Why You Should Never Give Up

persistence personal growth positivity Dec 10, 2021

The vast majority of the world's population live a life where they have to face hardships and disappointments daily. This situation can lead people to give up on their dreams or make them stronger. You might be wondering why you should never give up when there are so many reasons for doing so. Giving up is easy, but it also feels like giving in, which means you will often feel more regretful afterward than if you kept going with your goals. This post discusses reasons why you shouldn't give up no matter what.

Press on despite all the pain

In your entire life, you will inevitably encounter problems and experience failures. No one in society gets exempted from this. Even the most successful people experienced some past failure or two in their life and still do sometimes. You have two choices when you hit rock bottom: give up or continue. It's easy to give up when you feel overwhelmed, especially when your problems have been ongoing for some time already. However, your mind will decide whether you should throw the towel or keep on fighting. If you have trained yourself to have the mental strength to be resilient, your choice will be to keep moving forward and get motivated to continue what you have started. Unfortunately, if you have a weak will, you might let yourself get blown by the harsh winds rushing at you. If you are the type of person who feels like giving up is your only option, allow us to give you some reasons why you shouldn't.

1. You're not yet dead

You usually have a life meter and several continues when playing a video game. Once your life meter gets exhausted, you have the opportunity to continue as long as you still have them. However, once the continues are exhausted, it's game over. You can also choose to quit even if you still have the option to continue if you don't feel like going on anymore.

Life is like one giant video game set by default on hard difficulty. There are ups and downs, and you will encounter many challenges and obstacles. It can get overwhelming when you find yourself in a dark place and keep on failing—the temptation to give up creeps on you. But you are still alive, aren't you? Good. That means you still have the chance to rebound and turn around your life for the better. Try doing something different to accomplish your goals. Maybe you can ask for help from somebody or try that opportunity you hesitate to do. Opportunities exist as long as you give yourself a second chance to do things. Everything will only be over for you if you are dead. So as long as you still have your life meter, you should never give up. You have an unlimited number of continues as long as you are alive.

2. You don't want to waste time

Imagine doing a large project, and you're about 80% in terms of completion. After a while, you suddenly lost interest and motivation to continue doing the task. So you decided to give up and throw the project into the bin. What a waste of time! All that time you have spent doing the project gets wasted. Time is a finite resource, and we don't have any means of renewing it. So instead of abandoning the project, why not just continue it and see the results. You can make all the plans, do everything you can, and use all the resources at your disposal, but you will only know if your endeavor is a success or a failure if you make it until the end. Even if the result is a failure, you still learn many things along the way, and you can use them as stepping stones to try something different. The point is not to waste any of the time you spent only not to gain anything in the end.

3. Someone can pick up what you abandoned

For example, let's say you are the leader of a big project in your company that involves several people working on it. You start the project, work on it, gather everyone's inputs, and collaborate. Later on, you begin to think the project is meaningless and will not produce the result you are aiming to get. So you give up and decide to do something else. However, one of your coworkers in the project decided to continue doing it and pick up from where you left it. He asks for your permission to do the project, and you give the signal. After several months, the task becomes a success upon completion, and the credit goes to your coworker. You now start to regret what you did. You think you could have been in that position if only you had given the project a chance and continued. In life, you never know if you could make a huge breakthrough, and the only way to find out is if you push through until the end of whatever you are doing. If you choose to drop out, somebody else might pick it up and gain the success you could have earned yourself.

4. Failure is part of life

There is no perfect life with peace, prosperity, happiness, and nonexistent problems. Maybe in an alternate dimension, it exists, but in our world, it doesn't. No matter how talented or skilled you are, you will be facing harsh winds that will try to topple you. The earlier you accept this truth, the better. It would help if you rethought failures as learning experiences. They are stumbling blocks you should jump over to succeed in your journey. You won't reach success if you don't learn from your failures, even more so if you keep giving up whenever something wrong happens.

5. Your dreams are worth it.

If you have a dream in life and you know it's something that will make you happy, and it's worth chasing, then you don't have a reason to give up. Of course, tough times will come, and other people will try to bring you down, but only you know the actual value of your dream. Your dream serves as the guiding point for everything that you will do in life, and nobody has the right to control you. If you give up, it's like you have given up on life.

6. Who knows what could happen?

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. When you think it's over, suddenly an opportunity happens, and you can bounce back. People can come into your life and provide help and support. Then, an unforeseen event pops up and gives you the chance and resources to fulfill your goals. You never know when they will happen. As long as you keep pushing and be persistent, things can only get better. Sometimes, you can't help but feel that everything will work out as long you work hard and have the determination to continue.

7. Victory is sweet

Nothing is sweeter than tasting victory after working hard at something for so long and overcoming problems you encounter along the way. However, success and triumph come only to those who persist. It takes time to achieve something, but you feel like jumping for joy once you get there. If you have never felt this way before, try to picture yourself in a state of victory. It's one of the most memorable and influential moments in life. Use this vision as a reason why you should not give up.

Your entire life is not all about failures.

Sometimes, life will keep throwing problems left and right to you. It can get overwhelming, and you feel like you are trapped. However, life is not always like this. Forget overthinking about the future and think about what you can do in the present. Keep trying all the options available to you. And even if none of them work, continue to push through anyway. Who knows what can happen in the end? As long as you desire to reach the finish line, giving up is not an option. Know what you want to achieve, believe that you will succeed, and never stop growing.


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