Practicing Humility

humility personal growth Sep 02, 2022

One of the most important traits you can possess in your personal and professional life is humility. Humility teaches you to respect others and know your place in the world and allows you to be open-minded and learn from your mistakes. When it comes to business, humility is a crucial ingredient for success. This blog post will discuss the importance of humility and how to practice it in your everyday life.

Learn to be humble

Humility is one of the greatest virtues you can possess as a human. It is a virtue that refers to being humble and modest, not exaggerating your accomplishments and capabilities, and recognizing your place and worth in a world that is bigger than you. In Christianity, humility is one of the seven virtues and directly opposes pride, which is often considered the worst of the seven deadly sins. There is a good reason why humility can be a highly sought virtue as it is easy to fall into the trap of prioritizing and liking yourself too much at the expense of others. It can be seen in how the world works today regarding how social media and the Internet emphasize the need to value oneself.

Practicing humility requires you to humble yourself and not think of others as people below you in status and capabilities. One may misinterpret humility as putting yourself down and belittling your skills and knowledge, but it's not about that. Instead, humility is about recognizing your worth and place in society alongside others and not inflating them for more than what they are. In addition, it means working with others and not thinking only about yourself all the time. It's about accepting who you are, what you can do, and how these things affect the bigger picture.

It can be challenging to practice humility as it's easy to let our ego override our thinking and go boasting about ourselves. One should practice mindfulness to become more aware of your actions and thoughts, and from there, you can make an effort to try the following practices to help you become a humble person.

1. Accept the fact that there is always someone better than you

Life can be very competitive. It's good to excel at something, which means we can do well and use that talent to help ourselves and others. However, sometimes, we can go overboard, and we like to think we are the best at something. So you may get conscious when somebody is better at your expertise which can lead to a competition where your goal is to outsmart somebody else instead of bettering yourself. The truth is that there will always be someone better than you, and even if you are indeed the current best at your field, somebody else might beat your record someday. So it's better to think of what you can do with your talent and how you can be of service to others using your expertise. Not every person can be the best at something, but all of us will fill a niche that can assist others without being the best.

2. Don't brag too much

Bragging happens when we exaggerate our achievements, show off our possessions, and emphasize them too much. It can be in the form of talking about yourself and your accomplishments, even if the conversation is not about them. You may also do or buy something to show off if you like to brag.

To be humble means to lessen or remove instances of bragging in your life. When you brag, it can be an indication of insecurity and lack of validation from others. However, if you have good self-esteem and belief in your abilities, people will automatically notice them without the need to brag. Therefore, it's better to focus on doing what you can and what matters to you and not do things for bragging or showing off.

3. Admit your mistakes

Truly humble people know how to admit their mistakes when they occur. They also know how to say sorry when they hurt someone or do something wrong. These things make a person humble. It shows that they are not above others and respect somebody else on equal footing. Nobody is perfect, and mistakes and failures will happen. We must accept this fact and be ready to apologize when the situation calls for it, especially when we know we are at fault.

4. Ask for help from others

Some things in life can be challenging to accomplish by yourself and require a helping hand from others. However, for some people, asking for help from others seem like a difficult task. One reason that makes it hard to ask for help is pride. One may think they can handle everything, but the truth is that some jobs require teamwork and support from others. A humble mindset knows when to need help and ask for it. There is only so much that one person can do.

5. Appreciate and give credit to others

People need appreciation. Appreciation increases your self-worth, makes you think and feel that your actions are worth it, and creates a sense of belonging. It's normal to feel happy when praised. And when we are talking about appreciation, it's something that is not only limited to yourself. Part of humility is the ability to appreciate others. You give credit where it's due. Our jobs might not go well if it weren't for somebody else's efforts. For all you know, somebody from another corner of the world may be directly or indirectly responsible for whatever you have or doing right now. So, praise people who may be playing a part in getting you where you are right now. They will appreciate it and be happy to know they are doing something worthwhile for others.

6. Practice gratitude

Being grateful for what you have is another sign of humility. It shows that you appreciate what you have right now and know how to be content in life. You don't take for granted the value of the things around you, including the people supporting you. Gratitude lessens greed and the desire to keep on acquiring more possessions or achieving an even higher state than your present situation. You learn to be happy with what you have while keeping in mind your limits and not going more than what you have.

7. Do acts of kindness

Various acts of kindness can help you become more humble. They allow you to see the worth of others and what they are going through compared to you. You may realize that you may be more fortunate than you think and be thankful for what you have. Acts of kindness include volunteering, donating, giving your time to assist someone, or simply not doing anything that can hurt others.

8. Respect others

No one should put themselves above others and think they are free to do what they want just because they are entitled. We are all people, and each has the right to be respected and treated fairly. However, some people who earn authoritative positions, such as becoming the boss of an organization or an official who can enforce rules, can abuse their power and treat others below them. Even if one gains a higher standing in society, one should not use it for mistreating others. Humility requires that you don't let positions of power or labels get into you and feel entitled for possessing such a status. Respect is essential, and it can be shown by treating others fairly.

Life becomes better when you practice humility.

Humility is essential because it can improve your life by creating a greater awareness of yourself to the world around you. You will get into fewer conflicts because you know how to consider others' welfare and back down from pointless arguments and fights that you know are not worth it. You also learn more as you know how to listen to others and receive help from someone when you don't know how to do something. Humility lessens the focus only on yourself and widens your significance to include others in your life. One who practices humility will benefit from having excellent overall well-being and forming meaningful relationships with people because you don't treat them as somebody else but as individuals that play a role in who you are and what you can do in this world.

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