Why Do People Spend So Much During Christmas

christmas money Dec 12, 2021

It's the Christmas season, and people are spending more than usual. There are many reasons why this is happening. The holidays can be a financially taxing time, but it doesn't have to be if you know some simple rules for saving money. This post will talk about some of the top reasons people spend more during Christmas.

It's the holiday season again!

It's December already, and we know what that means. It's that time of the year to do holiday shopping, so we spend money to buy holiday gifts for the people around us. We also pay to hold festive celebrations or do some holiday travel while on vacation. Whatever you decide to do, there is a great chance you will be spending on something while the holiday season is ongoing.

Have you ever wondered why most people do such a thing during the holiday season? Sure enough, we make purchases and do some shopping at other times during the year, but people start spending in overdrive mode when the holiday season begins. Several factors play a part in influencing a person to spend during the Christmas season. First, of course, there's nothing wrong with buying gifts, food, and other things during this time as long as you have the money to spend and don't blow your budget. Some people will say that the true spirit of Christmas involves spending time with your family and friends and bonding together, but admit it, you can't help but spend on something during this time of the year, right? As long as your overall holiday spending doesn't blow up your bank account and credit limit, then you're fine. However, if you are the type of person who doesn't have reasonable control of yourself when it comes to spending, we'll help you save money by listing some reasons why people spend more during the holiday season and what you can do about them.

1. Keeping the tradition

Suppose you grew up in a family that celebrates Christmas yearly by exchanging gifts, making holiday purchases, and dining together on delicious food. In that case, chances are you will keep the tradition yearly. As a kid, if you grew up in such an atmosphere, you will most likely do the same as an adult and continue the tradition with your children. So you will always make sure that you can keep up the practice, regardless of whether you have a budget or not.

Sometimes, you have to keep yourself in check and see if it's still worth lavishly celebrating if you have some debt and finances are a bit on the low side. For the sake of keeping up the nostalgia, it might not be worth it to spend more money than you can during the holiday season, only to burden yourself with additional debts at the start of the following year. On the other hand, if you and your family are together during Christmas, that's enough reason to celebrate the holidays. A little dine-in and gift-giving will be fine as long as it's still in your budget.

2. Social pressure

It's hard not to give in to the holiday spirit and start spending when you see everyone around you shopping and displaying their Christmas gifts as well as their extravagant dining experiences or vacations. This phenomenon is even more prevalent nowadays with social media and the Internet. Before, you only had your immediate neighborhood and relatives see what they were doing for Christmas. Today, you can take a peek at what some guy from another part of the world who is entirely unrelated to you is doing for Christmas. You only have to open your social media accounts on your phone or computer. Now, you can feel the pressure even more. It leaves you feeling lacking, and as a result, you can end up purchasing things you don't need. So if you can, resist the urge and buy what you need and want, and don't buy things for the sake of keeping up.

3. Advertisements everywhere

You will know that the holiday season is here just by looking around you. Many things indicate the start of holidays, such as:

  • When you start hearing Christmas remixes of familiar songs playing on the radio or TV shows, especially Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You."
  • Establishments are putting up ads and posters saying, "Merry Christmas!"
  • The colors red and green are starting to become more prominent
  • Twinkling Christmas lights and decorations in various colors are everywhere
  • Businesses and companies are beginning to put up ads and promotions about holiday sales
  • Friends, family, relatives, and peers are beginning to make subtle hints about what they want for Christmas
  • Traffic gets heavier due to the holiday shopping season
  • The weather starts to get colder
  • Your wallet is begging for mercy

Who wouldn't want to get into the Christmas spirit when you have many things around you screaming, "Hey, it's Christmas time!" However, when you know the winter holidays are coming, it's better to plan and manage your finances. Try setting a budget limit for how much you will spend during the holiday season and stick to it. Of course, it's easier said than done, but if you are disciplined enough, you can resist the urge and still celebrate Christmas eve without tearing a hole in your wallet.

4. Holiday sales

If you think about it, a significant portion of the Christmas season is a consumer-driven holiday targeted by businesses. Many businesses know that consumers plan to spend a considerable amount of their money during this season. So what they do is time their sales during the holiday season. As a result, they put out juicy deals and significant bargains during this season, especially Black Friday sales. Some companies even time the release of their new products during the holiday season because they would get more people to buy their product, particularly gadgets. It's very tempting to buy something when it's at a considerable discount, even if it's something you don't need. Before, there were only malls and physical retailers where shopping frenzies could occur. Thanks to giant online retailers like Amazon, you also have online shopping now as an option.

It's up to you how you can control yourself on spending. If you must buy, spend only on things you need and truly want. Try not to buy gifts for everyone but only for the closest ones, especially if you have a tight budget.

5. Expectations

Expectations and pressure from others can drive you to swipe your credit card and damage your bank account. Family members will give hints at what they want for Christmas. Friends will nudge you to go shopping with them. In your company, they will most likely host events like a Christmas party that involves exchanging gifts or a dining out experience everywhere. You can't help but think that you're bound to spend something every time the holiday season happens. Most people would say it only happens once a year, but the amount of spending you can do during this time can put you in the red if you're not careful. You can ride along with your peers but buy what you can afford. Learn to say "no" in a friendly way if something is over your budget, especially if you have financial goals that you want to achieve. The cost of spending the holidays doesn't have to be something that will put you in a worse situation the following year.

Be responsible for holiday spending.

It's easy to get lost in holiday spending once the season goes in full swing. Of course, nothing is wrong with spending during the Christmas season, but you must do it within a certain threshold of how much you can afford. Don't force yourself to buy expensive gifts if you can't. It's better to buy a cheaper gift that's well-thought-out and is meaningful to the person you will be giving it to during the actual holidays. A little dine-in in your house can work. Take some rest from work during the holidays and spend quality time with your family. These little things can do wonders for you during the Christmas season, and your wallet will be happier too.


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