How 30 Minutes of Personal Development a Day Can Change Your Life

personal growth Nov 04, 2021

Do you want to live a more fulfilled life? Work better, be more productive, and have less stress in your day-to-day life? The answer is simple: spend 30 minutes per day on personal development. This task might seem like an impossible goal with all of the demands on our time these days, but it's easier than you think. You can start making this commitment and reap the benefits of an improved and better life.

A half-hour for self-improvement

Thirty minutes might not seem like a very long time, but allocating this short amount of time for personal development at the beginning of each day can be a powerful practice to incorporate into your daily life. Positively starting your day can go a long way in building up your momentum for the rest of the day. When this short positive reinforcement becomes a habit, it will eventually play a part in achieving your big goals in life, and you don't have to do anything too complex. There are many things you can try doing in 30 minutes to help jumpstart your day.

1. Read or listen to something positive

Reading a motivational blog or listening to a podcast about positivity and energy, like MorningCoach, is one way of making your morning routine more exciting. By reading or listening to something inspirational right at the start of your day, the positivity will spill over for the rest of your day. In addition, the positivity and energy will allow you to tackle any new challenge you might encounter and put you in a better mindset to do things for the day ahead.

2. Learn a new skill or idea

Allocating a short amount of time each day to learn some new skills is an excellent technique to reinforce your life further and make you a well-rounded person. Of course, don't expect to learn something immediately, like learning a new language or forming a new habit. However, by studying bits and pieces of what you are trying to learn every day, you will eventually gain mastery of the skill you are learning and use the new skill as part of your repertoire for tackling life's challenges.

3. Set your goals

Writing and setting your goals early in the day can improve your life by knowing what you must focus on doing each day. When you write your goals, focus on the small things that you can accomplish each day. Then, you can set a different time to plan your big, long-term goals. The small goals that you set each day are the ones that will eventually accumulate to form part of your bigger goals.

4. Reflect on your life

Reflecting on your life early in the morning might sound unproductive, but this activity lets you get a better hold of yourself by figuring what you want out of life and what you want to do. Review what you did the previous day. Envision how your best self will look like in the future. In what state would you like to see yourself in the coming years? What are the things you are most passionate about? Asking yourself questions can give you some ideas on where you want to take your life and might inspire you to do something different from what you usually do.

5. Exercise

Doing some exercise first thing in the morning is one of your habits for personal development. Moving your body and doing some physical activities gives you more energy, and you feel alive throughout the day. Your muscles would also remain active, preventing muscle atrophy from too much sitting all day in the office or on public transport. You don't even need to do some rigorous form of exercise. A short walk outside in nature can suffice for some physical activity.

6. Write a journal

Journaling can help you write your thoughts and emotions and see how you react to what happens around you every day. Writing a journal acts as a form of release for your mind. The notes that you make can also help you realize some things you might not otherwise remember as days go by. You can also write something that you are grateful for having and what other wishes or dreams you might have.

7. Talk to somebody

Reading or watching the news, or checking social media, early in the morning can expose you to some damaging information that can affect your mood and spiral down for the rest of the day. Instead, talk to someone close to you, like an old friend, family member, or trusted co-worker, and discuss some positive things together. It can even be as simple as checking up on them and asking if they are all right. It's the good vibes that you want to hear so you can be more inspired to move on for the rest of the day.

8. Devote some "me" time

What better way to begin your day than by doing something you love right when you wake up. If you have a hobby or passion, you don't need to wait until the day is almost over to do them. Instead, wake up earlier than usual and begin spending time doing the things you love. The 30 minutes that you spend doing your passion can make a difference in your overall outlook for the entire day.

Your growth matters

Most people would probably rush in the morning preparing things before going to their work and spending the rest of the day working and feeling tired once they're at home. One thing that can cause us to feel more tired is that our minds are not in a proper condition, so we think more negative thoughts and have difficulty focusing on what we do. Doing a simple act of personal development at the start of your day every day can transform your life. You feel more happiness in your life and are looking forward more to a better future. And of course, once the day ends, you should also get a good amount of sleep to improve your well-being and overall health. If you feel good every day, it becomes easier to achieve success, have more self-confidence, and fulfill your long-term goals.

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