August Compass 

August Main Topics



Book Study

2023 - Embrace the Chaos - Bob Milani - Link: Reading Schedule

2022 Book Study - Living Untethered 


Daily CoachCast
GIDN - Journal 
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Standard Week Set-Up

Monday: Organization & Structure
Tuesday: Book Study or Personal Development
Wednesday: Metaphysics & Business
Thursday: Ask JB
Friday: Overcoming Fear & Resistance or Prosperity
Saturday: Systems & Teams (Moving Day)
Sunday: Empowerment or Spirituality (Winning Day)

Weekly Topics

Week 1: Focus On Positivity And Optimism
Week 2: What Is True Happiness?
Week 3: How To Get What You Want - Being More Assertive
Week 4: Building Self-Confidence
Week 5: Understanding External Validation

Medical Health Care professionals

Get It Done - NOW! PDCA DO  Month

Stay focused on your plan this month; we keep working on your Sacred 6 and the daily tasks at hand. Keep checking boxes.

ILD Topics This Month

Freedom & Business

This month we will be discussing how to add more lifestyle to your business.

Relevant Links & Other Content

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Celebrate Your Small Successes 
Keeping Your Word 
Important Values to Have in Life
How to Build Self-esteem
The Power of Appreciation
How to Be More Independent
Making the Right Decision
Focus on the Good Instead of the Bad
Is It Okay Not to Be Too Competitive?
Gaining the Respect of Others 
Add More Positivity into Your Life
See the Good Side of Things
How to Be More Assertive
Is Happiness the Ultimate Goal in Life?
Putting Yourself Out There
What a Smile Can Do for You
How to Have a Good Sense of Humor 
Making Yourself Look and Feel Good
Developing Resilience 
Starting Your Day Right
Checking for the Truth of Things
Take Opportunities While They Are There
How to Convince Others Effectively
The Benefits of Taking Risks
What Things to Hold on to
Uplifting Your Mood 
Eliminating Negative Self-talk
Reasons to Do Something
Controlling Our Inner Demons
The Benefits of Being Open-Minded
Different Coping Strategies when Dealing with Problems
What Can Make Someone Look Arrogant?
What Makes Someone an Extrovert?
Worthy Experiences to Have in Life