What Can Make Someone Look Arrogant?

arrogance behavior difficult people Apr 21, 2023

Have you ever been described as arrogant by someone in your life, or does someone look arrogant? While it's essential to be confident and to take pride in our accomplishments, certain behaviors can make us seem cocky or overly self-important to others. Therefore, it's a good idea to be aware of the actions that might make someone look arrogant but also know how to avoid such behavior.

There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance.

Having a good amount of self-confidence is essential, as this will help us make more decisions that can be risky but can be rewarding and aid our personal growth. For example, we can push to do more things and be less hesitant in avoiding activities when we are confident. We can also interact with people and express ourselves better if we believe enough in ourselves that we can do it.

When confidence becomes excessive, this is when one can turn into an arrogant person. Arrogance is confidence blown out of proportion, leading one to have a distorted sense of self compared to others. It can lead to someone else exaggerating their accomplishments or even making up lies to gain the attention of others. There is almost always a need for arrogant people to compare themselves with others to ensure they stay superior to everybody else. It can be easy to inflate your self-esteem and gain arrogant behavior, especially once humility fades and you start looking at others differently.

Various actions and signs show somebody is arrogant, and it would do us well to treat someone with such a personality with caution, as it can be challenging to deal with arrogant people. They may not change their behavior easily, but perhaps we can do it if we know how to deal with their various shenanigans.

1. Your body language says it

We may not notice it, but some of our gestures and body movements may make people think we are arrogant even though we are not, although some people are. This article shows examples of body language that make someone look arrogant. Some examples are crossing your arms while standing or sitting, not making eye contact while speaking with others, doing something else while talking with others, and staring at others as if looking down at them. Therefore, if you are not an arrogant person, you will want to avoid making these gestures, and if you spot someone doing these, you may have an idea of what type of person you are about to deal with, but of course, don't make quick judgments until you get to know them better.

2. The spotlight should be on them

Arrogant people often want others' attention on them, so don't be surprised to see them doing things that may be out of place to garner attention or doing something that doesn't care how it will affect others. This can include buying expensive things to show off, participating in any activity, and ensuring everybody's attention is on you. During conversations, you will notice them directing the focus and subject of the discussion to them, such as mentioning their achievements that may have nothing to do with the current topic.

3. It's difficult to argue with arrogant people

Being closed-minded is a trait closely associated with arrogance. It is challenging to prove arrogant people that they are wrong, as they will often or always consider themselves right. It is difficult to persuade them to have different opinions or change their mind about something. Sometimes, you may leave them out of a conversation, especially a debate, if they insist on their ideas and perspectives while constantly interrupting or rejecting others' views.

4. They have no respect or consideration for others

Coupled with their tendency to think their way is correct, you may also notice arrogant people violating rules or cheating others to gain the upper hand. They most likely won't care about others, so you may see them cutting in front of others in a line or doing unruly behaviors that can damage others' property and think, "I don't care." They may have no problems manipulating others to do their bidding or pull down others for their own sake. To arrogant people, everybody else can be a competition toward something they want to attain.

5. They are quick to point fingers

Since arrogant people care very little about others, they also have no problems pointing fingers when something goes wrong and are involved in it. They like to play the blame game and place the burden on others, even if they are the ones directly at fault for causing a mishap. Big egos can come with being arrogant, so expect them not to admit their wrongdoing over an error or failure. Pointing out they are wrong is a big no to them, as it damages their egos, and they consider it an attack on themselves. So they pass the fault on to others to protect themselves, and they may even lie to cover the truth. No wonder it is troublesome to work with such people in team projects and endeavors, as they may most likely not know how to take responsibility for their actions when things go south.

6. Exaggerated stories and achievements

During conversations, you may notice someone can be arrogant by how they talk. You will often hear them uttering first-person pronouns to direct the focus on them, and you may find it hard to believe some of their stories since they sound fabricated and exaggerated. You may find yourself laughing silently inside when you hear them say they did this and that or have something that they don't have, and you personally know they are not capable of doing or having such things. To avoid shaming them, you can perhaps let their delusions slide and carry on so as not to fight fire with fire.

Dealing with arrogance

Arrogance is a personality trait that can be challenging and annoying. People may not feel good around such arrogant people, and correcting the behavior can be a chore, especially if the person involved has been acting that way for the longest time. Although the best action to take will be to tell arrogant people that they are, caution should be taken, as they will most likely retaliate and do things against you. Having somebody of superior status and authority than the braggart can be a good way of dealing with them and putting them into place. Don't expect arrogance to disappear overnight. It can take time and patience to see someone change; sometimes, something drastic must happen first for the arrogant person to change their ways. Still, they may keep being arrogant even after a humiliating or big downfall happens. For example, suppose you explained their behavior and did your best to refute their claims and actions. In that case, the least you can do is avoid interaction with arrogant people as much as possible. Then, one can hope that they may learn from their ways and try not to be the same as them.

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