How to Convince Others Effectively

communication persuasion Dec 18, 2022

Do you ever feel like you're not getting what you want? It could be that you need to learn how to convince others more effectively. When it comes to convincing others, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. This blog post will discuss persuasion basics and tips to get what you want.

Become a more persuasive person

Persuasion is essential in helping us get what we want and garner the support of others. It is a skill that can get us farther in our careers, especially if we are in the field of sales and business or we are in a leadership role and need to convince others to support our cause. Even in various daily situations, effectively persuading others can help us, such as trying to get a discount when dealing with sellers, convincing others to come and aid us, or simply getting others to agree with your perspective. People have different opinions and beliefs about various things, and trying to get them in line with your thoughts can be challenging. However, things don't always have to stay different, and we sometimes need individuals and ideas to align with each other to move forward and attain something we want. Learning how to persuade others and get them to your side is the key, and several things can make you more convincing.

1. Be more confident

Confidence is essential when trying to convince someone. It makes you more believable, not that you are trying to fool someone. People will take you more seriously and think you are trustworthy if you can make your points confidently. Adjust your body language to make yourself look more confident, avoid fidgeting too much, and establish eye contact to convince people with confidence. One can do various things to build confidence, and persuading people might become more manageable if you follow them.

2. Show how others will benefit when you persuade them

"What's in it for me?" or "What will I gain from this?" These are the most likely thoughts people will have when somebody is trying to convince them about something. People can be hesitant to agree or go with whatever someone is persuading unless they see the benefits they can gain from agreeing. So a good tactic to employ when trying to make people decide to support or agree with you is to show and explain to them how they will benefit or what they can attain by saying yes to you. Perhaps they can obtain some monetary benefit or improvement if they agree to help you or buy what you are trying to sell. You may even need to do something to help someone or give them some reward if you want to get their favor. People can be more cooperative if they see some advantage or obtain something by agreeing with the point or offer of another person.

3. Be clear and direct to the point

One can become more persuasive if one speaks in a language that can be understood better and easier by the target audience. For example, if you are trying to sell a gadget to people who are not well-versed in technical jargon, try to explain what the features and what the device can do in layman's terms, so people can understand better what you are offering to sell and possibly get them to buy it. When persuading someone, try to gauge whether the one you are talking to is willing to entertain flowery language. Some people prefer you to get directly to the point as they may not have the time to consider you. If you are dealing with such people, explain concisely and clearly what you are offering them to buy or do. People will be more willing to listen and cooperate if they understand what you are saying.

4. Get on the good side of others

Getting others to your side and convincing them will be easier if you know your target audience. It means getting into their best interests by knowing what they value and trying to adjust your point to align with theirs. It helps if one researches their target audience and interests to adjust jargon to suit the people's tastes. Try to appeal to their emotions and let them speak about their thoughts so that the conversation will not only concentrate on you making an offer. Praise your customers' strengths and present good ideas they may like. Explain so that they understand what benefit they can get by helping you or buying your product or service.

5. Build your reputation and credibility

Reputation can help a lot in getting more people to believe you and thereby gain their support if you offer something or want to obtain their consent. However, it can be challenging to establish your credibility if you are starting in your career and haven't got much to back up your name. It is vital to gain the respect of others first through your actions and beliefs, and there are several ways you can build your reputation and have others trust and respect you more. Once you have something more that adds credibility to your name, such as several years' worth of work experience or belonging to a well-known company, people may be more inclined to get convinced when you offer something to them or want to get their favor.

Convincing others takes skill.

An important thing to remember when trying to persuade people over something is that they may not immediately agree or accept your offer. They may even decline, and we should learn to respect that. However, we should not quickly give up when trying to convince people because sometimes, you only need to push the right triggers to get them to your cause. When they say no, we may try bringing up the offer again at a later time. Picking the right environment and opportunity when to say something can help us get the best interest of somebody, such as when they are in a good mood and are willing to spend quality time and entertain another person. The right timing is vital, and there should be balance in persuading others so we won't appear too pushy. It takes skill and experience to deal with different types of people and strike up a conversation with them to let them hear what you are offering. Listening to what others say helps, and thinking about what you can do to give an advantage to others while also getting what you want is the key to persuasion.

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