How Emotionally Mature Are You?

emotional maturity emotions personal growth May 17, 2022

Do you know how to handle your emotions? Being emotionally mature is essential in life. It allows you to control your reactions and make sound decisions. However, if you're not emotionally mature, your emotions can quickly get you, leading to problems in relationships, at work, and in other areas of your life. This blog post will discuss what it means to be emotionally mature and how you can improve upon this trait.

The signs of emotional maturity

When we talk about maturity, the first thing that may come into mind is that a person is mature once they are already an adult and physically become fully-grown individuals. However, another aspect of maturity is that of emotional maturity. Generally speaking, an emotionally mature person has a good handle on their emotions and is capable of getting through stressful and tough situations without letting their emotions control them and making sound decisions afterward.

Being an adult doesn't automatically mean one is already emotionally mature. But, on the other hand, it's not dependent on age. One may encounter a younger person, such as a teenager or even a kid, who may sound wiser than their age. But, on the other side, you can also encounter adults who are not that different from children when it comes to throwing tantrums when they don't get what they want or becoming whiny when problems come into their lives. A person's emotional maturity may be influenced by their various experiences in life and emotional intelligence.

Thankfully, emotional maturity is something we can improve upon over time, and there are common signs that indicate one's maturity level emotionally. Try to see if any of these apply to you and if not, see if you can incorporate them into your life.

1. They don't play the blame game

Emotionally mature individuals know how to take responsibility for their actions. So if a problem happens and they know they are clearly at fault, they won't resort to blaming other people and instead own up to the mistake made. People with emotional immaturity will do the opposite and place the fault on others to protect their ego and feelings.

2. They can handle problematic situations calmly

When stressful and problematic situations occur, most people will react with anger and frustration. They may displace their feelings toward other people who don't have anything to do with the problem. Emotionally mature people may still react and feel a little bit of these feelings, but they will focus more on assessing the situation and figuring out what they can do to solve it. There's less time for reacting and more for acting.

3. They are more open-minded

An emotionally mature individual is more open to the opinions and thoughts of other people and is capable of accepting them without being too judgmental. Therefore, one can find it easier to talk to emotionally mature individuals. They are more tolerant of other views without lambasting in your face that they don't like your opinion. Therefore, it's easier for them to make friends and connect with people as they can accept people with different views in their social circle. Not being too judgmental leads to less conflict and more understanding.

4. They are more compassionate

Considering other people's feelings is one hallmark of an emotionally mature person. They think about other people's emotions before they say something, especially those that may offend others. They don't immediately pass judgment when they see something offensive. The first line of thought for them will be that there may be a good reason why someone is showing rude behavior or acting unpleasantly. It's easier to practice empathy when they can think of putting themselves in the situation of others.

5. They are less rigid when it comes to solving problems

People with a good level of emotional maturity can look at things from more than one angle. So if something goes against their plan, they can look for alternatives. Maybe it's time to use a backup plan or ask for help from other people with a different perspective. When failures happen, they treat them as not something that knocks them off their lives but as a learning opportunity and a chance for growth.

6. They don't think too highly of themselves

Emotional maturity means knowing how to be humble and accepting you are not perfect and are capable of making mistakes. People with good emotional maturity know when to concede and accept mistakes when they happen. They are willing to be taught ideas different from what they believe and that there could be other options that may work for them. They feel confident based on their skills and knowledge but don't feel the need to exaggerate them to look superior.

7. They know how to control their emotions

Emotional maturity doesn't mean you shy away from your feelings and look like a cold, apathetic individual. It means you have a better grasp of your emotions and don't let them control your decision-making, and not get into outbursts of feeling when something unpleasant happens. Emotionally mature individuals know to feel happy when it warrants it or get angry if the situation calls for it. They just don't let their feelings control them to the point that making important decisions or productivity gets affected.

Emotional maturity doesn't happen overnight.

Emotional maturity may happen early, late, or never at all to somebody. However, what happens in day-to-day life can help shape one's mind when handling emotions. How we take our emotional reactions, and the unexpected changes that occur in our lives may have been influenced by what we see from other people and how others taught us to respond. Our interpretations of things and what we get used to doing when things happen, such as how we react when something specific occurs, can also shape our emotional maturity. It's something that we pick up as we grow up. The good news is that it's always possible to adjust one's emotional maturity level, and there are ways to do it. Knowing how to handle your emotions without letting them control you properly is suitable for your well-being and makes you more adaptable to the world around you.

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