Comparing Yourself to Others

comparing happiness personal growth Mar 29, 2022

When it comes to improving ourselves, we often compare ourselves to others. As a result, we may feel bad about ourselves because we think that we're not good enough or that we're not where we want to be in life. However, comparing isn't always a bad thing; it can be pretty helpful when used correctly. This blog post will discuss how to stop comparing yourself to others too much and how you can use others instead as inspiration without letting them bring you down.

Stop comparing yourself to others too much.

Do you feel that your life is lacking? Are you feeling miserable and anxious because you don't have the same status and possessions as others? If so, you might be playing the comparison game too much. But unfortunately, it's so easy to play this game nowadays, thanks to social media. Human beings are used to comparing themselves with each other, and today, more people have made this a lifestyle. Therefore, we can't help but compare ourselves with others sometimes. However, constantly comparing can bring negative effects on your life. One can become anxious and indulge in overspending to keep up with what they see from other people. If your life is starting to get worse from such behavior, it's time to stop the comparison and take hold of your life. There are several ways to get yourself out of the comparison trap.

1. Limit social media usage

Nowadays, you don't have to go out of your house to see what's up with other people's lives. Instead, turn on the computer or use your smartphone, and social media apps provide an easy way to peek at what others are doing. But, unfortunately, too much time looking at other people's accomplishments can make you feel envious when you start comparing your life with theirs. If you want to stop the habit of comparing, one of the first things you can do is limit the amount of time you spend on social media.

You also have to realize some things when looking at what other people post on social media. First, what you see is just a snapshot of their lives. The posts do not fully reflect everything that happens in a person's life, including moments when they are down or what they did to achieve something. Second, what you see on social media is only a highlight reel of a specific moment in a person's life. You don't get to see the whole story behind a post unless someone decides to showcase their entire life on social media. Finally, even if you see something on social media, you don't necessarily need to compare and feel inferior or frustrated by what you see. Your mind tells you to compare, so changing your way of thinking will be better for personal growth.

2. Learn to be thankful for what you have

Gratitude goes a long way in helping us appreciate what we have. There are many things to be grateful for in life. Living with enough food, shelter, clothing, water, and a job are some examples of things we can be thankful for having every day. Unfortunately, when we constantly compare with others, it makes us take for granted the things we have and focus on acquiring more possessions and buying stuff for comparison and becoming better than other people. Therefore, one must be aware of such bad habits and turn to gratitude instead. A simple activity of listing everyday things that you are grateful for having can do wonders.

3. Train yourself to be happy with the success of other people

When it comes to looking at what other people achieve and what they have, most of us will probably react enviously. It's rare to see someone happy with another's success (bonus tip: these are the people you want to keep as true friends). Instead of feeling jealous of what others have and achieve, train yourself to be happy with others' achievements and praise them. Afterward, go back to focusing on yourself and start working hard to achieve what others did if you want it to happen in your life. Use what others do and reach for ideas and inspiration, and if what others have or achieve doesn't matter to your goals, move on and use your precious time instead to do some hard work.

4. Focus on what you are good at

The next time you see another person's accomplishment, think first before you start making comparisons. Are you going to be happy and fulfilled when you attain the same thing as another person? Do you possess the same ability to achieve what others did? It's essential to have these thoughts before you start spending time working to attain something, only to feel hollow at the end. You may also spend resources trying to learn something only to realize it doesn't matter to your life. It's better to spend your valuable time utilizing your strengths to achieve what can make you happy on your terms. Focusing on your strengths will also make you busy and work to make a difference instead of wasting time looking at the accomplishments of others.

5. Compete with yourself

An excellent way to stop playing the comparison game is to try competing with yourself instead. First, create goals that will make you happy and fulfilled, and then challenge yourself to see if you can achieve your goals. Then, as you make your way through life trying to fulfill your dream, look at your past self and see if you can become a better person and perform more splendidly than in the past. Competing against yourself is a healthy way of improving without resorting to comparisons.

You are the only person that can determine what will make you happy and fulfilled.

We can't help but compare ourselves to each other to gauge whether we are doing good in life and identifying our social status. However, indulging in it too much can compromise your well-being by making you fear missing out, sabotaging your finances by purchasing things to keep up, or developing unhealthy behaviors in your mind, such as envying what others have. Your mental health doesn't have to suffer if you learn how to focus on improving your life first and figuring out what can make you happy and fulfilled. You can look at other people's lives, but don't compare and work towards what can bring you joy without demeaning others.

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