Putting Yourself Out There

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You're opening yourself up to new opportunities and experiences when you put yourself out there. You never know what might happen when you take a chance and reach out to someone or try something new. You may make a new friend, find a new job, or even fall in love. The possibilities are endless. So don't be afraid to put yourself out there. It just might change your life for the better.

It's a vast world out there.

Life can be such a vast experience. So many things out there are waiting, and opportunities can come knocking if we put the effort to go out and show ourselves to others. However, some people limit themselves from getting the best life possible because they fear what can happen by trying something new. Unless one tries, you may never know if something can bring you success or great happiness. Some things can help you put yourself out there and experience what the world has to offer you.

1. Don't be afraid to show your vulnerabilities

People may be hesitant to go out there and show themselves because they are afraid to expose their vulnerabilities. In addition, they fear criticism and judgment for their shortcomings and lack of skill and talent in certain areas. So they avoid engaging in situations where their weaknesses can show and thus limit the experiences and opportunities they can have in life.

One thing to remember is that all of us have our vulnerabilities. There isn't a person out there who is good at everything. So you don't have to be ashamed of who you are and what you are capable of doing. Instead, it's better to try something you are hesitating to do and express yourself. It will become a learning experience that can help you grow, and you may even meet people willing to help you improve.

2. Stick with the present moment

The reason you may not want to try new things and go out there is that you are afraid of the consequences that may happen. You think people may laugh at you when you commit a mistake or experience something awful when you fail. So you end up not trying at all and not getting out there. However, if you focus on the present and do not worry about what can happen later, it will be easier to do things and try them out. Realize you may only be worrying about hypothetical things and get started anyway with something.

3. Conquer your fears

Our fears put a significant blockade on whatever we may want to do. While it can be challenging to do, one of the things that can make us go out there is to overcome our fears. One thing that can help is acknowledging and facing the fear, whether it is a phobia or something like change. You can also try getting support from others. Conquering fear is a gradual effort; it can take time before you overcome it. Once you do, the world can become bigger for you, and it can start by taking small steps to do the things you are afraid of doing.

4. Make an effort to communicate and meet with people

People are a gateway to experiencing new things in your life. You can meet new friends with similar interests by immersing yourself in social situations like conventions, meetings, or parties. They may refer you to other people with whom you can build new relationships to help you in your career and feel happy with your life. Communicating effectively with others can help you get along with people, such as talking to strangers. When you know how to get along with people, you get more options in life and expand your view of the world.

5. Try to be more independent

Putting yourself out there might be easier if you have friends that will tag along with you. However, they may not always be available to accompany you, and some people may postpone or hold off doing something when no one goes with them. It's possible to enjoy still and do things by yourself by practicing some independence. Try to eat, go out, or shop by yourself. It can take courage to do such solo acts if you are not used to it, but it's something you can try. Going solo sometimes can make you more courageous and dare to do stuff you may not think of doing if somebody else is with you.

6. Move out of your comfort zone

Comfort is a very desirable thing. We tend to stick to something familiar and those that don't present much of a challenge. The same comfort can prevent you from putting yourself out there and trying new things. You can grow further if only you take the time and effort to step out of your comfort zone. There are many things out there that can aid personal growth and get you closer to success. It's about reaching out to them and making them a part of your life.

7. Take chances and do something

Putting yourself out there can be only a matter of taking chances and doing something, even if the results are not perfect. What's important is that you get to try something and experience it yourself. Don't bother too much with the outcome. Besides, however well you plan on doing something, you may never know if it will turn out according to your expectations as things can suddenly change. It's better to try something before it becomes a source of regret later in your life.

It's not a scary world out there.

The world is not a very hostile place as one may imagine. It's not as if everyone's eyes will be on you when you do something or that there will be someone who will always hijack your efforts. So accept that you can be vulnerable and do things anyway. You can always learn and improve, and a failure can serve as an example to get better next time. People won't just hand out the opportunities to you. You must take the initiative and increase your chances of getting them by putting yourself out there and making an effort to develop yourself by trying new activities.

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