Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

comfort zone personal growth Dec 29, 2021

If you want to grow, if you're going to realize your full potential, then you need to step outside of your comfort zone. Growth lies outside of our comfort zone, and it's when we step outside that we can begin work on achieving the goals and dreams that drive us. This post will talk about how we can get out of our comfort zones and benefit from doing so.

Why are we afraid to get out of our comfort zones?

When we talk about comfort zone, we talk about that area that provides peace, comfort, and stability to our lives. It's that invisible field where we feel safe and comfortable doing familiar things while reaping the benefits from doing them. Of course, nothing is wrong with staying within our comfort zone. However, there is the danger of being stagnant if we spend our entire life doing only the things we are comfortable doing. We can feel stuck, leading to feelings of boredom or inadequacy. The things that bring a change in your life and allow you to reach your full potential lies outside your comfort zone, the so-called growth zone.

Change begins once you decide to leave your comfort zone. The growth zone is where you can start aspiring for your dreams, make new goals, and find a higher purpose in life. However, the main problem lies with taking the first step in leaving your comfort zone. There are several reasons why we feel uncomfortable leaving our comfort zone.

Complacency - If it isn't broken, don't fix it. Sounds true, right? Why would you bother leaving your comfort zone if you are okay with your current skills, your job is paying you well, you can do what you want, and mostly everything is doing fine in your life. It's essential to have a growth mindset to move out of your comfort zone. Otherwise, a fixed mindset will only make you retreat to your safe environment.

Procrastination - Sometimes, even in your comfort zone, you feel like there's something more you can do, so you decide to break free out of your shell. On second thought, you feel like getting lazy and not taking any action to step out. Making that first single step is crucial, and the act of procrastinating can deter you from moving out of your comfort zone.

Fear - There are many things to be afraid of in life if you let them get to you. There is fear of change, failure, and the future. Uncertainty is the common theme with these three, and all of them are also constant and inevitable. When you decide to worry about the uncertainty, fear will strangle you and prevent you from moving.

It's you who will decide your personal growth.

No matter how other people might advise you to change your life, it's you who will ultimately decide whether you will make a move or not. The daily routine can make you feel comfortable and thus pull you into your comfort zone. However, the willingness to step forward must be present before starting your journey towards personal and professional growth.

The benefits of leaving your comfort zone are worth it. You can start aiming and attaining higher realms of fulfillment than material things might not give, such as reaching your full potential, having feelings of pride in your accomplishments, a sense of belonging with others, among others that involve mental growth. Once you start to reach the growth zone, you begin to instill in your mind the desire to grow, so you will often be looking for areas in your life where you can grow. You also become more resilient to whatever challenges the world will throw at you, and taking risks is something you are more comfortable doing.

The following are some of the ways you can try doing to step out of your comfort zone.

1. Start with something small

When you decide it's time to move out of your comfort zone, it can be overwhelming to take significant strides to reach your growth zone immediately. So start with baby steps first. The goal is to gradually expand your comfort zone until it reaches the point where things that were previously uncomfortable to you now become the norm, and you no longer feel awkward doing them. So take small actions first and gradually increase their size and scope over time.

2. Set a goal

Why bother moving out of your comfort zone when you don't have anything you want to achieve in the future. Setting a goal acts as a driver to lead you out of your comfort zone. How can you attain what you want in the future if you don't learn new skills, take a new route, or immerse yourself in a new environment? So if you want some change in your life, try setting a goal to help you move forward.

3. Try new things

Doing things every day in the same way and process can be dull. So why not try spicing up your real-life a bit and do things differently. Maybe it's time to learn a new language or start a new project. Things that you were holding off doing for the longest time can be the ones that will prompt you to make a change in your life.

4. Diversify your beliefs and viewpoints in life

It's easy to stick with the ideas we have grown up with and continue practicing them as we reach adulthood. However, opening your mind to alternative beliefs and views can challenge what you believe is right. What you thought was fine might be improved by utilizing a different belief system. Open-mindedness will allow you to try out other things and be more willing to accept ideas from other people.

5. Treat failures as learning experiences

If you have a fear of failure, chances are you won't take many risks in making big decisions in your life, even if they can be life-changing to you in a positive way. You are afraid that you might fail, so it's better not to do things. This kind of mindset won't help if you want to grow and change. Instead, it's better to reframe failures as learning experiences. Failing doesn't mean it's the end of you. As long as you are still alive and have the resources, skills, and knowledge to continue, there's always room for a second chance.

6. Think of the positive things

When you decide to focus on everything that can go wrong in the future, you are losing out on what you can achieve and gain. Instead of catastrophizing, think about all the good things that can happen to you in the future. While on the journey to attain personal growth, celebrate your successes and hang out with good friends and successful people who can help and support you in your endeavors. Don't overthink and take yourself too seriously and remember to have fun while learning new things on your way to success.

7. Reframe your mind

The journey of a thousand miles begins with you. Nothing will change until you start to walk the path of change. You must be willing to break out of your comfort zone and gain the confidence to conquer fear to become the ideal person you want to be. Often, the small step you make initially is all that's needed to start gaining the momentum to keep going on. If you're going to change, you will always have the drive to leave your comfort zone and do your best to face whatever fears and risks come your way.

Reach out into the growth zone

The idea of moving out of your comfort zone can be scary. Most of us will prefer to stay within an environment that's within our control and one that provides safety and security. Venturing into the unknown takes courage, but the risk can be worth it. Life begins to be more interesting once you expand your horizons and be more willing to accept change into your life. Your ability to grow is not fixed; you can do many things to change and grow to reach your full potential and do what you are capable of doing.


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