Learning Even After Graduating from School

education knowledge learning personal growth Jul 21, 2022

Graduating from school is a huge accomplishment, but it should not be the end of your learning journey. It is just the beginning. Learning continues throughout life, and we should try to keep on learning as it can help us become more successful. You should find what works best for you in many different ways to learn. For example, some people prefer to read books, while others prefer to watch videos or listen to podcasts. No matter your preference, something is sure to be out there to help you continue learning. There are good reasons why one should keep on learning throughout life.

Learning doesn't only happen in school.

Learning doesn't stop after one gets a degree and graduates from school. Instead, authentic learning begins once we enter the real world after graduating as students. Some may think that learning is over after they graduate from college or whatever level of education they have attained. However, what we learn from schools is just a fraction of what the real world demands from us. The theories and ideas taught to us may differ from the real-life experiences we will have outside the school. Not only that, there are things we may not have been introduced to in school, and it's up to us to learn them once we are already part of the workforce or pursuing whatever career we desire. That's why it's vital to continue learning after graduation, as it will help us become more well-rounded individuals that can tackle life's various challenges. There are good reasons why you would like to keep learning new skills and ideas.

Continuous learning helps you adapt better to changes. Changes are inevitable in life. Some people fear change because they are not ready for it. However, if you keep learning a new skill or studying new ideas, you will be better prepared once changes happen. It is especially true in technology, which continuously advances every year and changes how we do things in life.

More opportunities are open for you. One may think learning and improving only in your current job may suffice. While it may be enough for someone who's content in their current career and doesn't have grand ambitions in life, you still never know when you are going to need knowledge about a job in a field that is different from your current one. Employment will be more accessible if you know other skills besides your current job. You can have higher chances for promotion or dive into a different career in case things don't go well with your present employment.

Learning helps in personal growth. If you regularly study new things and ideas, it can help you grow as a person. You won't feel stagnant and may be surprised to learn about something you have never thought of in the past. Your comfort zone can expand as you try to delve into new topics and learn new techniques that can aid you in your life.

You can be more open-minded through learning. It's easy to pass judgments on things and other people because of ignorance and lack of understanding. By learning about the background of various items and people, we develop a broader mind capable of understanding others and appreciating things around us. We also become more flexible and capable of having new perspectives instead of sticking with only one belief or method of doing things.

How to continuously learn for personal and professional development

For most people, learning is something you do while you are still a student, starting from elementary school until you start taking a course while studying in a college or university. After graduating, it's done, and it's time to focus on your job and daily responsibilities. We can't blame why some people think like that because life can get too busy with everything we have to juggle daily. Just like how we may not have enough time for hobbies and pleasure, the same thing can happen to learn about something. However, if one genuinely desires it, there can always be time for learning, especially if one wants to achieve more growth in life and fulfill goals and dreams. You don't necessarily have to spend years studying like when you were a student. Nowadays, there are various options to learn something new, and you don't need to spend much time doing them. However, a short time every day dedicated to learning can go a long way towards your development. The following are some methods you can try.

  • Reading books are an excellent way to train your brain. If you have the time, several pages a day or a chapter can benefit you, such as familiarizing yourself with new words, enhancing your creativity through imagining scenarios in your head, or learning about new terminologies. Don't fancy reading fictional stories? You can try reading other materials that contain general information, such as reading the news, reference materials, wikis such as Wikipedia, and e-books.
  • Taking an online course is possible nowadays. Online courses are not as taxing in terms of a time commitment compared to full-time classes in schools and are more flexible, so you can take one and do it after work or during downtime. You can work at your own pace. Some even offer free online courses that you can use to your advantage.
  • Watching videos on websites like YouTube is an everyday activity for many people nowadays. However, not all of them are for entertainment, such as people dancing, doing skits online, or doing whatever they like. On the other hand, some informative videos help explain things, such as to-do videos that illustrate how you can do something or videos by people that are informative and present different perspectives about a topic. Chances are, if you want to know about something, like fixing a bug or an error on your computer, you may find someone teaching how you can do it online in video format.
  • Every person has expertise in something. Your friends and coworkers may know about something you don't, and you may want to ask them to teach you something valuable that can aid you in life. Networking further enhances your learning by allowing you to meet people with different expertise that are outside of your social circle. Try joining a club or organization specializing in something you want to learn, and you may meet somebody who can mentor you.
  • If you want to learn something new, try doing a new hobby that's different from what you currently enjoy. Hobbies require intricate knowledge about the various aspects that make them enjoyable, and you can learn something from doing them. You may even turn a new hobby into a career opportunity if it becomes your passion.

Learning is a never-ending quest.

Learning is a life-long process if one chooses to do it even after graduating from formal education. It's necessary for growth and opens more doors for us in the future. Our daily experiences by themselves are sources of learning, and even failures and problems can become one if we look at them from a different perspective. We can learn something new every day, and there are fun ways to learn instead of using a rigid education system like in school. Humans are naturally curious beings, and continuous learning can help satisfy this need of ours that will only benefit us in the long run.

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