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How to Express Yourself

communication freedom happiness personal growth Jun 27, 2022

Self-expression is key to finding happiness and living a fulfilling life. Unfortunately, many people feel they need to bottle up their feelings and not express themselves for fear of judgment or ridicule. It is the worst thing you can do. You end up resentful and frustrated when you don't express yourself. You deserve to be happy, so it's time to express yourself healthily. This blog post will discuss the importance of self-expression and how you can do it in a way that makes you happy.

Self-expression is essential for personal growth.

Self-expression is the ability to show one's true feelings and personality through various means. It's not only limited to communicating verbally with others but also letting your emotions show in different activities that you may do.

Self-expression is essential because it allows us to follow our true desires without feeling inhibited. Without it, we will blindly follow what others do, which may not give fulfillment and happiness. But unfortunately, some people choose to hide their true feelings and act in a certain way that will please others, and this is because they fear being judged or shamed by others if they work differently. However, if you want to grow in life and not just follow a template, you will want to learn to express yourself, and there are healthy ways to do it without appearing too prominent or annoying to others.

1. Create something artistic

Artists express themselves well through the different art forms they create, such as paintings, illustrations, and sculptures. The art they create is a way to express what's going on in their minds and their feelings. You may think that only those with artistic talent can express their ideas through art, but you can do it in simple ways. Everyone has a creative side, and you don't need to compare yourself with geniuses who create masterpieces. For example, how you take photos and present them to others through your social media accounts is already a work of art. Likewise, your doodles and drawings are a way to express yourself creatively, no matter how weird or simple-looking they may be. Creative activities are an excellent way to relax and, at the same time, express ourselves.

2. Write a blog or do journaling

You can start writing instead when you want to express yourself but don't want to get other people's attention too much. Writing is another good way to show your true feelings without directly showing or communicating them to others. Journaling is an excellent example of showing your genuine emotions in written form, and it's private too, in case you feel shy showing others what's on your mind. You can let out whatever you want to say in your journal or diary, which can help reduce stress levels. On the other hand, if you feel like having an audience for your writing, you can write an article, blog post, or create some stories on your blog or website. Other people express their feelings by posting on their social media accounts. Just remember not to appear too critical or offensive when writing any article online, as it's easier to receive judgments when more people can see what you write.

3. Express yourself in subtle ways

You don't need to engage in extravagant ways to express yourself. The simple things that you do daily can all be ways of expressing yourself. The clothes that you wear, the designs that they have, and their colors are indicative of your style and preference. The pictures you use as wallpaper for your computer and cellphone reflect your interests. How you decorate your office space, assuming it's okay to do, and your room is also a way to express yourself. Anything that can be freely customized by yourself in terms of appearance and design is an outlet for self-expression.

4. Engage in physical activities

You can engage in physical activities when you feel like not saying anything but still want to express yourself. You can let your body language show what you are feeling inside, such as dancing, playing a sport, doing something aggressive like martial arts, staying fit by exercising, or relaxing by doing yoga. Whatever your preference is, physical activities let you speak out through your movements, and your emotions can show through how you conduct yourself while doing them. Aside from expressing yourself, physical activities are also an excellent way to blow off steam and release your aggression in a healthy way instead of venting it out on somebody else.

5. Express yourself through direct communication

The way you speak and communicate with others will give them an idea of who you are as a person and what are your current feelings, assuming you show your true self. Telling how you feel to others honestly may be more challenging than other forms of self-expression because you communicate directly with people rather than showing your true self in indirect and subtle ways. Also, expressing yourself directly through communication may be difficult if you are used to acting in front of others and are not an eloquent speaker. However, there are ways to better prep yourself and speak more effectively with others, such as rehearsing what you will say in advance and immersing yourself in more topics so you won't run out of subjects during conversations. Also, adding a unique way of talking, such as inserting humor or changing your tone of voice according to your personality and mood, can reflect your true self when speaking to someone.

Expressing yourself is fulfilling and makes you happy.

Being able to express yourself is a form of honesty and courage. Unfortunately, judgments from other people and society's perceived stereotypes about how things should work can impede one's ability to self-expression. However, you should do your best to express yourself as it is a way that will let us follow our passions and do what matters to us. Your mental health won't suffer much when you don't bottle up your feelings and show them in how you do things. Just remember that when you express yourself, don't do it in such a way that you appear to be aspiring for too much attention or manipulating others to do your bidding. Self-expression means freedom and unlocking your potential by doing what you want according to your feelings and personality.

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