How to Get Over One of Those Days

emotions personal growth positivity Nov 09, 2021

It's not uncommon to feel like you're having one of those days. You know, the kind where everything goes wrong, and you can't help but get irritated by it all. Of course, it happens to everyone at some point, but that doesn't mean that there aren't ways to make your day better. This blog post will discuss how to deal with these days not to affect your mood too much.

I'm in a bad mood right now.

When we say it's one of those days, it's that day when many things around you go wrong. For example, you wake up in the morning and find out you're already late going to work. So you rush eating and break a plate while washing the dishes, followed by getting caught in heavy traffic along the way. Then, you pull out your cellphone and find that it's low on battery, and you forgot to bring a charger. Upon coming to the office, of course, you are late, and a reprimand welcomes you by your boss. All these happened before you even started your work. What else could go wrong? One of those days is a bad day.

We all experience the time when one of those days happens. It's normal to feel irritated and angry when such a day occurs. However, your anger can carry across the whole day and might even spill over and affect what you will do over the following days. You can't stay in a bad mood all the time, and you can do some things to manage your emotions better and move forward.

1. Have a Kit Kat

If you are familiar with the chocolate crisp bar Kit Kat, you will recognize its slogan, "Have a break ... have a Kit Kat." So if you are having a bad day, have a Kit Kat. What we mean by that is you need to take a break. The idea is to get away from your current situation that's throwing off your mind. If you are tired of feeling low, do something that can help align your mood in a positive direction. If you can, go out in nature and get some fresh air, take a walk, or do some exercise. Then, eat something you like, such as a chocolate bar or a snack. Read something nice or play a little bit with your cellphone. You have to liven up your mood so you can be in a better position to solve whatever's ruining your day.

2. Get to the root of the problem

While taking a break, you can also use this time to analyze your situation and identify the real cause of your problems. It may be something that exploded due to neglecting to do something in the past few days. Alternatively, your problems might be pure accidents, and you don't control them from happening. It can also be you that is the problem; maybe you're reacting too much instead of focusing on what you can do. Recognizing what's causing the mishaps will allow you to see which things you can solve and accept those beyond your control.

3. Talk to someone

A helpful way to give yourself more joy over your sad day is to release your pent-up emotions. You can do some form of release by talking to someone you trust and close to you, like your best friend or trusted buddy. Talk about what's happening with you and what are your current feelings. Ask for some advice or support. Your trusted colleague can give you a different perspective on your situation. Remember not to unload too much on your friend and make them an emotional punching bag or sponge that will absorb your negativity. Also, try to talk to someone who supports and can encourage you, not with someone who will drain your energy and add even more negativity to your mood.

4. Focus on what you can do and control

Often, the bad days that happen to us can result from things not happening as we expected. Who doesn't want a good day from happening, right? Unfortunately, we have to accept the fact that not every day will be fine and dandy. A hard time will eventually come. What's important is to learn how to get back up to our momentum when we feel frustrated. You can't control everything around you, so focus on what you can manage and take action from there. If you keep reacting to things, learn to manage your brain and pay attention instead of responding when bad things happen.

It's just a bad day

When we know how to manage ourselves better during unpleasant days, we become less prone to becoming angry suddenly. As a result, we can control our anxiety and become less likely to fall into a state of depression. It's fantastic if we can adopt a state of mind where we can laugh off bad days and say to ourselves, "Oh! It's just another one of those days!" So you feel sad for a moment but eventually start working again to move on with the day. Happiness lies within our minds, and it's up to us whether we want to activate it or not, depending on our current situation. So think differently, take a breath, do some little things and simple steps, and make progress until the problems dwindle.

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