If You Knew Who Walked Beside You

fear personal growth positivity spirituality Nov 17, 2021

You know that feeling when you walk alone in the dark, and you start to feel frightened? That fear is not only present when we are by ourselves. You can also feel it in moments of uncertainty at work or home. But what if there was someone beside us who could support our endeavors? What if we knew that they were with us every step of the way, even when things get tough? We would overcome any fear.

Did I really do that?

Sometimes, when you achieve success in life, does it occur that you did everything yourself? But, then, you ask yourself, "Did I really do that?" For all we know, we might have received some guidance from someone. It could be God, a friend, or a family member that's supporting you from behind the scenes. But, for some of us, we think we are walking alone in our journey through life. So, whenever something difficult happens in our lives, we believe we should stand up and muster all our courage and skill to overcome our problems. However, not everyone has bucket loads of courage to overcome the darkness in their lives. The idea of knowing someone who is walking beside you then plays a part for people who experience fear or doubt with what they are doing in life.

The reality is you are not alone.

In the book "A Course in Miracles," there is a quote there that says, "If you knew who walks beside you on the path you have chosen, fear would be impossible." Wayne Dyer also cites this quote. The quote has spiritual significance in that God walks with us to guide us in what we do in life along with the Holy Spirit. God acts like an invisible force helping us achieve the good things no matter how oblivious we are to the one that's guiding us.

The quote still applies outside of the religious context to the people around us. Let's use the example of someone who doesn't have any friends or close family members. Someone in a situation like this will think that it's all up to them to carry themselves if they want to move forward in life. But the truth is that many other people play a hand in helping you get through life. In the past, the direct and indirect involvement of people you mingled with influenced where you are in the present. Even in the present, there are still people who provide support in many ways, such as:

  • The salesperson who tends to your needs whenever you buy at any store
  • The driver of the public vehicle you use to get to places
  • The person who takes out your garbage
  • Your workmates
  • Your online buddies
  • Service personnel that you call whenever something needs repairs
  • Your pet if you have one (okay, a pet is an animal, but I think they still deserve mention)

There are many examples of other people who could indirectly play a part in your well-being. If we take a moment and realize that we are connected this way, we would be less afraid to tackle things in life. Knowing that someone is there to help you gives assurance that you would be more successful with whatever path you choose to take in life. Spirituality can provide us with faith that everything can work out in the end, but we also have to recognize that our brother's hand also gives us the courage to do things in life.

Stand by me

The lyrics of the song "Stand by Me" encapsulate what we are talking about in this article. If you knew who walked beside you, we would feel less terribly afraid whenever we have to do something, especially if it's new or has a grand scale. It's a normal human condition to experience fear of the unknown. What could bring more certainty and peace of mind is if somebody is walking with us. Look around you and find somebody who is bringing miracles to your life.

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