Why Are People Angry?

anger management negativity personal growth positivity Jul 26, 2021

The world today is a very different place than it was ten years ago. We have social media, 24-hour news coverage, and the Internet at our fingertips. These technologies have made us more connected than ever before, but they've also created some problems that we're still struggling to come up with solutions to. One of these problems is anger in society. It seems like everyone has an opinion about what's going on, and most people are angry about it! Why are people so mad all the time? This post will explore why people feel angrier and what you can do to help manage your anger levels and make others less angry.

Why do people feel angry, and what makes them mad

Feeling angry is something normal. Everyone gets angry now and then. It is pretty healthy to feel angry sometimes as a response to situations that happen to you. However, it becomes a problem when it goes out of control, leading to aggression and violence towards others.

Some things can act as triggers for our anger. Personal problems are a common culprit, be it at work or in your home. Other people can also be triggers if they do not meet some expectations, such as broken promises. Unfortunate events like accidents or someone close dying or anything traumatic can also make you angry. Experiencing trauma and bad events while you are still young might help in shaping your personality and thus make you a person that is more prone to getting angry. Mental disorders can also be a significant cause of anger.

How do we know when someone's anger is not normal anymore

Various signs can indicate that a person's anger is not normal. These can include:

  • Your rage is already affecting your social life and relationships
  • You get the feeling that you have to hold or control your anger
  • You tend to think negatively and more about the wrong things
  • You constantly feel hostile and irritated; you run out of patience quickly
  • You feel the need to argue with others often, and as a result, you get angrier in the process
  • You engage in physical violence when angry
  • You get violent when angry and like to threaten others around you
  • You get the urge to do aggressive and impulsive things just because you are angry such as reckless driving or destroying things.

How to deal with anger in your life

It can be pretty frustrating to see people getting angrier these days. People can get triggered by the slightest of reasons. With the current situation in our world, it's even easier to get mad due to our struggles. People are afraid. There are many unmet expectations; as a result, people fight with each other to meet their needs or to let out their frustrations. So what can we do to help mitigate anger in our lives?

One thing we can do is minimize the things that can trigger anger in our lives. There's the news, the Internet, social media, radio, and TV everywhere around us. These things bombard us with all sorts of information, including negative stuff and promoting things that can trigger expectations and feel inadequate. These can lead to frustration which can turn to anger eventually. By minimizing our time spent with these media, we can manage our mental health better. We can focus only on the positive things and extract only the information we need from these media and discard others like pointless arguments, negative news, excessive product advertisements, and glamorous posts of others. Watch what you are putting in your mind.

Another thing you can practice to minimize anger is to practice gratitude. We should be thankful for the things that we have in life. Try to reduce the desire to keep on wanting whatever is trending and shiny. You do not have to keep up with what others are arguing about if these things do not hold any importance in your life. Focus instead on your goals and see what you can do to improve your life and even better other people's lives. Knowing your limits and not raising the expectation bar too high can also help better manage your emotions.

Final thoughts

We shouldn't overlook our condition of feeling angry. If it goes out of control, it can escalate into more severe problems, and you might end up hurting someone or committing a crime. If you think you have an anger problem, it won't hurt to seek the help of a medical professional.

Our times are much more fast-paced compared to years ago. Learn to relax your mind every so often and don't get caught up in the rush of things constantly. Changing how you think and approach problems will lead you to think more rationally rather than relying on your emotions. If issues are causing your anger, get to the root of them and solve them, as this will help lessen your stress and frustrations. If you are angry due to arguing with others, it will help to learn how to communicate more appropriately instead of jumping to conclusions.

Being less angry can help in thinking positively about things and becoming more appreciative of what you have. It might sound cheesy to hear that advice of thinking positively, but it helps in lessening anger, and this state of mind can spread to others. It will reduce irritation and frustration and puts you in a better position to help others solve their problems and frustrations, leading to a better and happier community around you that is less angry.

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