Important Values to Have in Life

personal growth positivity values Jan 26, 2022

Values are essential for everyone because they help guide our decisions and actions in life. Of course, everyone has different values, but some are common. This blog post will discuss the importance of values and share some of the most common ones that you can have in your life.

What are your core values in life?

When we talk about values, it can refer to two things. First, it can mean the things that we like to have in life, such as a physical entity like money or gadgets, or something that we want at the spur of the moment. For example, maybe we are too tired after a day's work, so we value having an adequate rest time after doing everything for a day. The second definition of values is the things that have intrinsic importance and are desirable traits that bring lasting positivity and impact to our lives. The focus of this article will be the second definition of values.

Values are essential to our lives because they serve as the core foundation of who we are as a person. Our core values influence our decisions in life, act as motivators to what we do, and give direction on which path to take, and these make core values important to have in one's life. You might already have personal values that serve as your compass in life, but you can add even more if you want. Having core values helps you lead a fulfilling life and aids your personal development. As a result, life becomes less confusing, and you gain the self-awareness to steer in the right direction. We list below some of the most important values you can have in your life.

1. Happiness

Who doesn't want to be happy in life, right? Happiness is a common thing that many people pursue and why they are doing certain things in their lives. You don't even have to make it difficult for yourself because the truth is that happiness is a choice. It's like a switch in your head. You decide whether to turn it on or off depending on the things happening in your life. So you can make a conscious effort to be happy every day because of something, and they don't have to be great things to give you a reason to be happy.

2. Gratitude

There are many things to be grateful for in life, but many of us might take them for granted. The most important things can be the minor things that happen to us every day, and since they are so mundane, we tend to overlook them. Having something to eat, a place to call home, a job, good health, or the fact that we are still alive as each day passes. Being thankful for the things we have gives us more satisfaction in life, and we become more appreciative of even the most minor things in life. Gratitude also ties into gaining greater happiness in life.

3. Honesty

We now live in a world where people craft their personas for the online world. What we see in the images and profiles of other people might not precisely reflect who they are as a person. It's also very tempting to lie our way out of things to get what we want. It makes sense that practicing honesty brings great value to who we are as a person. It establishes authenticity and makes us trustworthy in the eyes of other people. There's that inner satisfaction you can get for being truthful to yourself and not acting a sure way to look pleasing to others. You will also be able to look others straight in the eye when you say what you mean. There won't be a blow to your consciousness when you have done something honestly.

4. Awareness

Our present world moves at a fast pace. Technological advancements allowed us to do things faster, and there's also information overload. We now tend to gloss over things and immediately move to the next big thing. Are you still aware of what's happening around you? It's essential to be fully present when you do something. The things we have and the activities we do gain greater significance and meaning when we take a moment to appreciate them while engaging with them. Moving too fast in life makes it seem like things don't matter too much. We must learn to enjoy our surroundings more and derive meaning to our lives.

5. Courage

You don't have to pick up a sword and shield and wear a cape to exemplify courage. It simply means you can stand up for what is right despite the pressure from others. Taking risks is something you can do if there is something of worth that you can gain. Conquering your fears and stepping out of your comfort zone are also things you can do when you have courage as a core value.

6. Knowledge

When was the last time you got curious about something and tried to research and gain knowledge about it? Was it still when you were in school? Learning doesn't have to stop at school. Life is a continuous learning process, and one of the top values you can have is gaining the curiosity and thirst to know things. Learning new ideas helps open up more opportunities, and you might unlock the best version of yourself by expanding your skill set and knowledge base.

7. Loyalty

Loyalty is the thing that helps you stick with things that have high value to you. Loyalty helps build trust and commitment and helps define yourself as someone who has good character, thereby strengthening your relationship with your community, such as friends, family, and peers. You can also become loyal to yourself and your beliefs, helping you gain self-respect and take care of yourself better.

8. Adaptability

Life is full of changes, and we never know when they can happen. You can make all the plans that you want for your daily life and the future, but other factors will always play a part in changing the outcome that we might be expecting. A better way to handle life is to learn how to be flexible and adapt to the changes that happen in our lives. You have to be flexible when it comes to decision-making and adapt to whatever new challenges come your way.

9. Open-mindedness

Each of us has our view of reality, and we have different beliefs regarding the things around us. Conflict arises when there's a difference between individuals' beliefs, and somebody insists that something should be according to his expectations while another party insists the other way. The world would be a more peaceful and welcoming place if people knew how to understand better and respect each other while still staying true to their own beliefs. Having an open mind allows you to appreciate other people's values and better communication between individuals of differing standpoints in life.

10. Empathy

Empathy allows us to understand the situation of others even if they have not communicated to us directly what their problem is. It pushes us to extend a helping hand to others in whatever way we can. Empathy establishes a stronger sense of community because we think of each other as equal human beings, and no one is above another. Having an open mind makes it easier to understand others, leading to empathy.

11. Freedom

Freedom is a very desirable value. Having the ability to say what you want, do what you want, and live life on your terms sounds fantastic. However, we all know it's not easy to pull this off with the way society works and the system that governs us, especially money and the authorities governing us. What makes freedom worth it is that you can achieve a lifestyle where what you earn from your job doesn't solely dictate what you can do. Many other options and opportunities are open for you, and you can spend time on things that you otherwise can't if you're too occupied with money-making from your job. So if you can push yourself into a situation where you can gain more freedom, do it.

12. Humility

There is a good reason why pride is at the top of mortal sins as it influences the other sins below it. The antithesis for pride is humility. Humility helps keep our feet on the ground and makes us the same person no matter how far we get in life and how much we achieve. Being humble removes the thought that you are the only person the world revolves around. It also helps you respect others and understand their plight.

Personal values are essential to have in life.

Personal core values are a must-have in life. They can serve as our biggest motivators in life and serve as a guide to everything that we want to do in life. But, of course, your values on your values list will depend on what you want, and how you grew up can influence what values you pick up in life. In addition, there are many other values that you can learn and incorporate into your life. However, it would be best not to lose sight of your values as they give more meaning to your own life. As a result, you gain better well-being and physical, emotional, and mental health. So try to incorporate as many of them as you can into your life. Your life will only get better if you have values as your moral compass for everyday living.

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