Some Things Will Never Change

change peace of mind personal growth Mar 15, 2023

Some things in life never change. For example, the sun will always rise in the east and set in the west. The moon will always wax and wane. And some things about human nature will never change, such as our desire to hear stories from others or our need to belong. Not changing can be interpreted as positive or negative, depending on what doesn't change. Some things are better left if they are positive, while things that may not be pleasant need to change to instill growth and development. The truth is that there will always be things that remain constant no matter how much time passes, and this blog post will show what some of them are.

Some things are better left just the way they are

We need to accept and embrace change as part of our lives. It is constant, and most things will not stay the same as time passes. However, some remain the same through the years, and whether you need to change these things will depend on whether they are beneficial or harmful to you. Also, some things that hardly change may be beyond our control, as their scope can be grand, and our actions' impact may be of little consequence. Therefore, we may be better off leaving some things the way they are while adjusting others for our benefit. So what things can remain constant over time, and what should you do about them?

1. Values

Our values can be the most powerful guiding force that directs our lives. What we do and think about can be influenced by what we value. Values refer to the highly desirable traits that benefit ourselves and others, such as gratitude, honesty, loyalty, etc. Values may also refer to objects we greatly emphasize and cherish, including people. Most of our values are things we learn as we grow up; others can teach them, or we may have discovered them ourselves as we know what to prioritize and treasure. Values can change depending on how life's circumstances happen, but some remain constant, and we can keep holding on to them if they still matter to us. For example, as a child, we may value everything that can make us happy, and it can continue even as we become adults, so we can feel better and have something to engage in despite all the challenges and problems we may face.

2. Interests

People have preferences about what they like, what activities they enjoy, and what hobbies and passions they may have. What we enjoy can change over time, but some remain consistent in what gives them pleasure. As a child, one may enjoy playing with toys, watching cartoons, or playing sports, and these things can continue being activities that bring fulfillment and happiness for some people. Despite being adults, they didn't relinquish their childhood pleasures and used them to get more enjoyment in their lives. How they do these childhood activities may change, but what gives them happiness remains the same.

3. Beliefs

We each have our perspective on what we believe is the truth and how things should be. The reality we create for ourselves is unique, and while it may be the same perspective as others, nuances can make our beliefs different. How we do things and what we believe is right and wrong are shaped by our experiences, and no two people will have the same life experiences, even if they are both striving for the same goal. It can be challenging to shake one's beliefs, especially if what they believe to be accurate and correct is what they have held on to for a long time. This can result in preserved traditions, even if they no longer apply or are irrelevant in modern times. One may keep doing the same practice and methods and refuse to accept new ways of achieving things. This mindset may need to change if no growth and development can be achieved; otherwise, if an age-old tradition or belief does not harm, it is okay to keep them as it is.

4. Culture

Culture refers to the collective beliefs, traditions, and characteristics of a particular group, such as those of people belonging to a specific nation or state. It's like there was an invisible agreement on what should be the standard for several things that all people should believe and do regarding culture. These collective norms can persist for many years, and it can be challenging to change a group's culture unless a paradigm shift occurs or something momentous happens at a particular time in the lifespan of such people. It can be better to ride along with whatever culture the specific group you belong to has since it will require collective action to make changes to something that involves a lot of people. You can retain your values while balancing them with what others want; if there is a conflict of interest, you can move away and make some compromises to maintain good relationships with others.

5. The past

Unless time travel gets invented, and we can safely alter changes in the past to create the ideal instances we want in the present, there's no way we change anything that has happened already. What is done is done. What we have lost may not be recovered anymore; even if we find a replacement, it may not be the same. Painful things were done, and mistakes were committed. The best we can do is move forward and make the changes we want in the present so that in the future, the things that hurt us and gave us grievances will no longer happen again.

6. Habits

Habits can be challenging to break, which is why they are some things that can remain a constant in our lives. Good habits should be retained, such as being diligent, always finishing work on time, or practicing honesty. The bad ones should go, such as constantly lying in front of others or having habits that negatively affect your health, such as smoking or drinking too many alcoholic drinks. It can be tough to break away from or replace a bad habit, but it can be done with enough willpower and self-control.

7. Life itself

Sometimes, we may feel like it is tough to change or alter how life goes due to its extensive grasp and influence over us, and with many factors running it that can be beyond our control. You can only end up in frustration trying to change the system unless you are a god or a being with powers that can suddenly bring an instant change that affects many aspects instantly. Instead of fighting against life, it can be better to ride along with it and accept it as one of the things you can't easily change. You can stand for what you believe in and focus on the things you can control and make a change. Learning to adapt and being open-minded can also widen your perspective and allow you to handle life better.

Change what is possible and let others remain the same.

Embracing and accepting change is standard advice for personal growth and development. However, one cannot remain static if one wishes to achieve their full potential and go places. We need to grow by learning new things and replacing some that may not work well anymore with today's standards. However, not all things need to change, and some that don't do any harm or are beyond our control can be left as is while learning to adapt and balance them with what we need to change. Focus on the things you can change and leave others that can be beneficial and positively affect your well-being.

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