How to Stop Procrastinating

commitment personal growth procrastination productivity Feb 03, 2022

Do you ever feel like you're just not good enough? Like, you can't achieve your goals because you're always putting them off until tomorrow? If so, then you are not alone. Procrastination is one of the biggest problems people face when achieving their goals. This blog post will discuss tips on stopping procrastination, allowing you to be more successful in achieving your goals in life.

Overcoming procrastination in your life

Procrastination is something that happens to all of us. People procrastinate from time to time due to various reasons. Reasons can include the task being boring, having very high expectations regarding outcomes, mood states being in low state, lack of planning and structure for doing things, poor health, etc. Whatever the reason, beating procrastination is crucial before it becomes a bad habit.

It's normal to procrastinate sometimes, but it becomes a more significant issue when talking about chronic procrastination. A chronic procrastinator will procrastinate every time he needs to do something. There could be deeper issues why someone has chronic procrastination. The presence of behavioral problems, such as perfectionism, fear of failure, laziness, and sabotaging one's efforts, can contribute to procrastination. Lack of motivation, willpower and commitment can also contribute as factors. Having unreasonable goals and expectations that might be too high for a person to reach can also make someone procrastinate instead of working hard. It's vital to address any procrastination behavior one might have, especially if it's chronic. Fortunately, there are some ways a person can beat procrastination, and it's better if you can ask somebody to help if you find it challenging to stop procrastinating.

1. Learn energy management

Time is not the only finite source that you must manage in your life. There's also your energy. Unfortunately, each of us has our limits regarding our energy levels. Your energy will eventually drain over time, no matter how healthy and disciplined you are. Learning to utilize your peak points when you have the most energy is the key to making yourself productive and avoiding procrastination. Do the most demanding and hardest tasks during your peak points. Don't do these types of tasks when you're feeling drained, as you are more likely to procrastinate. To maintain momentum, it's also essential to take breaks whenever you feel tired, then resume working once you have recovered. Learning when to do things by your energy levels can help you overcome procrastination.

2. Make your lifestyle healthier

Having good health is something that can help increase our energy limits. We become prone to procrastinating when our energy is low, so improving our energy limits is an excellent way to prevent procrastination. Get enough sleep every day, eat a healthy diet, take vitamins, exercise regularly, and do away with unhealthy addictions like drinking alcohol or smoking.

3. Break down large tasks into smaller sub-tasks

You can feel overwhelmed when faced with a large task. To avoid procrastination, try breaking it down into several small tasks. A small task can be easier and more manageable to accomplish, so you can feel more motivated to do the job. Focus on doing one segment of a large project, finish it, then move to the next. Eventually, you will accomplish the project as a whole by looking at it as six tasks that you did one by one instead of tackling it as one whole challenging task.

4. Do more manageable tasks when you feel like procrastinating

When you are procrastinating, you are trying to get away from the task at hand by lazing off or doing something else. You can turn this unproductive time into something more productive by doing a less essential or more minor thing that you will do anyway but later. For example, let's say you have to cut your fingernails when you get home. You suddenly feel an urge to procrastinate at the office due to specific reasons, so you want to laze off. You can then use your lazing-off time to cut your fingernails instead. Alternatively, you can use this time to do other things on your to-do list that are less urgent but still needs accomplishing. The idea here is that no time gets wasted, so even procrastination can be productive.

5. Be more organized

You can become more prone to procrastination when everything is a mess, and there's no organization to everything you have to do. Being more organized and systematic in doing things can help you stop procrastinating. It is always good to write all your important tasks in a journal or planner to check what you have to do. Set deadlines to create a sense of urgency to do things. Prioritize which is the most important task to do first. Utilize time management to be more efficient with tasks, and don't forget to set times for breaks.

6. Make your environment more conducive to work

One way of addressing procrastination is making your workspace more conducive to work. Sometimes, you don't feel like working because your desk is full of clutter and disorganized. The presence of distractions like your cellphone, nonwork-related magazines or articles, or packs of candies or food also contributes to your act of procrastination. You can stop procrastinating by tidying up your work desk and making it more clean and inspiring. You also have to learn to self-regulate by controlling urges to indulge in distractions. If you have poor self-control, you can eliminate distractions by putting them away until you finish your work.

7. Make yourself accountable

When there's no one to check your work, you can be more prone to procrastination. So the next time you want to make sure that you will achieve your goal, you can use somebody else as a commitment device to help you. Talk to a friend or coworker who has the same goal as yours, and you can make each other accountable while at the same time making the process more enjoyable. You can also try telling others about your goal, and by telling them, you will focus and work on your goals so you can say something to them when they ask for an update. It's an act of preventing your reputation from falling due to noncommitment. Having a life coach guide you through your goals is another good option.

8. Start doing something

Sometimes, the simplest way to overcome your procrastination problem is to start doing anything to get you started on your work. Are you waiting for the perfect situation to happen or ensuring everything falls into place before starting any work? It's better to start doing something to get you going, even if the initial task is not the correct one. The point is to get you started working rather than wasting your time procrastinating. Usually, the initial step is the hardest when starting anything, but creating a continuous effort will be easier once you take that step.

Overcome procrastination to achieve your goals

Procrastination creates a significant delay in achieving goals. You might take pleasure when you take a break and do unimportant tasks, but you are only hurting yourself in the end. You can get frustrated when you don't achieve your goals, and who's to blame but yourself if you know you keep procrastinating. You have to realize the long-term benefits that you can get from your goals, and you can do that when you complete tasks and learn how to stop procrastinating. There are several ways to stop procrastination, and you can utilize several of them at once to help you overcome any difficult task and get you closer to the fulfillment of your goals.

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