Why You Should Have a Lucky Number

lucky number positivity Nov 10, 2021

Do you want to have more luck and positivity in your life? If so, then it is time that you pick a lucky number. It might seem silly at first, but some things can be improved by having a lucky number. For example, you will feel more optimistic and have more energy whenever an instance happens where your lucky number is involved. In this blog post, I will help you understand how choosing a lucky number can benefit your life for the better.

Having a lucky number

Relying on luck to go through life might not look like a solid foundation when making decisions and taking actions to meet your goals. However, sometimes the little things can go a long way to help you feel more satisfied and fulfilled with your life. A lucky number is something that brings positive reinforcement to your life. It can make you happy when something good happens in your life, and your lucky number is associated with it. Therefore, whenever you see your lucky number, you can also feel satisfied and be more positive.

How do I pick my lucky number?

You don't need to do some hardcore research to decide on picking your lucky number. The number could be something that has a special meaning in your life. If you see a certain number popping out often whenever good things happen, you can make an association with it and make it your lucky number. For example, the number that often appears in your good grades could be your lucky number in school. Likewise, while waiting in line and something good happens, the number assigned to you could be your lucky number. If you like playing games of chance, when you win, your lucky number could be any of the numbers that you picked for your winning instance. Your lucky number could even be the jersey number of your favorite player from your favorite team of a particular sport. What matters is that you have some form of relationship and good vibes with a specific number.

Numerology touches on the aspect of lucky numbers. It deals with the belief that numbers have some form of supernatural or mystical relationship with the events happening in our lives. Different cultures have different lucky numbers, and depending on your preference, you might want to adopt one of these numbers. For example, Chinese and Japanese cultures consider 8 as a lucky number due to sounding similar to the word for "prosper" and "make money" in their language. While in the western world, countries like the USA and UK believe 7 to be a lucky number because of its association with God and other biblical references. Interestingly, a lucky number in one culture can be an unlucky number for another else.

What can I do with my lucky number?

Let me be clear: a lucky number won't necessarily make you wealthy or successful in life. However, the idea of a lucky number is to put some positivity in your mind whenever you have to decide based on luck. The lucky number also produces some association that whenever something good happens, and your lucky number is involved, you then relate the number to a good meaning for your life.

Luck is hard to quantify. Luck is some force that can produce a good or bad outcome without direct intervention from you. Relying on chance in making life decisions is not a reliable way of progressing through life unless you're Two-Face, who has the habit of flipping a coin. However, you can use your favorite number to put some fun factors in your life. If your lucky number belongs to one of the calendar days (from 1 to 31), then you can have a lucky day every month. You can use your lucky number when picking numbers for a lottery or drawing numbered lots for an event. Who knows, you might win a big prize. You can also wear a shirt with your favorite number on it, and you can feel lucky all day just wearing it.

With almost anything you do, you can stamp and associate your lucky number on them to feel good and have more energy and positive vibes to do things. It's a little fun idea that can add some spice to your life. You can even combine lucky numbers with your lucky colors or items and have fun doing things with them. Remember not to rely on luck entirely, though, because, in the end, it's still you that will do the actions and decisions that will bring good luck to your life.


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