Why Taking a Break Is Important

break productivity Dec 14, 2021

Taking a break is essential for our health, productivity, and even happiness. It provides several benefits that help us with our tasks and achieve more in less time. We all know the feeling of being so stressed out because we have too many things to do at once. Taking a break will not only relieve stress, but it will also allow your mind to process what you are doing so you can focus better on the task at hand. This blog post will discuss some reasons why taking a break is essential.

Doing continuous work is tiring.

All of us have to do some work every day. It can be physically demanding work that requires lifting and moving heavy objects or manual labor. Alternatively, our work can be more mentally demanding, such as sitting in front of a computer and typing documents, inputting data on spreadsheets, or creating articles. Whatever form of work you have, it's vital to take a break now and then to help us recharge.

You may find work getting monotonous if you keep doing it for several hours without taking a break. Some people might find taking a break counterproductive since you spend minutes that you could have used for work instead. However, your physical and emotional health could take a toll if you keep on working without getting some rest. Everybody needs it. There are several reasons why taking a break is essential.

1. You become more energized

As you go through work overtime, you will feel your energy levels start to drain, making you feel tired. When you're starting to lose concentration on your work, try stopping your task for a while if you can. Drink some water, eat a little, or close your eyes for a bit to help you relax. Taking periodic breaks between tasks helps your body recover so you can continue plowing through your tasks.

2. You get a creativity boost

Sometimes, it's challenging to get a new idea when you work on the same thing all day. If your work is on the creative side, staring at the computer screen all day long can be tiring and reduce your cognitive capacity. It's a great idea to take some breaks and let your brain wander around to something else different. Try taking a walk outside and see nature or look at the sights around you. Seeing something different from your usual work environment can help spark creative ideas in your brain.

3. Taking breaks helps build healthier habits

Breaks create some time off from our daily work, so it's an excellent way to develop healthy habits while we are on break. Many companies set a time for employees to have a proper lunch break. You can use this time for eating nutritious meals instead of grabbing microwavable meals or a store-bought sandwich from the nearby convenience store. If you can, you can also set some time during your break to do a physical activity for exercise, take a power nap, or relax by meditating. If your work involves sitting in front of a computer all day, set screen-breaks after every hour. You can use this time to stand up and do or look at something else aside from a computer or smartphone screen.

4. Breaks help reduce stress

A normal working day consists of many tasks, and you can get overwhelmed from trying to finish them all, especially if you don't know how to plan your day and prioritize tasks. Over time, you can get stressed, affecting your work over the following days and weeks. You can be more efficient with work if you can keep up the momentum, and the way to do that is by inserting micro-breaks between your tasks. It's like keeping an electrocardiogram reading from dipping too high and low, and breaks are the ones that keep it in the middle. You gain reduced stress and stay focused on your job, allowing you to push forward.

5. You become more productive

Some people might dismiss the idea of taking breaks as being unproductive, so they might go skipping lunch and work on the task ahead. However, you can be more productive if you insert brief breaks into your routine. You'll want to keep your motivation and focus throughout your work, and short breaks help you return to your task with renewed energy and vigor. Your mental resources will drain faster if you keep working on single or long tasks. You will be prone to encountering a slump this way, leading you to distract yourself with things that can lead you to become less productive.

6. Improved physical and mental health

Taking regular breaks between your tasks is not the only break you must take. There's also the break that you must do after you finish your workday: a well-earned good night's sleep. Taking a good rest and sleep every day is good for your body and helps prevent diseases from hitting you, such as heart disease. As much as possible, make it a point to have a good amount of rest every day, and don't overwork yourself too much, such as rendering an unholy amount of time for work.

Set an adequate time for regular breaks.

In an office setting, employees usually have a set time to take lunch breaks, ranging from 30 minutes to an hour. Sometimes, a company might feel generous enough to add another shorter time for a break in the afternoon, usually for snacks. Others give employees an hour's worth of break time, and it's up to the employee whether to use it for eating or another form of activity or skip it entirely and continue working. There's also time for bathroom breaks. However, as an employee, you are not limited only to fixed times for breaks given to you. You make it a point to take little mental breaks such as looking away from the computer screen, talking for a bit with your coworker, or simply closing your eyes or relaxing your hands to give your body and mind some respite. Drinking some water helps too, so try bringing a jug or bottle of drink with you while working.

With the advent of the recent pandemic, the work-from-home setup became prevalent, and it's even more of a challenge to set breaks when it's only you who will decide when to take a break or not. Unfortunately, there is no universal rule that states how long and often you should take breaks. Depending on how well you know yourself, it's up to you to decide. Knowing how long you can do something before your mood hits low will determine when you should set your break. You can also select what activity you will do during your breaks, ideally something different from your work.

Remember to take care of yourself.

Part of taking good care of yourself is knowing the importance of taking a break. Unless you have superhuman levels of concentration, stamina, and focus, you can't keep on working continuously on a single task and then move on to the next task like it's nothing. To a certain degree, it's possible to do this but try doing it for every workday that you have within a week, and you're sure to get exhausted and, worse, possibly incur diseases that can cripple your body and mind. Therefore, maintaining a good work-life balance is essential to achieving your life goals. Just don't take a longer break than you usually should, and you can reap all the benefits from taking strategic breaks in between and after your tasks.

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