Why Some People Lack Discipline

discipline personal growth Feb 04, 2022

There are many different things that people need to be successful in life. However, one of the essential traits for success is discipline. Without discipline, achieving goals and staying on track becomes difficult. Unfortunately, some people lack this trait altogether. This blog post will explore why some people lack discipline and offer solutions to improve this aspect of their lives.

The absence of self-discipline in your life

Becoming a self-disciplined person is no easy task. Even the most self-disciplined people will have lapses sometimes when it comes to committing to their goals. However, one can always make a conscious effort to practice self-discipline. We must have enough willpower to discipline ourselves; otherwise, we will only fail in maintaining self-control and discipline. Aside from willpower, it's also essential to identify the reasons behind why it can be so challenging to maintain self-discipline. Once you know them, you can focus on addressing the problems that cause your lack of self-discipline.

1. Pursuit of comfort and laziness

Many people prefer to do things that require the least effort while bringing immediate gratification. Staying in one's comfort zone is more desirable than trying to step out of it, venture into the unfamiliar, and do things that can bring discomfort. Many will equate self-discipline to doing something that takes effort and time, and in our world today, that's a no-go. Instant gratification is preferable, along with the various comforts provided by the latest technologies. So you have to realize that if you want to start moving forward and work on goals that matter, you have to overcome your laziness and step out of your boundaries.

2. Temptations and distractions

Things that can tempt us along with distractions are everywhere around us. Ads pop up everywhere on the websites we visit on our computers and cellphones, as well as the standard billboards and commercials. It's like there is always something to tempt you to go astray from what you should be doing. For example, if you have a goal to limit your spending, how can you efficiently do it when ads everywhere show the latest items on sale, begging you to buy them? And then, there's also the presence of distractions, things that detract us from doing something urgent and essential. Cellphones, social media, and TV are some examples. If self-discipline feels difficult to practice, you can try lessening the amount of time you spend with distractions and learn to control yourself from being enticed by ads that cater to pleasures.

3. Lack of a clear goal or vision in life

When you don't have a clear goal or vision in life, it becomes easy to laze off in one's life and not do any action to take control and improve your life. Having a clear goal and vision gives us purpose on what we should do, and you gain a reason why you have to do something. So if you find yourself lacking discipline, maybe it's because you don't have anything worth striving for in your life.

4. Having an unhealthy body and mind

It's more challenging to push yourself to work hard when you feel weak in body and mind. Sleep deprivation and bad habits like drinking alcohol, smoking, eating junk food, and not doing enough exercise can deteriorate your body. When your body feels weak, you feel lazy and drained, so you become less incredibly efficient in doing tasks and don't feel like doing much.

A weak state of mind also contributes to why you lack self-discipline. Not having enough willpower and motivation can drop your discipline. Engaging in negative emotions too much and pessimism can make your self-confidence falter and result in a lack of ambition. Spending most of your time regretting the past or worrying about the future can make you procrastinate due to overthinking idealized situations instead of working to make them a reality.

Developing a healthy body and mind takes time. First, you must recognize the state of your physical and mental health and take steps to create healthy habits. Only then will you gain self-discipline if you have enough energy to do everyday things in your life.

5. Nonexistent plans and routines

The nonexistence of goals isn't the only thing preventing you from having solid self-discipline. The lack of a plan for going through life and what to do can also make things worse for your discipline. It's also tough to muster self-discipline when you don't have a routine for when and what to do things and utilize the most efficient way to accomplish something. Establishing healthy routines and creating plans for what you want to do in the future can significantly help boost your self-discipline as it becomes clearer what you should do in life.

Being self-disciplined in life is worth it.

Engaging in self-discipline means doing tedious and challenging things to some people, which takes the joy out of things. However, some people don't realize that you can have greater happiness and satisfaction once you hit your long-term goals, and discipline is needed to push yourself to work for a long time. Sure, instant pleasures are easier to attain, but they can only last for a short time before we start seeking something else again. The genuinely life-changing things that can bring the most significant positive impact to our lives come after accomplishing long-term goals. Self-disciplined people know about this, so even if others see them as a killjoy or boring, it's okay since they can acquire something more remarkable at the end of their efforts. One's self-discipline is an important skill that will help anybody get what they want in life and overcome any obstacles and fear that get in the way.


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