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Handling Uncertainty Better

future peace of mind uncertainty Nov 09, 2022

Uncertainty is an inevitable part of life. No matter how well you plan, something out of your control will always happen. It can be frustrating and overwhelming, but learning how to deal with uncertainty is essential. This blog post will discuss some tips for handling uncertainty more positively.

Uncertainty is part of life.

We human beings feel comfort and security whenever things go okay, and we think we are in control of our lives. However, we can start feeling anxious and stressed when we face uncertainty. There is something fearful about the unknown; your life can feel like going in a million different directions. Things can get worse when we start thinking about worst-case scenarios and what-ifs about the future.

The reality, though, is that life is full of uncertainty. To a certain degree, yes, we are in control of our lives, but a significant portion consists of uncertainty. We can be well-equipped with skills and knowledge about many things, have the resources ready, and have plans enacted, and things can still go in a different direction than we anticipated. Life can get full of surprises, and some of these surprises can be negative events, which some may think can happen to them when dealing with uncertainty.

If there is one thing that can help us with uncertainty, it's how we control our minds. How we think will determine how we handle uncertainty. Positive thinkers can fare better than negative thinkers when managing uncertainty. People have different dispositions in life, but we can always change how we think to handle uncertainty effectively. Uncertainty is not always about adverse events; good things also come from it. So we need to shift our mindset and learn about various things that can help us deal with uncertainty.

1. Learn to accept uncertainty

There is an idea about grief having five stages a person can go through to move forward and handle life better. The final stage is acceptance, and we can apply the same when it comes to uncertainty. It is a part of life; the earlier we realize this, the better. Thinking about what can happen in the future can bring unnecessary stress and grief, mainly when we focus solely on troublesome events that can hurt us and make us suffer. The thing here, though, is that we are only thinking about possible scenarios. Nothing has happened yet. So why stress yourself out? It will be better to accept that uncertainty is a reality, and our time will be better spent focusing on the present and thinking about ways to move forward.

2. Let go of control

Accepting uncertainty can be challenging for people who want to be in control of their lives. Nothing is wrong with wanting to take control of our lives; it's just that we can't control every aspect of our lives. Some factors are beyond our influence, such as the weather, how people think, and decisions imposed by governing bodies that are not within our authority. Sometimes, the only thing we can do is adjust and adapt to the changing circumstances around us. Trying to make everything go according to how you want something to happen is futile. Letting go of control can serve you better, as it can help you lessen your expectations, thereby unloading negative emotions that may be occupying your head.

3. Focus on the present moment

Uncertainty dwells in the future. No one knows what can happen. So an excellent way to keep off irrational fears and remain calm is to stop worrying too much about the future and focus on the present moment. If you think about it, no matter how much worrying we do about the future, it's still a time that hasn't happened, and many unexpected events can occur. The present is where we do all the actions and preparations, and many things can change for the better. It doesn't hurt to think about our goals and dreams for the future. Still, if all we think about the future are negative thoughts, it's better to pull ourselves into what is happening in our lives in the present and do something about them rather than worry about things that may not exactly happen.

4. Equip yourself better

Uncertainty becomes scary because we may not know how to handle such a troublesome situation should it occur. Maybe we don't possess the skills and resources to help us overcome them, and that's why we worry about the future. One thing that can help reduce stress and anxiety from uncertainty is to make preemptive preparations by learning about various things and procuring resources beforehand, such as saving a significant stash of money. You may not need particular skills, knowledge, and resources right now, but at least you will be ready should such situations arise. Being prepared and planning various things can make uncertain times more comforting.

5. Get help and talk to others

Trying to deal with your worries by yourself can worsen the situation. It can be comforting to talk with people you trust and tell them what's bothering you. Your friends and family can lend an ear and may give you advice about your predicament. Even a simple positive push from them, such as telling you to think positively or that there is no need to worry, can help immensely. Seeking support from professionals that can help you in your areas of concern can take away your worries and make you properly balance yourself to make the right decisions. Whatever problems you may have about uncertainties in the future, please don't keep them to yourself and try to reach out.

6. Avoid triggers for worrying

Certain things can act as triggers for endless worrying. Watching or reading the news can subject you to various information and articles that depict unfortunate circumstances or focus on the negative aspects of human life. People on social media also create interactions that can fuel your anxiety by talking about something unpleasant or worrying. Being around toxic people that like to spread gossip or talk about possible impending doomsday scenarios can also ruin your day. If you can, try to minimize or avoid completely immersing yourself in such triggers if you know you are prone to worrying whenever you get exposed to them. Life may not be completely stress-free, but it will look more remarkable if you can lessen the negativity around you.

7. Boost your self-confidence and self-esteem

One reason you may have irrational thinking whenever uncertainties come into your mind is that your self-confidence and self-esteem may need some improvement. You feel scared because you think you may not be able to handle an unfortunate circumstance should it happen, plus you may not be thinking highly of yourself too. There are proven strategies to help build your self-confidence and self-esteem. Once you can improve both of them, which can take time, you will feel more ready and courageous to handle whatever the future throws. Try looking at your past accomplishments and see how you overcame them. If something similar or related happens again, won't you already have the experience to handle them? You can also apply what you learned from past experiences to a different field, and things may work for you.

Handle uncertainty with finesse

Thinking about uncertainties can put a toll on your mental health. It is not very productive, as you focus on things that may not happen. All that energy spent can get used for something else, like making preparations and doing something to prevent the things you are afraid of happening. When you prolong negative emotions in your head, you may ruin yourself, so it's better to focus on what you can do now. We shouldn't fear life itself due to all the uncertainties it can bring. It's just how it is, and we should learn how to adapt to it and ensure we don't get stuck at some point in our lives.

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