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What Makes Someone an Extrovert?

behavior personality Apr 26, 2023

Do you consider yourself an extrovert? Do you enjoy socializing and being around people? Extroversion is a personality trait with many advantages, but how does one know if they are an extrovert? This blog post will explore the traits that make up an extrovert and why having such a personality can be beneficial in life.

The personality traits of an extrovert

Introversion and extroversion are personality traits on both sides of the personality spectrum. However, one cannot say that somebody is entirely an introvert or extrovert; people tend to sway more on one side, while some may stay in the middle and be capable of switching between introverted and extroverted traits. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see where you lie on the personality spectrum, as knowing your personality type can help you understand yourself better and take advantage of the strengths of your personality.

Extroverts are the people you commonly see around you. Someone with extroverted behavior tends to be friendly, optimistic, and outgoing. Of course, every person may act and behave differently, even if they are all extroverts, but this is their general gist. One can identify somebody as an extrovert if they exhibit the following major personality traits.

1. They like to mingle around with people

Extroverts are usually the life of the party. You can often see them making social interactions with others, staying around in public places, and attending social events where many people gather. There is a good reason for this: extroverts gain energy by being around people. They are the opposites of introverts that get their energies drained after attending any social settings and need to spend alone time afterward to recharge.

2. They have many friends

It is easy for extroverts to engage in making social interaction with others. As such, you may often find them surrounded by friends. In addition, they will usually have many contacts to ask for help, which can prove beneficial when they need to progress in something but can't do it well themselves. Extroverts tend to have good social skills that make it easier to approach others, even strangers, and befriend them.

3. They tend to be happy and feel optimistic

People need to socialize for their well-being, making them feel more positive and happy. Since extroverts tend to socialize often, they have greater chances of gaining more positive emotions, such as happiness, and feeling more optimistic. They can be less prone to feeling lonely and acquiring mental health problems like depression.

4. They tend to be more open about their feelings and concerns

People may generally find that a person with an extrovert personality can usually be easier to interact with due to being friendly and easier to read than an introvert. That's because one of the positive traits of extroverts is that they can generally tell things about themselves quickly. They may also like to speak with others about their problems and concerns; this is their way of gaining information through discussion, so they can overcome what's bothering them. Extroverts are also usually the ones that will approach and talk to another person whenever they are not feeling okay for emotional support.

5. They may feel unpleasant with too much alone time and silence

Not all extroverts may act like this, but some will feel awkward and not okay when left alone or the environment is too silent. These situations are the opposite of where they usually thrive: social situations that are noisy and full of people. So if you find yourself more comfortable in group settings, you may be an extrovert.

The benefits of being extroverted

There is no right or wrong when it comes to extroversion and introversion. Each personality type has strengths, weaknesses, and areas where people with such personalities shine. However, it is pretty noticeable that our society seems to be geared more toward extroverts. That is why it won't hurt to learn more extroverted qualities for personal growth and success if you are an introvert. That is not to say that introverts have limited opportunities; it's just that sometimes, that's the way things work in various institutions and areas of life. When you possess extroverted characteristics, you can gain the following benefits.

1. A stronger support system

A support system refers to a group of people you can rely on whenever you need help. They are the contacts that can assist you during times of need, and they can consist of your friends, family, and other peers who specialize in different fields. Since extroverts tend to be friendly and can easily associate with people, chances are they have a large pool of people they have connections. This can bring more opportunities and help during troublesome times, giving them a larger safety net to ensure they are okay.

2. A more optimistic outlook on life

Since extroverts like spending time outside, they are more likely to experience life's happenings and interact with different types of people, earning them various perspectives about many things. Their mindset becomes more well-rounded, and their social connections can make them happier, thus making them more resilient during tough times knowing they have the support of others. Feeling good more often can lead to more positive feelings and greater optimism.

3. Greater risk-taking

Optimistic extroverts may have greater self-esteem and confidence, which can lead to taking more risks, possibly bringing a great return. Risks can be scary but can be rewarding if we take the jump and make decisions, and do actions that can be outside of our comfort zones. Introverts can be more prone to thinking and concentrating well on things first before making a move, but extroverts may feel more inclined to take action. While this may sound risky, taking the plunge can sometimes benefit us by letting us try and experience things that can be rewarding later.

4. Better health

Extroverts can take good care of their emotional and social health because of their group outings and experiencing positive emotions in their activities. They can quickly meet the need to socialize, and their physical health can also benefit due to the need to move around to meet with people to do various activities.

One does not need to become a total extrovert to reap such benefits. As we have mentioned before, switching between introverted and extroverted tendencies is possible. Depending on the situation and our needs, we can swing toward one personality type that can benefit us the most. Extroverts and introverts can benefit from each other's strengths of their personality type. One can learn how a particular personality type behaves, and we can utilize such characteristics to make our lives better.

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