The Benefits of Taking Risks

decision personal growth risk management success Dec 27, 2022

Risks. We all know what they are and try to avoid them whenever possible. But if you want to achieve something significant in life, such as starting a business, making a new friend, or traveling to a foreign country, you'll have to take some risks along the way, and that's a good thing. Risk-taking is essential for growth and development. This blog post will explore the benefits of taking risks and how they can help you achieve your goals.

Risk-taking can be worth it.

Risk is somewhat of a scary word. But, unfortunately, many of us can associate risk with something akin to danger. Taking risks can be dangerous, as we never know what can happen, and our lives might be affected negatively. We can make the best guess of what can occur in the future should we take a risk, but it is not 100% sure what we think will happen. Therefore, it is quite understandable that not many of us are willing to become a risk taker due to the unforeseen dangers that might occur. However, this is only one side of the coin regarding taking risks.

On the other side of taking risks are the possible massive payoffs we can get if only we are willing to take a chance. Sure enough, there's some danger involved when taking a risk, but there is also a chance that something good will happen if we take the risk. Therefore, taking risks is necessary to succeed and achieve our goals. On the other hand, we lose on some things if we stay in our comfort zones and relish in safety. There is something to be gained from taking risks, and there are several benefits we can get from such behavior.

1. Open more doors for opportunities

Opportunities can come knocking on us sometimes, but we can have more chances of unlocking new opportunities if we learn to take risks. We may have to move beyond our comfort zone and try new things to get farther ahead in life and achieve our goals. Also, risk-taking is part of making big decisions in life, and if we want to attain something significant and beneficial, we must be willing to make some tough decisions and the risk that comes with them. Opportunities can come if we are eager to make the jump.

2. Move beyond our comfort zones

Most people will like to stay in something that brings familiarity and safety, and this can mean staying in your comfort zone and not moving out of it to score learning opportunities for growth and personal gain. It is pretty understandable to be afraid of something uncertain and unfamiliar, but if we want to grow and unlock our full potential, we need to move out of our comfort zones, and taking risks is part of the equation.

3. We become more tolerant of adverse situations

Choosing to take a risk means we must be willing to face challenges and failures along the way. Potential consequences can happen once we make a risky move over something, and we must be ready to face them should we fail along the way. As we experience these challenging situations, we learn more and become tolerant in dealing with them, allowing us to weather tough times and get to where we want. This behavior can also apply in dealing with problems that happen to us even if we don't make any risky maneuvers. There is something to learn from making risky behaviors and decisions, which is becoming tough when facing many challenges and problems.

4. Builds self-confidence

Let's say you took a risk on something, and it paid off. Won't you feel good about yourself accomplishing something and become more confident after what you have been through? Taking risks builds our confidence by allowing us to overcome our fears and face challenges by trying new things. We also gain even more confidence if we succeed and achieve what we want. And should we encounter an identical problematic situation we have faced before by taking a risk, we can become more tolerant and ready to face them if we have experienced something similar.

5. Learn new things

There are several things one can learn from taking risks. Moving out of your comfort zone can expose you to new things and fields of interest, and when you venture to such areas, you may learn new skills and unlock new opportunities. Should something go the other way around, and we experience failure and problems, we can still learn from these should we choose to see them as learning experiences. We may also discover more about ourselves and see our full potential by experiencing and seeing what we can do.

6. Overcome our fears

Our fears are perhaps the most significant factors why we don't take a risk. We think something terrible may happen, and we may have to tread an unfamiliar path to achieve something. It's normal to fear the unknown and what we can't do. However, we won't grow and improve if we don't learn how to overcome them. It can feel uncomfortable to take risks as these immerse us in things that may be unfamiliar, but at the same time, we can learn how to overcome what we are afraid of by facing them head-on and trying to do something about it.

7. Great rewards waiting at the end

The biggest benefit one can get from taking risks is the rewards waiting at the end should we become successful in our endeavor and things become favorable to us. The rewards can be anything, from earning a good amount of money, getting the job you want, achieving the lifestyle you have always dreamed of, or unlocking a new opportunity that helps improve your life. Of course, it's not guaranteed that we will gain such great things from taking a risk, but we will never know if we can achieve them unless we take the chance and act on it. It's fearful to take a risk, but we may also miss on something significant and rewarding unless we make a move.

Being a risk-taker is something we can try doing.

Some may consider risk-takers reckless, but it's not as if all of them are suicidal and make risky decisions without being fully prepared for them. There is such a thing as taking calculated risks, meaning people can research the benefits one can gain from a particular chance and the possible downfalls one can achieve if the gamble fails. First, list the pros and cons of a risky move, then weigh each side according to how they matter to you. If the pros outweigh the cons, one can take a risk; if one is prepared to face the consequences should things fail, one can choose to make a risky maneuver. It's all about making a move if you are ready to face whatever can happen next, and things can be easier if you have a support system ready and a backup plan in case of failure. You can start by taking small risks when starting, then move to bigger ones once you become more confident and have more experience in dealing with various things. Taking risks increases the chances that life can improve, and it can be good to make such decisions sometimes. As long as we won't end up bankrupt or face total breakdowns when things fail, we can sometimes take the risk and see what possibilities it can bring to our lives.

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