Controlling Our Inner Demons

dealing with darkness inner demons Mar 10, 2023

Do you know what your inner demon is like? For many of us, it's a negative voice that tells us we're not good enough. It can make us do pessimistic or even violent things. This is why learning how to control our inner demons is essential. This blog post will discuss some tips on how to do just that.

Deal with your inner demon.

When you feel down or angry, sometimes you may hear an inner voice that fills your mind with negative thoughts. It is as if another person is talking to you but not in a positive way. This inner voice or persona is what we call an inner demon, and it can be destructive if we let it get its way.

Not that there is an actual spirit or demon inside your head, but it can be an amalgamation of previous and repressed thoughts. It is how we were when we experienced struggle and misery in the past, causing us to feel angry and sad. We may have moved past it, but this state of ourselves can resurface whenever a similar instance of pain or negativity occurs. It disturbs our inner peace and fills us with negative emotions as if another person is talking us down and telling us to do bad things. If we let our inner demons overtake us, we may snap and cause us to act differently from how we used to be, resulting in actions that may hurt others and ourselves.

The first response people may think is to subdue these dark parts of our minds. While this can work, we may want to do other things to help us fight our inner demons and take control of ourselves.

1. Acknowledge your inner demon

One realization that can help us control our inner demon is that it is part of ourselves and may not completely disappear. It is we who existed at some point in our lives and the lingering emotions and pain that formed into an inner voice or persona. Therefore, we may not easily forget the painful things that have happened to us despite being able to move on. We will eventually experience similar instances of pain and grief, and when they happen, expect that your inner demon may rear its head during such times. Rather than deny or think you are just imagining things, accept that you have a second voice in your head and learn instead to talk with it, comfort it, or do other things to help it subside.

2. Keep fighting

It may be impossible to eliminate the inner demon bothering you whenever something terrible happens, or you feel down. Even if you manage to deal with or overcome it at one point, it may just pop up again if another bad thing makes you worry or feel anxious. It can be a continuous struggle whenever your inner demons appear, so it is essential not to give up and let them take over. Keep fighting against your inner demon and learn how to deal with it whenever it appears.

3. Focus on positive things

Our inner demons focus on negativity. They can inject self-doubt and fear and can make us do the worst thing possible if we listen to them too much. They can degrade you and give you feelings of hopelessness and frustration. If you are pessimistic or an overthinker, you may give in and lose to your inner demon. Distracting yourself and focusing more on positive things is an excellent way to confront and counter your inner voice. Notice the good things around you, such as the friends and people who support and trust you and the pleasant situations in your life. Life is not all doom and gloom, and your inner demon wants you to focus only on the negative things. Immersing yourself more in positive things and practicing habits to give yourself a more meaningful and positive outlook can help silence the voice trying to put you down.

4. Talk and listen to it

While the first action one may take when fighting inner demons is to ignore and dismiss them, sometimes, it may be better to listen and try talking to them as if another person is putting you down. It can be scary to deal with them, but what your inner voice says may be a reflection or key to an unresolved problem or matter you left on the sidelines. It may be your true nature calling to your acting self to do something, but you may be running away from what needs to be solved. Perhaps the inner demon is saying things that tell you about your weaknesses or dreams that you must pursue but procrastinate instead. Give some time and have an open mind to listen to your inner demon, and you may learn something that can help you grow and become a better person.

5. Get help and support from others

Dealing with inner demons is a personal struggle, but it doesn't mean you must constantly battle alone. If you can't handle things alone, talking with others and telling them about your troubles won't hurt. If somebody is willing to listen and extend a helping hand, they can be the light that dispels the darkness trying to overwhelm you. This is where having a sound support system can be handy, as friends and loved ones can help you overcome struggles without dealing with them alone. As much as you can, try to build good relationships with people, so you won't be consumed by negative thoughts by your inner demon, and help you become more optimistic.

Gain inner peace by dealing with your inner demons.

Our thoughts can be a powerful thing that can influence our actions and decisions. The inner voice we sometimes hear can hinder achieving happiness and reaching our full potential. It is vital to realize the existence of such a thing, so we can address it and do something about it. If we do, we may be able to discover more about ourselves and figure out what we should do with our lives. So we shouldn't completely ignore our inner demons as they may also help us become aware of things we need to give attention to and know ourselves better.

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