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Celebrate Your Small Successes

positivity staying motivated success Jan 04, 2022

Do you have big goals that seem just out of reach? It's easy to feel discouraged and give up when we don't see our desired results. But what if I told you about a little secret? Successful people celebrate their small successes, which motivates them to pursue their bigger goals. In this article, we'll share how celebrating your more minor accomplishments can make all the difference in achieving success.

Celebrating small wins matter

In life, success happens whenever we meet our goals. And when it's time to celebrate success, it's usually the big goals that will come to our minds. For example, you bought a new car or a house, gained a promotion, established your own business, cleared your debts, or finished your studies. So it's normal to have a celebratory mindset whenever we achieve something big in our life, especially after it took a long time to reach them. However, sometimes it can feel discouraging when it's taking a long time to hit our big goals. As a result, you might lose your motivation and drop doing things altogether.

On the road towards accomplishing your big goals, we also achieve small victories along the way. But, perhaps you forget to celebrate small successes in your life, and that's why it can feel like a slog waiting for a long time to achieve big wins before you can start celebrating. However, you don't need to wait until you hit it big if you want to celebrate success. The small achievements that you make along the way can help sustain your motivation and feelings of fulfillment to achieve steady progress and continuously work hard on your goals and attain them. You also have to realize that all the small wins you make add up and form part of what will eventually become your big goals. So, never underestimate what the power of small wins can do for you. Learn how to celebrate them and feel good about your small victories in life.

1. Appreciate the present moment

When you keep thinking about your big goals, you think about the future. The moment of happiness and victory lies at the end of a long tunnel. You might end up feeling bored and lose motivation if you only hinge your happiness after achieving something big, which can take a long time. Instead, try to learn to be more appreciative of the present moment. Savor the small things you achieve every day as you make incremental progress towards your big goal. You can also live a more fulfilling and joyful life this way by being grateful for what you did and have every day.

2. Set small goals

Goals in life don't always have to be big, grand achievements that take a long time to accomplish. As an alternative, you can set small goals for yourself that are easier to achieve and take a shorter amount of time to complete. Once you finish one small goal, you can then move forward to the next and so on. You can then celebrate every time you hit one small achievement.

Another way to make it easier to hit a big goal is to break it down into smaller goals. For example, if you want to have $100,000 in savings, instead of focusing only on the enormous amount, make a plan to save a target amount every month or payday. Then make it a habit to do some small celebration every time you hit your target amount every month or payday. It's easier to feel happy this way, and progress becomes more evident than when you are only thinking of the $100,000 amount. You also have a reason to celebrate instead of waiting to celebrate only when you have the $100,000 in your hands.

3. Savor the moment of small victories

Every time you accomplish something every day, make it one of your habits to take a little time to appreciate your hard work and give yourself some positive affirmation. You don't need to wait for somebody to recognize your effort. Make it one of your daily rituals to say something like "Nice job!" or "I did great!" or make a fist pump gesture to yourself every time you finish your work or daily responsibilities. The positivity you bring to yourself helps you become more motivated and confident to continue doing what you must do.

4. Tell your small victory to others

When you are happy and proud of your achievements, no matter how small they are, an excellent way to reinforce your mind is to verbalize the feelings you have and share them with others with vigor and enthusiasm. Likewise, most people will find it stimulating to have someone who spills energy and positivity in their life. Both you and your friends and peers will benefit by sharing your successes. Celebrate small victories together, and it's only a win for everybody.

5. Learn to reward yourself

Celebrate small wins even better by learning how to reward yourself. Every time you achieve a small win in your life, treat yourself to something nice. For example, eat your favorite meal, drink your favorite beverage, watch something nice, or relax. When you develop this idea of rewarding yourself, you look more forward to achieving things because you condition your mind that you will be getting something afterward. Remember to make the rewards proportional to the amount of effort put into something, or you might run the risk of blowing your budget. For example, you don't have to buy yourself a new car for finishing sweeping your backyard. Big rewards come after accomplishing big goals, while small treats come after your small wins.

6. Track your daily progress

It's easier to give yourself a reason to celebrate when you know how much progress you have made towards your goals. Create a means of tracking your progress, such as using a calendar and making notes, creating to-do lists, or using a journal or planner. Every time you finish something, write them down and indicate their completion, such as the date when you finished them and the amount of work accomplished. Writing down your accomplishments helps materialize them in a visible form, so it's easier to see what you have done so far. It also becomes easier to reward yourself and celebrate small wins when you know that you're making meaningful progress.

Victory can come in small packages.

Gaining positive feedback after accomplishing our goals is something that we want to attain after pouring all our energy and effort into working on something. Positive feedback can come in the form of recognition from others, or it could be from yourself in the form of celebrating your victory. You don't need to wait a long time before you start celebrating. Along the way, there are many milestones that you will achieve. Therefore, it would be best not to underestimate the importance of recognizing and celebrating your small wins. Your confidence and motivation can falter in the long run while working on a big goal. Moving forward becomes easier when you acknowledge and celebrate the many things in everyday life that contribute to the culmination of your big successes.

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