What Things to Hold on to

hold on personal growth positivity Jan 08, 2023

It can be tough to hold on to things during tough times. Everything seems like it's falling apart, and it feels like there's nothing to grasp onto. But that's not true. There are things worth holding onto, especially during difficult times. This blog post will discuss the things you should never let go of, no matter what.

All the things worth holding on to

It's standard advice to hear that we should let go to move forward. We can let go of things that are only holding us down and not benefiting us, such as material possessions that are no longer working correctly or toxic relationships with people. On the other hand, it's also true that we should hold on to some things because they genuinely matter to us, and these are the things that we will return to when things get rough. We don't want to reach that point when we realize the importance of something only when they are already gone. So here are some things that are worth holding on to, and we should be aware of their existence to realize the value they bring to our lives.

1. Our life's purpose and vision

Sometimes, things can get too harsh, and we may feel lost and unmotivated to continue doing something. However, if we know why we are living in this world and have set up something we would like to achieve in the future, we always have a reason to continue with life. We can always go back thinking about our purpose and vision, which is why it's essential to find and set them up. They act as the reason why we are living and why we need to work hard for something. So once we know our purpose and vision, we should always hold on to these because these are the ones that give meaning and direction to our lives.

2. The ability to feel happy and optimistic

Life can sometimes feel tough, and when problems and challenges keep happening, we cannot help but feel more pessimistic and angry over what's happening to us. However, no matter what happens, we shouldn't lose the ability to smile and be happy, even over minor things. We should always try to think about the positive side of things, no matter how difficult they may be. Feeling happy and optimistic means you still know how to hope things can change for the better, so we should never throw away our ability to smile and think positively.

3. The people that matter the most to us

We should value the people that matter the most to us, such as our family and friends. However, as we get too busy with life, we may forget to value them and take them for granted, thinking they are always there. Life can be very unpredictable, though; one day, you see them, and suddenly, they may not be there anymore. The last thing you want to happen is to feel regret you didn't spend enough time to be with them. So we should always hold onto the people who trust and support us, those who love us and make us happy.

4. Our inner child

Children are wonderful. They can feel happy with almost anything, even the most minor things. They are also very imaginative and capable of dreaming. As we grow up, there is this idea that we should act more maturely as we become adults and face reality more. However, no rule states we should abandon our inner child as we grow up. Sure enough, it can be quite a sight to see adults throwing tantrums when they don't get what they want or reacting to things too much, and these are the childish behaviors we want to throw away. However, the ability to dream, imagine, and be happy even over the most minor of things are children's qualities we will like to retain as these can make life feel more vibrant even when the going gets rough.

5. A stable job that pays well

We want to hold on to a job that pays well and allows you to eat the proper amount of times each day, buy what you want, and cover all your needs. Bonus points if your job doesn't have toxic people or allows you to live an excellent work-life balance. However, we know that it can be tough to find a job that pays well, doesn't have toxic people in the workplace, doesn't work you to death with overtime, and you enjoy what you are doing. So if you find a job that meets all these criteria, or at least you can deal with some unpleasant factors associated with the work, then you should hold on to your job. It can be challenging to find a job, even more so finding one that satisfies our criteria. Our job is usually our primary means to get money to live, so there is a good reason why we should hold on to it. When things get out of hand, though, we should also not fear looking for a different job if it means having better conditions than our current one.

6. The material possessions we worked hard to buy

Throughout our careers, it's normal to want to buy something after working hard for some time. The things we buy can range from those that serve as rewards, whimsical spending, and those that matter to us. Material possessions might be the last thing we want to hold onto since they eventually break and can be replaced. However, some of these cost a lot, like cars and houses, and for some of us, buying costly things is part of our goals, and they matter to us. So the moment we can finally attain them, we should also do our best to take care of and use them responsibly so they can last a long time before they eventually break down. Our material possessions can reflect our hard work, so we can also cherish and hold onto them as we do with other valuable things.

Life can be full of things we can hold onto

As a general rule, we should hold on to things that make us happy and positive when we think about them during rough times. Also, we should value and feel grateful for anything that contributes to making our lives good and prosperous. It's an excellent idea to focus on the present moment if we want to notice the things that are making us live well. Things can suddenly come and go, and we never know when something may suddenly disappear from our lives. So we should take the time to appreciate the things around us and those that make life interesting and look valuable and hold on to them for as much as we can.

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