How to Quiet Your Mind

mindfulness personal growth positivity Oct 21, 2021

How would you like to be able to relax your mind and body in just a few minutes? Learning how to quiet your mind can help in relieving stress and getting better health. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips for doing so.

Alone in a room

Ever found yourself in a situation where you are alone in a room, and it's quiet in there? Do you find yourself fidgeting, like stomping your feet or tapping your fingers, or thinking about all sorts of things? If so, you must be the type of person who likes to overthink or worry about things. As a result, you find it hard to relax since your brain wants to seek constant stimulation. As a result, quietness seems like a distant concept to you.

Nothing's wrong with stimulating your mind. However, overstimulation can cause stress, anxiety, and depression. It can also lead to burnout and sleeping problems. Therefore, learning how to relax our minds is very beneficial as it can also help put our bodies in good condition. Think of your mind as a piece of gadget, like a cellphone or a computer that needs turning off periodically; otherwise, constant usage can cause problems. There are several ways you can try doing to help relax your mind.

1. Practice meditation

Meditation is the first thing that will most likely come into your mind when relaxing your mind. First, get into the lotus position and then start calming your head and relax. Sounds easy to do, but finding the time to meditate can be challenging for a busy person. Also, even if you meditate, your mind might still have racing thoughts, so you're not relaxing that way. Effective meditation involves finding a good spot where your mind can be free from external noise and influences and finding a time to do this every day if you can. There are different ways to start a meditation practice and see if it will work for you.

2. Get in the present moment

Part of the reason our minds get overstimulated is constant worries about what can happen in the future. We fear that something can go wrong, which leads to catastrophic thinking. To counter this, pay attention instead to what's currently happening to you, that is, get in the present moment. Learn to appreciate what you are presently doing and start focusing on the things around you. Remember that the future is still yet to happen, and there are things you can do at present to help prevent the dreaded outcomes that might occur.

3. Listen to some music.

Music can make us feel calmer by taking us away from the external noise around us and letting us get into our heads and feel relaxed. Try searching "soothing music for relaxation" on Google, and you can get many results of soothing music for your listening pleasure. There are also videos on YouTube about relaxing music. Listening to music can also boost productivity when you're working. You can also try listening to music tracks that are more lively and have faster beats if you enjoy that type of music.

4. Make a to-do list

One good idea to quiet your mind is to write down all the things that are constantly bugging you and floating in your head. Making lists allows us to declutter our minds by noting the essential things we need to do so we don't forget them and not have to think about them constantly. Then, sort out the items in your list according to priority so you can better manage yourself in deciding which one to do first.

Another writing activity you can also try is to write down your feelings in a journal. It can help you feel more relaxed and revisit your feelings when looking back at your past entries. In addition, journaling can help sort your emotions so you can calm your mind better.

5. Do some exercise

Exercise doesn't only do wonders for your body, but it can also affect your mind. Exercising can direct our minds to focus on physical activity instead of having scattered thoughts about anything. You can try taking a walk or jogging in nature, doing some yoga, or progressive muscle relaxation. Combine exercise and relaxation techniques with a healthy diet, and there would be less space for negative thoughts in your mind.

6. Take a breather and relax

Simple activities like taking deep breaths or taking a break can do wonders to calm a busy mind. Make it a regular practice to set some time to rest in between your daily activities and work, even if it's just a few seconds looking away from your computer screen or stopping what you are doing if you can. Do not think about anything while resting, and focus on quieting your mind. You can also try doing some breathing exercises for relaxation.

7. Get away from distractions

Social media, cellphones, the Internet, and TV can all work together to keep our minds occupied with many things. Not all of these things are information we need to know, and they can wreak havoc in our way of thinking if we ingest too much. Keeping up to date with all the latest posts and trends keeps us from feeling calm and peaceful. If you can, take a break from engaging with all these media and limit the amount of time you spend with them.

8. Share your thoughts and feelings with others

Keeping all your thoughts to yourself, be it worries or beautiful things, can be why your mind feels heavy and not calm. Instead of keeping them all to yourself, why not talk to other people and let them hear what you have to say? It can be even in writing an article or a blog, so you can share with others what you feel. Letting out things can help us feel calm and improve our well-being.

A quiet mind = a healthier you

Any of the great tips we mentioned can help you quiet your mind and achieve peace within yourself. Having a sound mind also affects the body, so our lives get better if we don't constantly think about everything. Take a deep breath and try to imagine yourself in a situation where the scenery can relax you. A quiet mind can also help us fall asleep to feel more refreshed and have more energy for every day's worth of activities.

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