Thrive, Not Just Survive

life personal development thrive Apr 05, 2022

It is easy to get lost in working and making ends meet. It can be hard to remember that we are alive and that there is more to life than just surviving. This blog post will discuss how you can start thriving in your life by finding your purpose and doing something you love.

Life is not just about survival.

For many of us, life feels like a survival game. We do our best to work hard to make ends meet and have little time to pursue goals other than earning money. Some of us might have to forget our passions for the time being, which can be forever, for doing something else to put food on the table consistently. At times, it can feel like life has no meaning. It can be challenging to pursue things other than earning money, especially if one's life circumstances are not that pleasant, such as living in an impoverished state or in a country whose economy is not doing well.

To make life more meaningful, one should try their best to thrive and not just survive. Thriving doesn't have to cost a lot of money, and it's more about developing awareness of your inner desires and pursuing something of higher value in life. You only need to discover what they are and make a conscious effort to work towards them. There are several ways how one can thrive in life.

1. Live according to your purpose

Some people might think that our jobs are the ones that define who we are and serves our purpose in life. However, this is not always true as there are people who do a particular job because it pays well, and that's it. One can feel empty with this kind of thinking. Good for you if your job is also your passion. Most of us who treat a job as a money-making venture should try to find some purpose in life and think of our jobs as a means to fulfill it. Finding one's purpose in life can be challenging, although there are some ways to help you figure it out. Once you do, you should live your life by doing your best to direct all your actions, including doing your job, to achieve your purpose in life. You will feel more happiness and see more meaning in life this way.

2. Constantly improve and develop yourself

Doing the same things repeatedly for a long time can make a living feel like a grind just for survival. Learning new things and developing yourself can make you grow and see that there's more to life than doing work for its sake. Feeling settled with our lives is not entirely wrong, but it can limit your view of the world. Instead, try to learn new things and skills to help you grow and explore other opportunities. Strive to improve yourself every day and see what you can do with your full potential. Take better care of yourself and try to see your strengths and weaknesses, and work on improving them. When you switch to a growth mindset, you can achieve the success that you thought you couldn't before. Achieving things can make life more fulfilling.

3. Overcome fears and limiting beliefs

It's easy to feel comfortable with something familiar. So why bother risking doing something that can jeopardize your way of living? For many people, settling for a stable job for survival and living daily like that is enough. It's pretty understandable considering that not all of us are blessed with enough resources to try something new, which can be risky. However, all of us can improve if only we are willing to overcome some of the things that prevent us from taking action, such as fear and limiting beliefs. Sometimes, only our minds serve as a blockade to unlocking what can bring positive changes to ourselves. Acknowledging our fears and facing them is the first step, then take action towards gradually overcoming them. You might be surprised at what can change your life by trying to do something you haven't done before.

4. Be committed and resolute

If you have already found your purpose or decided to chase after a worthwhile goal, good. The next step is to commit to them to create lasting change and fulfillment in your life. Committing to something can be difficult, primarily if you haven't focused on working hard for something before, but it's doable. Also, you must gather enough motivation and willpower every day if you want to change your life for the better. Working on something you are passionate about is a good start.

5. Do something you like and interests you

You are lucky if your job happens to be also the same thing that you love or are passionate about doing. That probably won't be the case for most of us. We do our jobs to make a living, and our passions will be things that we do on the sidelines as a hobby if we even have time to do them. If you are looking to shake things up and want to treat life as more than just a survival game, you can dedicate more time to doing something that you love. Try setting up a time each day to do your passions. You can also find ways to align your everyday activities to your passion and possibly turn it into a source of living.

To thrive is to feel more fulfilled.

To go beyond surviving only in life and follow a higher purpose is somewhat a privilege. Not everyone can think like this if their circumstances are slightly unfavorable and there are limited opportunities. However, all of us can change and work on something more remarkable if we choose to do so. Changes can take time to happen, so we mustn't rush things and keep our focus on making our visions happen. You should work beyond earning money and realize the most important thing that can happen or you want to attain in your life.

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