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Take Time to Enjoy Beautiful Things in Life

happiness personal growth positivity Nov 16, 2021

Most people are so busy with their lives that they don't take the time to enjoy what is around them. Instead, they go through life on autopilot, not realizing how beautiful it can be. When you start feeling down or stressed, stop and appreciate all of the beauty in your surroundings. It will help you feel better about yourself and your life.

Happiness is not at the other end of the rainbow.

Most of us think that happiness is something we can attain after we finish doing or attain something. We will be happy once we finish a large project or buy that dream house or car. Sure, we can feel elated once we achieve our big goals in life. However, it can take a long time to hit our goals in life. Unless you know how to practice patience and delayed gratification, you might end up depressed and stressed for not hitting your goals. And because you haven't hit your goals, you can't be happy if you have associated happiness with the results of your progress.

So what happens next? You then try to rush doing so many things so you can attain your happiness much faster. You then forget to appreciate the little moments that happen in your life, thinking that significant events and moments are the ones that can bring true satisfaction and happiness. For example, graduating from school, landing your first job, getting a career promotion, buying your dream house, meeting your special someone, etc., are things that come into mind when we want to talk about significant events in our life.

But what about those little things that happen in between the important happenings? For example:

  • The delicious food you eat every lunch
  • The beautiful flower bed that you pass by a store every time you walk home
  • The sunset that you see on the bus window when you commute back home
  • The salesperson smiles at you every time you have to buy something for the office.
  • Your pet dog welcomes you happily when you arrive home.

Many of us might gloss over these small things because we are busy with our everyday work and responsibilities. Yet, these small things can bring fun and beautiful feelings if we only learn to take a break sometimes and appreciate them. Happiness is not something that exclusively exists in the future. It's something that has been within us all along. Think of happiness as a switch inside your head. It's your decision whether you turn it on or off depending on what's happening in your life.

Create happiness anytime

There's a saying that states, "Life begins at 40." It implies that you can start enjoying life at this point because, by this age, you might have established yourself in the workplace, have a family of your own, maybe even have one of your children graduate from school, thus freeing some expenses. In addition, you could have bought your dream car or other gadgets by 40, and you have settled your debts. But seriously, do you want to wait four decades before you can start experiencing happiness in your life? If you're going to live life and experience joy, you only need to remind yourself of the little things around you. There's nature, the sun, and your friends, all of them can bring a smile to your face. Gratitude plays a big part in allowing you to feel joy throughout the years of your life. Taking time to appreciate what the earth gave you will make you feel blessed.

Maximizing your happiness

Here's an excellent idea you can try that will keep you smiling for an extended time. Happiness doesn't have to happen in one big blast once you achieve or buy something. After a while, it will die down like a balloon that burst after popping it up. Once that happens, will you wait again for the next big thing before you become happy again? Instead, try spreading your happiness as much as you can throughout your journey in life. The following are some examples of how you can do this.

  • If you love to eat chocolates and feel happy eating them, buy a pack containing several pieces of them, like 30 or 50 pieces. Chocolate bars segmented into parts, like Hershey's chocolate, can also work too. What you do is that you don't gobble up all of your chocolate in one sitting. Instead, eat a piece of chocolate a day after a meal. Then do the same the next day. What happens is that you are spreading your moment of joy each day, and you now have something to look forward to after every meal.
  • The chocolate technique can also apply if you love drinking a particular flavor of a drink. For example, blend your favorite juice flavor in a pitcher (no soft drinks or alcoholic drinks, please). Then, before you sleep at night, drink some of your favorite juice but don't sip them all. Drink some water afterward if you still feel thirsty. What happens is that you leave a good aftertaste in your mouth, and you can experience some joy before you end your day.
  • If you like reading books, you can spend a portion of your time each day reading some pages or a chapter whenever you can. Then, during work breaks, instead of fiddling with your cell phone, read your favorite books this way. Your favorite activity then becomes a part of your daily habit.

The idea of maximizing happiness is finding a little thing or activity that you enjoy and then devoting a small amount of time to them every day. It's better to sustain a feeling of happiness over a long time than wait for one big moment to happen, which may not occur. Sustained happiness also allows us to appreciate the little moments that occur between significant events, and we learn to take a break to enjoy the things around us.

Draw happiness from everywhere

Funny things and beautiful memories don't always have to happen at the end once we accomplish our goals. Some of the fantastic things that can bring more meaning and joy to our lives are right there all along. We simply have to notice them, and we can do that by taking a break sometimes and appreciating the true beauty of the world around us.

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