Starting Your Day Right

health positivity Sep 20, 2022

How you start your day often determines how the rest of your day goes. If you start your day with a positive attitude and do some things to get yourself organized and focused, you're likely to have a good day. On the other hand, if you start your day by hitting the snooze button one too many times, rushing around, and feeling stressed out, it will be a rough day. This blog post will discuss some tips for starting your day right so you can have a productive and enjoyable day.

Your morning habits can affect the rest of your day.

For most of us, the mornings are when we start our day and do some things to prepare ourselves before we start working on our daily activities and responsibilities. We say this because some of us have to work night shifts, and people who work like these sleep in the morning, and the afternoon is when they may start their day. However, regardless of the setup, we must do certain things before we start working, and how we do our morning routine (afternoon routine for some) can affect how the rest of our day goes. Therefore, it is essential to start the day right to become more productive and get our heads straight on what we must do. While the things we list here are for morning routines, you can adjust some of them if you wake up in the afternoon to start your day, and they can still be applicable. Try to make the following things a habit and see how they can effectively kick-start your day and make positive changes in your daily life.

1. Sort out and prepare things

The first thing we do during the day is to wake up and get out of our beds. Therefore, you can immediately make yourself feel good by sorting out your bed after waking up. You get done something right first thing in the day, and it can be nice to have an adequately sorted bed after a day's work, so you don't have to fix them later, and you can lie down to rest. Also, preparing stuff you will need for the day after waking up and organizing them puts you in that ready mood to tackle whatever you must do for the day. Even better, you can do the preparations the night or the time before you go to sleep, so there won't be extra worries after you wake up.

2. Groom and take care of yourself

Waking up from a long sleep puts your hair in disarray, and your eyes and nose may get filled with accumulated dirt. You may also feel thirsty after several hours of sleep without drinking anything, especially if the weather is hot. It's an excellent idea to sort yourself out first thing after waking up, and this is pretty much basic for all of us. Drink a glass of water, brush your teeth, wash your face, groom your hair, etc. Practicing self-care habits after waking up refreshes you and makes you feel good about yourself.

3. Eat a good breakfast or meal

Not only may you feel thirsty after sleeping for several hours, but you can also get hungry. That's why it's essential to eat a healthy breakfast or meal, depending on your waking hours, to give you the energy boost you will need for the rest of the day. It's already proven that a great breakfast or meal at the start of the day provides several benefits to one's health. Some people are prone to skipping breakfast to get through the morning rush, which can affect one's day. What you eat at the start of your day is the most important meal, so make it a habit to eat something healthy after getting up from bed.

4. Plan your day

Before going to work and after sorting yourself out, it's a good idea to plan how you will tackle your day. Make a to-do list of the most important things you must do for the day, starting with the most urgent or intensive task. Know your limits and only list those that you know you can do and finish within the day. If a job is too large, break it down into smaller parts and focus on completing those. You can also try planning during the time before you go to sleep if you still have the energy; if you don't, go to sleep and do it after you wake up.

5. Create a positive mindset

If your idea of a productive day is starting it out by checking notifications and e-mails on your smartphone or computer or reading the news, you may want to eject them out of your morning routine. Immersing yourself in these things during the first hour after getting out of bed can affect your mood and may ruin your day. You may read about something negative, especially the news, or come across something that can trigger you, and that's not an excellent way to start your day. Instead, try to meditate, do some mindfulness exercises, affirm yourself, or list things you are grateful for having. These activities put a positive spin on your mindset so that you can go with the day ahead with good thinking that can affect your actions.

6. Do some exercise

It should be a no-brainer that exercise is one positive way to begin your day. You may feel groggy and weak after lying down for some time, so exercising can liven up your body to get ready for the day. You warm up your muscles, so you don't get an accidental strain when you suddenly move your limbs as you go through your day, especially if your job involves a lot of physical activity. Exercise doesn't need to eat a lot of your time. It can last for only a few minutes and can be as simple as walking or doing some stretching activities.

7. Do something that you like

While this can be an optional activity for your morning routine if you have the time, why not try doing something that you like early in the morning, such as your hobby or passion? Maybe you can read a few pages of your favorite book, play a little of your favorite sport, or cook something nice early in the morning. Doing these things at the start of your day jumpstarts your mood and improves every waking moment, which can positively affect your work. Just don't get too engrossed with your favorite activity, as you still have work and responsibilities to do. If you make this activity a habit, it can also make you want to wake up earlier than usual and therefore sleep earlier if you do these things first thing in the morning or day.

Start the day right with a good morning routine.

Each of us has a particular routine when we wake up from bed after sleeping. How we start our day after a long rest can affect how we progress for the rest of the day. Starting your day with healthy habits and reinforcing your mind with positive things can go a long way in how you think and act on your work and other responsibilities. Before starting your day, your preparations to make your whole day a good one starts by getting good quality sleep. If you sleep an adequate amount of hours each day, you ensure that you won't wake up late, preventing early day rushes that can make you skip out on healthy habits. Start your day right by ending your day correctly the day before, and you can reap the benefits the next day you wake up.

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