Staying Positive in a Negative World

negativity personal growth positivity Jul 19, 2021

Staying Positive in a Negative World

In today's world, it seems like negativity is all around. From the news to social media posts, we are constantly bombarded with bad and negative information. It can be hard to stay positive in a world that tends to focus on the negative but there are some things you can do. This article will show you some ways to stay positive and find your happy place.

Focus on the inner work

It's hard not to think negatively in today's world when almost everything seem to fall apart, especially with the current situation we have involving COVID and the measures imposed that is associated with it. You go to social media and the news and they bombard you with negative stuff about hate, crimes, the falling economy, conflicts, etc.

It can also be quite easy to fall into negativity based on the current circumstances and opportunities that are available. For example, if you live in a third-world country, it's quite easy to get discouraged when you compare yourself to those who live in richer countries. There might not be as many opportunities available to you like jobs, and the services you get from the government might not be adequate. You might not get to spend that much because you don't earn enough.

You can then choose to think about how are you going to accept these negative things. Are you going to embrace them or are you going to think positively instead? The inner work refers to the way you perceive things around you. Even if you are bombarded with all these negative things, you can choose to think differently and carve a different path instead of letting the negativity swallow you. Changing your perception of things is easier said than done but certain things can help influence the way you think.

Be a critical thinker

We live in a system. It is neither good nor bad. It's a global economic system that is designed to keep billions of people under control. The system keeps people under control by scaring them. It achieves this by pushing negativity around us. You can choose to live under the pressure of the system or you can practice being more of a critical thinker. You can choose to live within the framework of the system or on the outside edges of the system. Try to take advantage of the system. You can practice your inner work here. Be careful of who you listen to, who you surround yourself with, and what you put in your mind. Do not absorb everything that the media throws at you, see all sides of things.

Another thing to help you think more positively is not participating too much in the rat race. By rat race, I mean competing with each other in terms of status and material possessions, to see who has better things, and in the process overworking yourself to gain more money. If you are thinking that buying the newest stuff or the shiniest thing can make you happy, they won't. At first, you can feel really excited and happy with your new material thing but eventually, it loses its luster after some time. The truth is that we might be buying these possessions because of our ego. You feel the need to show people that you made it, that you did something with your life, and that you might just be seeking acceptance and the material possession was just a key to achieving it. In the end, you might just feel empty and more negative even after acquiring all these possession. Worse, you could end up in debts on the road to buying these, leading you to have more negative thoughts.

There's nothing wrong with buying stuff. It's better to buy things that you would really have a use for and it's something that will benefit you. Do not make it a goal of buying things just because you want to show off.

Do not rush yourself

Setting up goals and visions is a good way to divert yourself from having to buy all sorts of material possessions. If you have a goal, chances are you know what you need to buy in order to achieve your goal. One thing to watch out for is rushing things to achieve your goals. This can lead to negative feelings if you do not immediately achieve what you are aiming for.

Success doesn't quickly come. It might take years before you are able to achieve what you want. Failures and disappointments can happen throughout the process. It's easy to get jaded and frustrated along the way. The key thing is to keep going even with all the downfalls that happen. You have to have faith. Having support from others really helps a lot like friends and family. Even if you do not meet exactly the goal that you want in the end, you will still learn all sorts of meaningful experiences along the way. These experiences might even open a different path from what you originally intended to do.

Be grateful for what you have

A simple thing you can do to stay positive is to be thankful for what you have. The simple fact that you are still breathing and alive when other people couldn't have made it due to disease or some unfortunate accident is something you could practice. Gratitude can take you a long way. Do not compare yourself to others, especially when it comes to material possessions and status. This is easier said than done nowadays with social media and the Internet showing off all forms of glamour and prestige from other people. Do think critically though because what you are seeing in social media might not be exactly the truth happening in other people's lives.

In the end, it will be very worthwhile to strive for something that can make a difference in your life and your experience. This is even better if what you are striving for can also better other people's lives. Try to focus on something like this. This will keep you away from the negative things and in the end may bring fulfillment that you couldn't otherwise achieve if you stayed wallowing in negative thoughts. Protect your inner work from external influences that are negative and always see things from a positive perspective.



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