Knowing Who You Are

knowing who you are personal growth Jul 20, 2022

When it comes to personal growth, one of the most important things you can do is get to know yourself. It may seem like a daunting task, but it's something that one can accomplish through self-reflection and exploration. Knowing who you are will better equip you to set goals and find fulfillment in your life. This blog post will discuss some tips for getting to know yourself better.

How well do you know yourself?

Suppose somebody asks you the question, "Who are you?" Can you give a proper answer to it? If yes, then that means you have a good sense of self-identity. If not, then you may need to work on knowing yourself better. So why work on understanding yourself then?

Having good self-knowledge is essential. You can feel happier and more fulfilled knowing you are doing things because you want them and not because someone dictated or forced you to do them. You won't feel confused when people say something about you that contradicts your true self because you know who you are. Decision-making and goal-setting also become more manageable when you know what to pursue according to your beliefs and values. There's less peer pressure, and life feels more pleasant when you are in control of your life.

Only you can determine who you indeed are. You will undoubtedly hear people say something that describes who you are based on your actions and thoughts, but people's ideas about you can differ. Furthermore, it can conflict with your true identity, so it is vital to have a strong sense of yourself without relying too much on external validation. Several methods can help you gain a better self-understanding.

1. Have time for self-discovery

The first step to knowing yourself better is to spend time meditating and concentrating on your thoughts without any distractions. Then, during rest days or downtime periods, go into your room or find a spot free from disturbances to have some quiet moments for yourself. It is vital to be in the present moment, free up your mind of future worries or past regrets, and concentrate on yourself. Then, without the rush of daily life bothering you and having a clear sense, you can start analyzing yourself to figure out who you are based on what you do and think about things in life.

2. What do you value in life?

While on your journey toward discovering yourself, look back at the things you have accomplished in life. Think about the reason why you did them in the first place. Did somebody tell you to do them, or was it something you did because it follows what you value in life? Values are important because they are the primary reason you will do something even against all odds. For example, suppose honesty is an essential value to you. In that case, you will refuse to cheat your way to success in the workplace even if others resort to bribery or cuddles to their superiors to gain favors. Values play a part in shaping your goals and give meaning and direction to your life.

3. What makes you happy?

Another thing that can help you search for your identity is the things that make you happy. Like values, they can also serve as a reason why you want to do certain things in life, such as where to spend your money. Various things give a different value to each person, so don't think that just because somebody is happy by doing or possessing something, you will be satisfied also. You may imitate what others do and see if you can derive happiness and fulfillment from them. If it doesn't, you may need to search for what can give you the desired satisfaction. Look at your hobbies and passions and the people around you, and check which of them gives you that feeling of a pounding heart and makes you smile genuinely.

4. Where do you excel in life?

Every person has their strengths. If you're having trouble figuring out who you are, look at your accomplishments where you gained excellent remarks. These achievements can indicate where your strengths lie, and pursuing goals or a career that uses your strengths can bring great fulfillment because you can do them easily due to your expertise and feel motivated doing them. Your strengths are part of what makes you unique. Identifying them will help you realize who you are instead of comparing what you lack to what others are good at doing.

5. What do people say consistently about you?

Sometimes, other people know us better than ourselves. So it won't hurt to listen to what other people say about us. But, first, note what they say consistently about you, then check if you are what they say. If what people say matches what you do and think, and you did something out of your free will, it's a trait that is part of your identity. But, on the other hand, if people's impressions are different from what you do and think, and you know you are doing the right thing according to your values and interests, then people must have a wrong impression of you. So it's essential to gauge and check whether what people say falls in line with what you know about yourself. If you have a weak sense of self-identity, you may easily get swayed by people's opinions. But, on the other hand, people's views will become like a measuring stick if you know yourself well.

6. What do you want to do in life?

Your goals and dreams are good indicators of your identity. When you look at your goals and vision in life, reflect on why you set them in the first place. Is it because they fall within your core values, or maybe somebody inspired you to make them, or you are just mimicking what other people do? If your reason for your goals is that they are things you have dreamt of as a child or something you wanted for yourself because you like to do and accomplish them and are motivated to do so, then you already have a good idea of yourself. Your preferences in life and the things you want to do because they give you joy can reflect your identity as long as you want to do them wholeheartedly.

Knowing yourself can make you feel happy and fulfilled.

Our identity can get influenced by many things around us. When we are still young, we absorb many ideas, ranging from the people we interact with, the media we consume, the teachings imparted to us, to the activities we choose to engage in, etc. This tradition continues into adulthood, and our beliefs and values may change over time.

Taking a moment to ask ourselves who we are is not only a one-time process. We must do it sometimes, especially when we feel like we are doing something against our interests, yet we continue doing it. We mustn't lose sight of ourselves as our self-identity can play a role in career success and making decisions that can affect the bigger picture of our lives. Our awareness of ourselves helps us make a stand and resist social pressure and do what we know is right and according to our feelings. Fulfillment and happiness await those who discover who they are and live life according to this realization.

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