Keeping Your Word

commitment communication promise Jan 19, 2022

One of the essential things in life is to learn how to keep your word. When you commit, it is necessary to follow through with it. Not only does this builds trust and credibility with other people, but it also shows that you are a reliable individual. This blog post will discuss the importance of keeping your word and some tips on doing it.

Your word means a lot.

Words are such powerful things. They might seem simple, but they can hold a lot of weight in reflecting our character to other people. Words are very potent when keeping promises and commitments to other people. The words you have spoken to others can act as a verbal contract between you and people. The problem is that sometimes, we don't realize we are already making a kind of promise to others when we say something. It could be a spur of the moment that led us to speak about something, and other people might hold to what we say and make us accountable. So before we open our mouths, it's vital to watch what we say; otherwise, we might be putting ourselves in a situation we can't keep.

Are broken promises a thing?

Some say that promises are meant to be broken. That doesn't sound right. Promises should be kept and fulfilled. If you think you should make it a habit to break promises, something's wrong with your view of trust in this world. When you break promises, you lose trust from others, and your integrity suffers. People might see you as someone to be aware of because of your reputation and can make you lose relationships and opportunities. So why do some of us struggle to keep our words knowing the implications?

  • At some point, we will say something during conversations that are a spur of the moment, and as such, they are unintentional.
  • We are unaware that we promised others because they held us to what we have said.
  • It was never your intention to make what you said a promise.
  • You said something beyond your capabilities, maybe as a form of bragging.
  • You weren't serious when you said something.
  • You don't want to do what you have said, but you said it anyway.
  • During conversations, the topics might rapidly switch from one subject to another, and as such, you forget that you have said something, but others might have noted it.

Not keeping your word can have a costly effect on you. As a person, others will lose their respect for you if you habitually break your promises. In addition, your self-worth and sense of well-being can drop if you break your promises to yourself. In your job, you might get passed up for opportunities by your boss or manager if they know you can't keep your word. Your relationship with other people can also suffer as they will see you as somebody who can't make a commitment or an unreliable person.

Say what you mean and can do

There are ways to prevent your words from losing weight. If you care about your reputation and self-worth, you must learn to keep your word. Here's how you can do it.

1. Be mindful of what you say

This thing is a lot harder to do than say. Being mindful whenever you say something can be challenging, especially during spontaneous conversations. You can try doing this by going inside your head and prepping yourself before saying something, usually while others are still speaking. It might be challenging to pull off if you are the type of person who likes to initiate conversations and rapidly talk with somebody else, but you can do it. You also have to know if you have said something and clarify your intentions.

2. Clarify that you indeed made a promise

During conversations, most people will say things that they aren't committed to because we enjoy the moment of talking with each other. However, some people will take what you have said and expect what you said. If you think that you made somebody else expect something from what you have said, it's better to clarify the situation to the concerned individual. Tell them that you are not making any commitments and merely talking about something.

3. Make a promise you can commit to fulfilling

If you intend to make a promise to somebody, make sure you fully understand and commit to what you say. Also, ensure that you can fulfill your promises; otherwise, other people will feel bad and think that you are just boasting. Do not overpromise and stick to what you can do. Make sure that you want to do what you say to others.

4. Be honest and sincere

One good way to build trust is by honoring your words and ensuring they become a reality and not just empty words. Be honest in what you say to others, and don't make them expect something you will be breaking anyway. Sometimes, unforeseen events and circumstances prevent us from keeping our promises. It's essential to explain ourselves clearly when such situations happen so that others will see that we are sincere in keeping our words.

Prevent your words from losing weight

The words we speak to other people might seem like simple utterances, but they can reflect who we are and can signify how trustworthy we can be as a person. Keeping your word can make others trust you more and help develop healthy relationships. In addition, you do not have to worry much about feeling guilt and stress when you know how to keep your promises instead of breaking them. You will also be more mindful of what you say and choose what you mean to say. Both parties can benefit if words are upheld to what they convey.

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