January Compass 

January Main Topics

Goals (Sacred 6)
New Years Resolutions


Book Study

January 2024 The Four Agreements - Link: Reading Schedule

January 2023 - The Magic Of Thinking Big
January 2022 - The Pumpkin Plan 


Daily CoachCast
GIDN - Journal 
Morning 7 Ps
Review your whys! Challenge?
30/60/90 - 10 years?


Notebook‚ĄĘ Directory





Standard Week Set-Up

Monday: Organization & Structure
Tuesday: Book Study or Personal Development
Wednesday: Metaphysics & Business
Thursday: Ask JB
Friday: Overcoming Fear & Resistance or Prosperity
Saturday: Systems & Teams (Moving Day)
Sunday: Empowerment or Spirituality (Winning Day)

Weekly Topics

Week 1: Risk & Reward - Fresh Start
Week 2: (Sacred 6 Check) Focus & Commitment
Week 3: Sticking With It
Week 4: Embracing Technology

Medical Health Care professionals

Get It Done - NOW! PDCA DO Month

Stay focused on your plan this month; we keep working on your Sacred 6 and the daily tasks at hand. Keep checking boxes.

ILD Topics This Month

Freedom & Business

This month we will be discussing how to add more lifestyle to your business.

 Relevant Links & Other Content

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