Developing Resilience

personal growth resilience Sep 08, 2022

No one ever said life would be easy. It's quite the opposite. We all face adversity at some point in our lives. The question is: how do we deal with it? One key attribute that can help us get through tough times is resilience. Resiliency helps us stand firm during difficult times and eventually overcome them. So, how do we develop this critical characteristic? This blog post will explore some ways to build resilience in our lives.

Life can be challenging, but you don't have to give up.

Life can be tricky sometimes. We will face adversity at various points in our lives, such as experiencing failures, feeling overwhelmed due to a continuous stream of problems, getting hit by calamities or being caught in accidents, losing loved ones, etc. It can feel too much sometimes, especially when troubles hit us left and right. As a result, negative emotions can arise, and it can be challenging to maintain a positive outlook when things seem impossible to solve.

It is during these challenging times that resiliency becomes vital. Resilience is a skill that lets us weather tough times and allows us to make a comeback later. Of course, being resilient won't immediately solve our problems. Still, it will enable us to remain calm and think about our situation carefully, so we can make a plan and take action to overcome our problems. On the other hand, a lack of resilience can make crushing challenging life experiences more complicated and make one resort to unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as binge eating, drinking alcoholic drinks, or smoking. Therefore, one should develop resilience to handle better life's downer moments and still come out well afterward. Several things can help in building resilience.

1. Be in the present moment

Things can get out of hand when you keep thinking about scenarios that only have a possibility of happening or focusing on things that don't contribute to solving your problem. Instead, it's better to maintain perspective on the current situation. Analyze what's happening and focus on the facts, look at what resources and skills you have at your disposal, and see if you can get help from anybody. Practicing mindfulness can help and prevents catastrophizing, so you can work on solutions and adapt better to whatever is currently happening to you.

2. Don't stick to one way of solving a problem

You can feel overwhelmed more when you can't think of another way to solve a problem. You may have encountered similar situations before and used a particular method for solving an issue. However, there may come a time when your usual way won't work anymore. Getting creative and using other approaches can help you overcome the problem you are currently facing. Having more options to deal with something makes you feel more prepared and ready to tackle whatever is troubling you.

3. Take care of your health

Your physical and mental health affects how resilient you can be when facing negative situations. Having good physical health means you will have the energy and strength to deal with whatever is bothering you. When you are in good physical condition, it also affects the state of your mind, which translates to better mental health. When you are mentally fit, you will have better coping skills that allow you to face challenges with a sound mind. Get enough sleep, exercise, and eat well to ensure you are in good working condition and handle whatever life throws.

4. Ask for help

Problems can seem more complicated than they are if you try to solve them yourself. Before you stress out yourself and panic, attempt to get some help from others first. Support systems in the form of people or institutions that can provide aid, such as money, can help you overcome whatever may be troubling you. You can also feel more at peace when you know there are things and people you can rely on for support.

5. Inject more positivity into your life

When your mind is full of negative thoughts, it can make it easier to give up when challenges and problems happen in your life. An excellent way to build resilience is by putting more positivity into your life. Being positive won't magically make your problems disappear, but it puts you in the proper shape and mindset to overcome any challenge you may face. Training yourself to focus on positive things and having as many positive experiences as possible can help you become more optimistic about life and handle any challenge better.

6. Practice self-care

It's nice to know that you have sources of help to overcome challenges in your life. However, people may not always be there to help you, as we sometimes have to deal with our problems. You can be on your own, which is why you must know how to take care of yourself so you can weather tough times when no one around can provide support. Take a break, rest when things get overwhelming, and practice healthy coping mechanisms like doing something you enjoy. Self-care also happens even before problems occur, such as practicing healthy habits and making positive affirmations to yourself.

7. Look at the problem from a different angle

Sometimes, things can become problems when we think of them as one. The reality is that they may not be too serious of an issue at all, or maybe we are just magnifying the significance of a problem. An excellent way to develop resilience is by looking at a problem from a different perspective. Instead of treating it as something that brings pain and suffering, a problem can get viewed as a learning experience. Also, the problem you face today may open an opportunity later, and it couldn't happen if the problem didn't occur in the first place. Reframing your mindset regarding problems is an excellent ability to cope when troubles arise in your life.

8. Overcome fears and any limiting belief

Our fears and limiting beliefs can magnify the severity of a situation and put a stranglehold on us. It takes time and effort to overcome them, but once you do, you will gain more resilience to handle problems. Many of our fears and assumed constraints may only be products of our minds, so if our minds create them, then we can also do something to gradually conquer them and realize that we can do things after all.

Build resilience to handle life better

Life will throw various challenges and problems on us, and they are not something we can completely dodge. Resilience acts like our shield that fends off adversity, so we can maintain our foothold and come up with something to overcome the things thrown at us. Resilience is not the solution; instead, it is the one that prepares our bodies and minds so we can take action and move forward. Being resilient to whatever life throws at us is an essential skill to learn, as we will no doubt encounter challenging times at some point in our lives. When you are resilient enough, you can always find the inner strength to get up and move instead of sinking into despair and not doing anything to solve a problem.

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