love is so important and offer tips on starting to love yourself more.

Self-love is important

Love is a very desirable thing. When everybody can exhibit this feeling to everyone, the world will be a much better place to live. Therefore, it is something that we should show to others and ourselves. However, some may struggle to love themselves and prioritize showing it to others first. Nothing is wrong with loving others, but we must not also forget to show some self-compassion and love ourselves for who we are. How can you effectively love others if you can't even love yourself? So we must know how to balance our time loving others and ourselves for our well-being. Loving ourselves is a way of self-care, and adequately caring for ourselves will lead to better physical and mental health. There are various ways of practicing self-love, and most of them aren't difficult if you only take the time and be aware of recognizing your worth and value.

1. Make time for yourself

If you truly value and love yourself, you should spend time doing what you like, including time to relax and take a break from the busyness of daily life. It can be easy to get lost in dedicating our time in service of others and keeping busy, but we should never forget to have time for ourselves, even if it's just a short time daily. As much as we value others, we should also do the same for ourselves, which can help improve our self-worth.

2. Accept yourself for who you are

Some people may be too harsh and berate themselves for their faults and shortcomings. This mindset may come from comparing yourself too much with others or not appreciating your positive qualities. Every person has strengths and weaknesses. It is essential to recognize these aspects as they form part of our identities. Self-acceptance happens when we accept who we are, with all our strong and weak points, and this will lead to loving yourself more by recognizing your value even with your faults and not hating yourself for having such things.

3. Forgive yourself for your mistakes

Nobody is perfect, and we will commit mistakes now and then. It's normal to feel bad when such things happen, but if we want to practice self-love, we shouldn't put all the blame on ourselves. Many factors can influence why such mistakes happen, and, likely, you are not entirely at fault for causing them. Sometimes, our inner critic can be too harsh; we should learn to calm it down. Forgive yourself when you commit errors and focus more on moving forward and changing the situation rather than treating yourself like a bad person and criticizing yourself.

4. Take care of your health

People who love themselves take care of their health, and you should too if you want to practice more self-love. Neglecting your health is like saying to others you don't value yourself. So if you love yourself, you will do things that benefit your overall health, such as exercising regularly, sleeping adequate hours, eating healthily, not overworking yourself, and setting time for rest and recreation. Taking care of yourself means you love who you are.

5. Set boundaries

Some things are better kept to yourself, and if you respect and love yourself, you should know to set boundaries. Boundaries are not meant to push people away from you; it just means there is a proper time and place for you to interact with others, and there is a separate time for yourself. It means learning to correctly say "no" so you can only do what is within your limits and not overwork yourself. Being private about certain matters also creates respect for yourself and teaches the same to others, so they will know to what extent they can intrude into your life.

6. Pursue goals and personal growth

Part of loving yourself is giving yourself a chance to grow by moving out of your comfort zone and trying to reach your full potential. You may already feel content with what you have and doing right now, which is fine, but you may achieve greater happiness and fulfillment if you set long-term goals that give great benefits, like owning a house or being debt-free. Long-term goals can take some time before you achieve them, but along the way, you learn to be disciplined along with various skills and knowledge that can help you prosper.

7. Break away from toxic relationships

Having healthy relationships makes you feel good. You will be more inclined to love yourself if people do the same to you. So if you have any toxic relationships, it's time to break away from them if you are not benefitting in any way and only fill yourself with negative thoughts and emotions by spending time with people that don't value and are perhaps only using you. It can be tough to let go of people, but if you love yourself, it's better to do it than to be stressed and not feel any joy when being with someone.

8. Forgive others

There will come a time when people will do something wrong to us, which can lead to us being angry at the offender and finding it difficult to forgive them, especially if they did something terrible to us. Not forgiving others harms you more than the offender by constantly putting negative emotions and thoughts in your head rather than positive feelings. Forgiveness is challenging, but it is necessary if you value self-love and your mental health. To forgive doesn't necessarily erase what others did to you, and your relationship with the offender may not be the same anymore. Still, forgiving is an act of moving on and prevents you from getting stuck with resentment for your whole life.

Loving yourself is an act of self-care

Loving yourself can be simple: if you want to treat others with kindness and respect, you should do the same for yourself. People may have trouble loving you if you can't love yourself. So if we want to love others, we can start with ourselves. There are many ways to practice self-love, and they all boil down to treating yourself kindly, filling your mind with positive thoughts, and ensure you do things that make you happy and fulfilled. It is not selfish to care for and love yourself as long as it doesn't become too much and fall into the area of greed and pride where all actions of others are only for your benefit, and you don't care what happens to others. Love should be a two-way street: we should be capable of showing it to others and ourselves, and others should do the same.

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